Are Lips The Most Sensitive Part of The Body? Secret Revealed

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Published: Sep 27, 2013 | Last Updated: Jun 5, 2018

Lips The Most Sensitive Part of The Body
Q: I have read somewhere that lips are most sensitive part of the human’s body. But most of my friends contradicts with this statement? Is there any scientific outcome that shows the lips are actually one of the sensitive parts. If so, then what is in the lips that makes it so sensitive?
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Every person’s body is different; we like different foods, feel differently, have different pleasure centers et cetera. However, when it comes down to the most sensitive part of the body, there is no denying the fact that lips are perhaps the most sensitive part of our body.

But how sensitive lips might actually be varies from person to person; read on to find out why is lip sensitivity different in different people.

Lips’ sensitivity varies from person to person because of the receptors present in the lips.

What are Receptors?

Receptors are cells within your body, which act as a spy for the brain; they are everywhere, pick up information regarding your actions and immediately inform your brain of the happening. It is a very simple yet very complex mechanism.

There are multiple types of receptor cells as well, and they all corroborate with our five senses, namely touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste receptors. So, for example, our nose has smell receptors inside of it, and whenever we smell anything, these receptors immediately gather information about the smell and deliver it to the brain within nanoseconds, and our brain tells us what kind of a smell it is.

Similarly, the taste receptors are on our tongue and they detect what we taste, and the sight receptors are in the eyes and they detect what we see. Every receptor type has its designated function within our body’s mechanism.

So Which Kind of Receptor Cells is Present in The Lips?

Receptor Cells is Present in The Lips

Lips have touch receptors, which allow you to “feel” whenever something is on our lips or touches them. However, we feel touch all over our body, hence touch receptors are present all over your skin, so how are lips any different? What makes them so sensitive?

The deviation in sensitivity arises when you have more and more receptors. Just imagine the intensity of sensitivity to different flavors if the number of receptors on your tongue increased ten times.

This is exactly why lips are much more sensitive as compared to the rest of your skin; it is the amount of touch receptors on them that makes all the difference. There are only two places on your body where you have the most touch receptors, one is your fingertips, and the other is your lips.

However, it is not only the touch receptors that affect sensitivity. Your brain has the greatest function to perform – interpretation.

It would be foolish to send loads of information to a place, which is meant for slow processing; hence for the increased amount of information your brain has larger areas for the interpretation of touch information received from the lips and fingertips as compared to any other place of your body.
I have read somewhere that lips are most sensitive part of the body. Is there any scientific result that shows the lips are actually one of the sensitive parts?

Sensitivity Depends On the Nervous System

Your nervous system is composed of a network of hundreds of billions of neurons, which are the medium through which your receptors are able to transmit information to the brain for processing. However, the speed of transmission contributes to what you actually feel as well.

If you don’t have an optimal working nervous system, your lips may lose their sensitivity and with the passage of time they may feel like any ordinarily sensitive part of the body.

This happens because an unhealthy nervous system loses its speed, and your brain receives the information in a broken manner, which makes you feel not as active as you otherwise would be able to with a healthy nervous system.

Lips Really are One of The Most Sensitive Parts of The Body!

Taking into account all the scientific evidence, it is absolutely clear that your lips are one of the most sensitive parts of your body.

They are very sensitive because of the concentrated amount of touch receptors within them, an amount which is unmatched by any other part of the body except for the fingertips, which come close in competition.

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