What Are the Different Types of Lip Injections?

Bigger and plumper lips are considered to be the most attractive part of a woman’s face. Therefore a large number of women these days go for lip enhancement and enlargement therapies. It not only enables women to have plumper and fuller lips but also helps to fight against aging, as lips definitely begin to get thinner with age. Thereby lip enhancement becomes even more necessary for a woman as plump full lips are a sign of youth and sexual attractiveness.

What Are the Different Types of Lip Injections?

Now, lip enhancements fall into two categories: surgical implants and non- surgical lip injections. The advantage of lip injections over surgical implants is the volume which it gives to the lips. Also, this way is always preferred over the surgeries since surgeries bring their own set of troubles and are also more expensive.

It is a non-surgical method of giving your lips a luscious and fuller look. The poutine which it imparts is much more significant than the surgical implants. Thus, different kinds of lip injections are used for the enhancement and beautification of lips, which lasts a considerably long time.

Fat Transfer

Lip Injections

Fat transfer is one technique which enables long lasting lip fullness and is also mostly suggested by doctors. It gives your lips the correct and desired results.

Fat transfer to the lips involves the usage of a syringe to extract fat from the buttocks or other fatty areas of the body, then washing it with saline and re-injecting it into the lips with the help of the local anesthesia so as to maximize comfort by preventing pain. Lip enhancement using a human fat transfer provides long-lasting considerable results.

Hyaluronic Acid Based Injection

Hyaluronic acid-based injections provide temporary but sure results for the enhancement of your lips. During the lip augmentation procedure, the doctor injects a hyaluronic acid solution to fill the lip area. It improves the appearance of your lips by adding shape, structure, and volume to your lips. Hyaluronic acid is a safe and clear gel composed of a naturally occurring polysaccharide that exists in human tissues and skin.

Collagen Injections

Collagen Injections

Collagen injections are used during the lip augmentation procedure, wherein the doctor injects a human based collagen filler to fill the lip area. Human based collagen fillers are biocompatible and provides results which may last for four months or even more.

Result of The Lip Injection Procedure?

Lip injections for the process of lip enhancement provide long-lasting and sometimes permanent results. Lip injections enable the doctor to keep a control over the lip volume of the patient. The injections are usually given gradually during different appointments till the required results are obtained.

It dissolves any kind of bumps or lumps that are created on the lips. Also, there are fewer chances of bruising and swelling as compared to other dermal fillers. There are almost no chances of any allergic reactions to take place as these injections use substances which are similar to those found in the human body also.


Side Effects of Lip Injection?

Side Effects of Lip Injection

Though the usage of lip injections provides permanent and long-lasting results, yet there are few chances of negative and allergic reactions to take place post the usage. There may sometimes occur undesired results which create problems for the patients in the long run. The patient may sometimes also suffer from slow healing process, which also brings along pain and irritation. Also, there are chances of permanent lip scarring.

Sometimes the injections can also cause itching and redness of the skin. It may also cause serious discoloration and painful sensations. The method may also come out to be a little expensive. These minor side effects can usually be treated by home remedies or ice packs, but yet it is suggested to better consult a doctor so as to avoid any future problems.

Lip augmentation for the process of enhancement of lips using lip injections is thereby a technique which involves a lot of care and medical consultation. The patient must strictly adhere to the precautions so as to avoid any kind of negative effects.

The best advantage served by these injections is that is a non-surgical procedure for providing your lips a fuller appearance along with the consultation of the doctor and medical aid. Therefore special care should be taken while opting for lip enhancement using lip injections to enjoy long lasting and effective results.


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