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Tips To Improve Natural Lip Color

Embarrassed because of dark lips? We are here to help you! Adopt these tips to improve your natural lip color and make your lips beautiful to give a perfect pout.

The color of a woman’s lips will make or break her look. No matter how well put together she is, when her lip color is too dark, too pale or is just the wrong shade for her, this can make her look drab and dreary.

Tips To Improve Natural Lip Color

How Do I Enhance My Lip Color?

The natural tone of a woman’s lips is the most flattering shade she can ever put on. Enhancing this natural gift is extremely easy. The more natural ways to enhance this is by drinking lots of water, exercising and taking the right balance of food and vitamins. Basically living healthy will have you looking naturally flushed and youthful. However, more women opt to buy their preferred lip color. Here are some tips in choosing the right lip stick color for you.
Some tips while choosing lip color.

Tips to Improve Natural Lip Color

According to makeup maven, Bobbi Brown, the best shade on you will always be one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. This makes it look natural without you looking pale. It is also best to try on the lip stick shade to ensure that the color fits you well.

If you want something that looks more natural, lip sticks or lip glosses that have a matte or cream finish to them will give off that subtle look without over powering the rest of your makeup. For an extra natural pop, a little bit of lip shone is a great option too.

What Precautions to Be Taken While Selecting Lip Colors?


The following considerations should be looked into when choosing a lip gloss or lip stick shade.

  • Color – Of course the color will be of utmost importance. Choosing a shade that matches your undertones will always be flattering whether it be for a natural look or even a more glamorous look such as red or plum shades
  • Lighting – Always remember to check your lip gloss in natural light. Working with department store lighting can be tricky since it can either make you lip gloss too bad or too good, either way you should opt for natural lighting
  • Ingredients – Professor Steven Pray of the Southwestern Oklahoma State University warns the use of salicylic acid and analgesic in lip products nowadays. These ingredients tend to make your lips dry

Does Using Lip Colors Damage Lips?

Does Using Lip Colors Damage Lips

If you are picking the right lip stick and lip gloss with the right ingredients in them, then the answer to this is no. However constant use without any period of rest and constant reapplication will be detrimental to the health of your lips.

In a study conducted by Psychology Today, it was found that ¾ of women use lip stick on a daily basis and 13% of this woman will re-apply their lip stick more than 8 times on a given day.


Enhancing your natural lip color is a great idea since cosmetically, it will make you more youthful and psychologically because it makes you feel more beautiful. However, like most beauty products, it always best to be cautious with the ingredients being used and to always give your lips some time to breathe. You natural lip color needs to shine too!

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