How to Get Perfect Lips For Valentine’s Day?

Written by Meighan Sembrano
Perfect Lips for Valentine

Valentine’s Day is observed everywhere throughout the world on the 14th of February every year. It is an occasion where couples express their love for each other and thus is considered a very important day to celebrate love. It is February and Valentine’s Day is approaching.

Every girl makes it a point to be at her best on this special day and makes several preparations before the arrival of this day of love. Since it is a day when love is celebrated, the day would remain incomplete without a perfect valentine kiss.

Thus it is extremely important to have perfect colored baby soft lips for this very special day, which makes you irresistibly kissable for your spouse.

Significance of lip care and its importance for Valentine’s:

The skin of the lips is extremely sensitive and more vulnerable to all external factors such as wind, cold, pollution and UV rays. Thus it is extremely vital to take care of lips especially during the winter season. In order to obtain healthy, glowing, sensual, smooth, soft and kissable lips for the Valentine’s as it is also a part of the winter season.

The skin of the lips is five times more sensitive and delicate than the skin of our face, which is why it becomes even more necessary to devote some special care and attention to take care of your lips.

Lips are made from the same membrane as the one that protects the interior of the mouth, yet the skin that protects them is not as rough as the skin of the rest of the body, which makes it apparent that the moisture from the lips evaporates even more constantly and the level of water retention is also reduced.

Therefore it is absolutely necessary to grant extra attention towards the care of the lips to keep them healthy, luscious, plump and perfectly kissable for this Valentine’s and here are a few steps by which you can make your lips appear truly irresistible:


It is the process by which the removal of dead and dry skin which covers the beautiful soft lips underneath can be done. Regular exfoliation helps the dry lips to become moist and plump. It is a great natural method to obtain soft, plump and luscious lips by applying few very simple techniques which are mentioned below:

  • Sugar Based Scrub: Mix a small quantity of olive oil with some sugar in some small bowl to form a consistent paste and then rub the paste over your lips with a washcloth in circular motions. Then rinse the paste off with soft water and rehydrate the sensitive area by applying some balm over it.
  • Take an old toothbrush with straight bristles and apply petroleum jelly over it. Then gently rub the toothbrush over your lips circular motions. Leave the petroleum jelly on in order to rehydrate your lips.


Like your body, it is extremely important to keep your lips hydrated in order to avoid then getting chapped due to dryness. Thus one must drink a lot of water to avoid the dehydration of lips and to keep them moist and plump.

Look for other hydrating ingredients such as beeswax, Shea butter, almond and vitamin E, coconut oil or jojoba which would help your lips to retain moisture and remain hydrated. Camphor based medicated lip balms may also be used by the ones who have sensitive skin.

If you wish for plumper lips it is very important to keep them hydrated and moist as like a sponge, when lips are exposed to moisture, they absorb water and plump up.


Women these days are usually fond of plump lips which make them appear sexy and luscious. There are a lot of natural techniques by which you can give your lips a plumper appearance without having to use collagens. Here are a few natural techniques to plump up your lips:

After brushing your teeth, wash your brush with some warm water and gently brush your lips with it in circular motions. Then apply some petroleum jelly to avoid them getting chapped and keep them moisturized.

Lips After Brushing Teeth

Prepare a mixture of some sugar and warm water. Now press your finger into the mixture and rub it on your lips. Then apply some lip balm to keep them hydrated.


The color of your lips plays a very important role in the way your lips appear. Natural coloured soft pink lips are always more attractive then dry dull coloured dark lips. The color of your lips usually darkens if you are prone to often lick your lips.

Therefore avoid licking lips as it deprives your lips of their natural pink color and makes your lips appear dark and chapped. Few natural techniques to help your lips retain their natural pink color are:

  • Apply some rosewater regularly over your lips which would help them remain moist and retain their natural color.
  • Crush some Rose petals and mix them with a little bit of milk and apply the combination to your lips.

These are a few simple techniques which are free from any kind of side effects and are absolutely natural in nature which would help you to obtain perfectly kissable, natural colored, plump and pink lips which will make your valentines kiss the perfect and most romantic kiss of your life.


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