What is Lips Discoloration?

Lips are the most prominent features of your face; therefore you need to take extra care of them. But sometimes, due to our environment or other habits, our lips start to show signs of discoloration, which means that your lips start to turn black or slightly blue. This is known as lip discoloration and it can be incredibly annoying and embarrassing.

What is Lips Discoloration?

Let’s see what causes lip discoloration and how you can treat them.

What Is It?

Lip discoloration is the process in which your lips start either to turn dark into shades of black and blue or they may start to lighten into whitish hue. For many this is a normal condition, which indicates a hormonal change in your body. But, in some it also indicates allergy to certain elements like sun or certain foods.

Many mistake it as a sign of oral cancer; remember it is not related to oral cancer in anyway and can occur without any of the causes that lead to oral cancer. Generally women have more cases of lip discoloration than men.

Why Does It Happen?

It is best to consult your doctor when your lips start to get discoloured. Some of the most frequently known causes for lips discolorations are hormonal changes, birth control and sun exposure.

Hormonal Changes

Hormones can cause changes in your lips’ natural colour. Hormones that are created and released during pregrancy or when introduced into the body during treatments and therapy can cause black or blue patches to form on your upper lip. If there is an increase in the Estrogen level in your body, a darker discoloration will occur in the lips.

According to dermatologists and doctors there is no need to fret about discolorations when they occur due to hormones as the body balances the hormones regularly, turning the lips to their original colour.

Sun Exposure

Sun Exposure

Our skin is sensitive to sun and lips also can change their colour if they become over exposed to sun. You may have noticed that your lips change color after a day at the beach or when you come back from a long road trip. This is because sunlight can cause dark spots to form on your lips.

Individuals with darker skin tone are more susceptible to discoloration due to sunlight. Best way to ensure that you don’t get discoloration due to sun is to get a good sunscreen and apply lipsticks that have sunscreen.

Birth Control

Women who rely on birth control medicine that is administered orally have greater chances to have lips discoloration. Birth control affects the hormonal activity of your body to prevent pregnancies and this can result in lips discoloration. Once you stop taking birth control medicine you will regain the colour of your lips within the next few months.

Natural Remedies

There are many different remedies that you can try to reverse the signs of discoloration in your lips. The best thing to do is to stop any kind of addiction like chewing tobacco or smoking since they can easily cause discoloration of your lips.

Among the many remedies for discoloration the best one that is considered is drinking loads of water every day. Around 10 glasses a day will do the trick for you as water can detoxify the body and if you add lime juice to it you will be able to create a perfect bleaching agent to help your discoloured lips.

If you have sensitive skin that can easily get damaged due to sun exposure then it’s time to invest in a good sunscreen to protect your lips. Ask for a recommendation from your dermatologists to get the one that will suit your skin.

You can mix yogurt and honey with ripe banana to create a paste that does wonders against discoloration of lips. If you don’t have the ingredients or don’t like any of the ingredients you can also use Vaseline every day before going to bed to maintain your natural lip colour.

You can also use your toothpaste and apply it on your lips once or twice every week; this is a good way to exfoliate. Once it dries you can wash it.

How To Prevent It And Keep Your Natural Lip Color?

Natural Lip Color

The good news about discoloured lips is that it can be prevented, here are a few tips that will help you get your natural color back.

  • Before going to bed every night apply Vaseline on your lips. This will keep your lips moisturized and healthy.
  • Try to minimize your smoking and start to drink green tea as an alternative to coffee as both these habits can cause discoloration.
  • Women who need to wear lipstick everyday must find the ones that have natural ingredients and sunscreen in their composition.
  • Always remove your lipstick before you go to bed, going to bed with your lipstick on is one of the biggest reasons for discoloration.

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