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Top Rated Lip Plumpers of 2015

Top Rated Lip Plumpers of 2015

Before you even consider getting injections on your lips for that fuller, sexier look, think of a cheaper option that might work for you. If you don’t have the budget for cosmetic procedures, then it is imperative that you search for other ways.

The beauty industry has come up with so many products that help you achieve your full potential. You do not need to go under the knife. Rather, you’re asked to make an investment, and all of these a fraction of the cost of actual cosmetic surgery. While the results aren’t always permanent, it’s a matter of proper maintenance. A lip plumper gives you that sexy look simply by applying the product on your lips. The trick now is to get a brand that works. With so many brands to choose from, how do you know which one to get? To start with, it helps to know which ones are the most popular.

Choosing the Safe and Effective Lip Plumpers

There are so many things to consider before you go out to get your very own lip plumper. Take a look at the list below and make this your guide in choosing your very own brand:

  • Price – This, of course, belongs to the very top of the list. While top rated lip plumpers are sold at very reasonable prices, you still want to know that you’re getting value for your money.
  • Ingredients – Most lip plumpers contain irritants that may be too harsh on lips. If these work best for you, take a look at the list of ingredients and look for components such as Shea butter, natural oils, or vitamin E. These effectively moisturize and protect your lips from harsh elements.
  • Reviews – Read about what customers have to say. Get the brand that comes with the most positive reviews.

Top 5 Lip Plumpers

#1 Idol Lips

Idol LipsThe use of lip plumping products has become very popular of late, especially as many consumers wish to achieve fuller, more voluptuous lips without having to resort to expensive and painful lip injections. Idol Lips is a brand of lip plumper that promises to create celebrity lips in just seconds, so that their customer can feel confident and powerful. dol Lips is not very expensive than many other brands of lip plumper, costing $49.49 for one tube. To Know More Click here.

#2 City Lips

City LipsMade by city Cosmetics and sold in Sephora, this may be more expensive that most plumpers, but people do like it because the effects are long lasting. It’s specially formulated to naturally stimulate collagen production while moisturizing lips. It’s softens and smoothens lips immediately. More importantly, it is fortified with essential oils and exclusive ingredients such as Oligopeptide and Celadrin. People like this because the patented formula repairs and renews lips while reversing the signs of aging, free radical damage, and dryness. Sold for around $32. You can get one with or without color. To Know More Click here.

#3 LipFusion XL

LipFusion XLThis is a spearmint-flavored nighttime lip plumping treatment. It’s made from 2X Micro-Injected Collagen with HA Advanced Lip Plumping Therapy. The moment you swipe the formula on, your lips immediately feel plump, firm, hydrated, and just sexy lips. LipFusion XL transforms the unique microinjected collagen technology into a plumper. It works in synergy with your body’s natural water. As a result, your lips get optimal enhancement from naturally-occurring fillers: Patented, dehydrated, marine collagen-filling spheres that penetrate surface on contact.Combines collagen with hyaluronic acid to make lips look lush. Sold for $50. To Know More Click here.

#4 Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

Too Faced Lip Injection ExtremeFor the vegans who want Paraben-free plumpers, this might just be the answer. This revolutionary product is made with a formula that hydrates and nourishes lips while making the effects last long. It contains marine sponge for volume and moisture, and collagen booster to increase collagen to its fullest. The tingling sensations tell you that it’s already working, and it also glides with shine and moisture. Sold for $28. To Know More Click here.

#5 DuWop Lip Venom

DuWop Lip VenomThis one was one of the first brands of plumpers on the market. It gives your lips that bee-stung look while making it look shiny and keeping it smooth. It uses essential oils such as cinnamon, ginger, and wintergreen. It also contains jojoba and avocado oils for that extra moisture. What these do is stimulate circulation so that blood rushes to your lips. This lip plumper costs $16 and makes use of minty oils to draw blood into the lips and moisturize the skin. To Know More Click here.


Expert Author : Andrea Moore (Consumer Health Digest)

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  1. I am only writing an honest review about city lips because I think it deserves a 5 out 5 star rating. It exceeded my expectations.

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  2. Maxolip is good lip plumper and this does the job. It makes the lips look so sexy and fuller.

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  3. I used Lip fusion XL for 4 weeks and its best purchased lip gloss ever bought. I’m really happy with product and service.

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  4. I was expecting my lips to look fuller, I did not see any change. My lips do feel smooth as the description describes that it’s supposed to do… Although, I purchased LipFusion XL product to make my lips look plumper, if that is why you’re buying it, think about a little more before you purchase this product.

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  5. I had Lip augmentation many years ago (around 2-3 years ago) and they still look completely natural. I got them to balance my upper lip with my lower one. They have caused few problems later so I would recommend to use lip plumpers to anyone who is thinking about the surgery.

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  6. After using Revitalash for around 7 days I distinctly noticed white spots appearing on my upper eyelid and also near the roots of my eyelashes so I stopped using it right away. I am still awaiting a refund from flawless city, Philippines from where I bought the item. I hope they refund me 100% coz the price is really steep but it looks like I am allergic to it and I do regret for purchasing Revitalash. I hope the manufacturers and customers will learn from my experience. I am over 50 years old now, not allergic to any medicine as far as I know.

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  7. Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme is a fantastic lip plumper which gives the most impressive results which I’ve ever seen… If you want a dramatic, celebrity-style plump pout, then this one is best for you – and the effects last for quite a long time too…. Some bad points about this lip plumper is: it’s a bit sticky like original lip injection… I’ve also found that its tube leaks very easily, so watch out if you’re keeping this in your makeup bag!

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  8. Love the product, not quite expensive plus worth the effectiveness. Nothing worked such incredibly for me to prevent dry lips. Earlier, used li p balms and they dries out quicker and I’d to reapply it every two hours. However, with maxolip it wasn’t too sticky nor dries out easily…just the perfect texture I wanted.

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  9. I’ve heard that two faced lip injection has a lip plumping gloss that really works – it’s an amazingly smooth and fresh lip plumper… I think it works really fast, even though it wears off a little… You can get it online also… I would definitely recommend it, and it’s only $1!

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  10. Truly telling, I purchased Lipfusion XL last week on eBay…. Since I’m 53 my lips are getting thinner and thinner… I have seen a difference in the fullness after applying it. It tingles slightly… But, unfortunately, I’m also noticing that my lips are getting dry day by day… So, I purchased DuWop lip venom several days ago. Haven’t got it yet. I’ve heard you need to be very careful while applying this lip plumper because it burns really bad… Can’t wait to try it! I hope I get a bee stung effect on my lips in the same way everyone else has. Will let you know about this product soon.

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  11. I used lipfusion xl for 2 months. This product didn’t do anything apart from tingling effects for a few minutes and seems nothing more than a tingly lip gloss.

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  12. There is no other product that can be compared to maxolip when it comes to keeping your lips moisturized. After trying a lot of products, this is the good one I now utilize because it works and only needs to be used maximum twice a day. I apply it in the morning and bedtime. If I’m feeling dry due to a lipstick I have used it with lipstick. But after I used this plumper the dryness ward off and now I have soft lips. I highly recommend this for those looking for a good moisturizer for your lips.

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  13. Earlier I’ve tried the city lips and this worked out well for me. This made me go for the city lips as well. But after trying this I felt as an idiot. Their claims to get bigger lips was nowhere on the horizon!!! I would not recommend this as it’s completely a waste of money.

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