Thick Lips: How To Get Thick Lips? Know Here

What Are Thick Lips?

Thick lips are full, big, sexy lips. Thick lips are the one’s Angelina Jolie has. Many people have thick lips naturally and many get them by using lip augmentation process and treatments, such as surgery or lip plumper to make them look fuller.

Thick Lips: How To Get Thick Lips? Know Here

Do You Find It Attractive?

Thick lips are considered very attractive and desired a lot by women. Are thick lips more attractive than thin lips? Well, this is just a matter of perception, but generally, we see men admiring thick lips and women with thin lips trying everything to get thick lips. So the general perception can be that thick lips are considered more attractive as compared to thin lips.

Thin Lips Vs. Thick Lips

It is a very old debate and everyone has his or her own preference. Because of actresses like Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, and Scarlet Johansson, thick lips have become a trend and desirable by many women and men.

Thick lips are also considered more expressive and sexy; they have become a symbol for youth and beauty. That is why women with thin lips try different ways and methods to get thick and fuller lips.

Who Is A Better Kisser Thick Lips Or Thin Lips?

The general thought is that as thick lips are sensuous, people with thick lips are better kissers. As guys prefer girls with thick lips they usually enjoy kissing a thick-lipped girl more than a thin-lipped girl.

Although it depends a lot on the personality of the person, the attractiveness of thick lips makes them irresistible and kissable. Nearly, every guy wants to kiss fuller more luscious lips – they are considered more “juicy”.

Are Thick Lips Beautiful?

Thick Lips Beautiful

Thick lips are a beautiful feature; they do a lot to add beauty to your face and get you the attention you desire. Thick lips are considered not only beautiful but also extremely glamorous and sexy. Thick lips do not require a lot of makeup and products, even a nice layer of a quality lip balm can make them look sexy and luscious.

However, you must know that thick lips only look beautiful if they are in perfect shape. Thick lips are prominent, so even a little dryness or cracked lip skin can stand out and make your lips look unattractive.

How to Get Thick Lips?

Thanks to technological advancement, women with thin lips don’t have to compromise anymore. There are many ways that you can use to get thicker lips; these include both natural and artificial methods. Some of these ways are mentioned below:

1. Use a Lip Plumper:

One of the most effective ways to get thick lips is by using lip plumper. Even though the results are temporary, but they are instant and can give you fuller lips for any event or occasion. Lips plumpers are available in different kinds and forms. You can get plain lip plumper or one that contains colors and can be used for makeup as well.

An important thing to note while buying a lip plumper is that it should include collagen. Collagen is an important ingredient, which is needed in lips to make them smoother and bigger. It can be said that collagen holds your skin together by repairing damaged skin cells. It is due to lack of collagen that lips become dry and wrinkled.

2. Wear Dramatic Makeup:

To make your lips look big instantly use dramatic colors, such as red or bright pink with a top layer of gloss. This will make your lips look more prominent. To make your lips even thicker you can use a lip liner along with the lipstick; apply the liner slightly outside your lip line, but don’t go too far it might end up looking fake.

After this fill the lips with a nice glossy shade. Make sure that the liner and lip gloss/stick are of the same color; avoid using a nude color lip liner as they will make your lips look thinner.

3. Opt For Lip Injections:

Opt For Lip Injections

If you want permanent thick lips you can go for lip injections. The results are long-lasting and can give you thick lips for as long as six months and even a year. This is a complicated procedure that must be done by a professional only.

In this process, dermal filler is administered into the lips to improve its shape and fullness. You can opt for the following dermal fillers

  • Hyaluronic Acid: It uses substances from the body, which are injected into your lips. This is the safest form of lip augmentation.
  • Collagen: This method was once very popular, but now it is declining as collagen can cause allergies and have an adverse effect on a person. Collagen is injected into your lips using needles and it replaces the lost collagen and starts to repair your damaged skin cells.
  • Fat Grafting: This is one of the most dangerous methods as it uses fat produced in the body to fill lips. This method has a longer healing time too.
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All these methods are being used by women all over the world, but the best thing is to go for natural ways to have plumper lips; surgeries are expensive, can have dangerous side effects and might not even give you desired results.


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