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Know The Best Ways to Get Your Dark Lips Become Pink

Q: Hi , I am 29, due to using too much lipstick , my lips are becoming dark. Now they are looking worst day by day. Can You give me some home remedies for getting my pink lips back?
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Your face is the first and most prominent part of your body that people notice. Henceforth, it is imperative that all the features of your face look absolutely impeccable. But there is one component of your face that requires the most attention and care your lips.

Know The Best Ways to Get Your Dark Lips Become Pink

Research shows that lips are the most sensitive part of your body, and this sensitivity is exactly what makes them look lush and pink. But with this gorgeous sensitivity comes a price – your lips require a lot of care. Without proper lip care, your lips can lose moisture very easily, go dry, and if you don’t take care of them for a prolonged time, they may even go dark.

A recovery from dark lips is a very hard and very long process, but it is not impossible. Why nobody wants to have dark lips is obvious, they look ugly, and ruin your personality as well. Even if you are an advocate of inner beauty, lips are that one component, which you simply cannot ignore.

Here are a few tips to get your lips pink again:

1. Honey

Honey is known to have a softening effect, just what your dark lips need. Dark lips occur when lips harden up, so the flow of oxygen is hampered, causing pinkness to go away. Honey revives that flow, so that more oxygen may reach your lips and turn them pink again. Just apply honey overnight every night for at least two weeks and you will see positive effects in no time.

2. Lemon

Lemon juice has the quality of lightening skin tone, and as lips also have a skin on them, applying freshly squeezed lemon juice overnight will do wonders for your dark lips to turn pink.

3. Strawberry Juice With Petroleum Jelly:

This mixture should be applied as a substitute to your regular lip balm. Both these ingredients work towards softening up the lips and protecting them from harmful winds.

Just a mixture of one tablespoon full of strawberry juice combined with two tablespoons of petroleum jelly will make a lip balm for you that will last for weeks.

4. Olive Oil and Mustard Oil

Olive Oil and Mustard Oil

Your lips require a very thin layer of oil, which they naturally generate on their own, to lock in the moisture. But in harsh environments this layer of oil can become useless.

In such circumstances, it is best to give your lips extra protection by applying olive oil or mustard oil to complement the oil already on your lips. You may also use clove oil for this, but olive oil is the most harmless.

5. Massage Your Lips With Ice Cubes

If you want your lips to look fresh and pink then take out an ice cube and slowly rub it on your lips. This locks in the moisture of the lips even further and stops them from evaporating, causing fresh looking lips.

6. Castor Oil and Almond Oil

A gentle massage with both these oils ensures a natural pinkish color to the lips. Castor and almond oils have an exfoliating quality to them, and gentle massage with them helps in removing dead skin cells from the lip skin.

7. Raspberries Along With Pure Honey and Aloe Vera Juice:

This little paste will change the way your lips look because of the qualities possessed by each of these ingredients. Raspberries have essential nutrients, which target the lips. Honey softens, and Aloe Vera heals.

Apply a mixture of all these ingredients on your lips for five minutes then rinse off. Apply a lip balm after to keep your lips from drying out.

Lip Plumper With Natural Ingredients

It may very well happen that natural remedies might not work for you because of genetics. In that case, artificial substitutes are available; however some may contain harmful ingredients, which will do more harm than good to your lips.

The product you are looking for is the lip plumper, which will enhance the look of your lips and make them look absolutely luscious. However, make sure the lip plumper you get is made with natural ingredients only. Go for a lip plumper that has aloevera, vegetable glycerin and cinnamon oil.

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