Lip Enhancement- Know Its Techniques, Benefits, and Risk Involved Here

Lip Enhancement

Lips are one of the most prominent features of our face, and fuller lips are desired by almost every woman living on the face of this planet. However not everyone is blessed with luscious looking lips and for those who aren’t, the good news is that you can actually enhance* your lips by using different lip enhancement treatments.

Even those who have fuller lips eventually lose* their plumpness to age. So let’s see how you can use lip enhancement to your advantage.

What is Lip Enhancement?

Lip enhancement or lip augmentation is a term that defines different procedures through which you can effectively increase* the fullness of your lips. Lip enhancement techniques can be both surgical and non surgical. Many women are now opting for lip enhancement to make their naturally thin lips look more plump and full.

So How Does It Happen?

Since there are different techniques and procedures that come under the umbrella of lip enhancement it really depends on your choice which one you want. Lip enhancement works by artificially adding materials to your lips that can cause them to plump up. This could be done either by using injections or surgical procedures.

Most lip enhancement surgeries do not take more than thirty minutes and have rare chances of complications. Surgeons are meticulously careful when cutting your lips or inserting needles into them so the procedure leaves no scars behind. The threads and equipment used is mostly dissolvable.

Apart from injections and surgeries, there are also many natural remedies for lip enhancement, these involve using ingredients that can plump up your lips by providing you the right blood flow and nutrients.

Different Lip Enhancement Techniques

Lip Enhancement Techniques

Here are some of the most used lip enhancement techniques available.

1. Injectables:

The use of injectables is one of the most common and preferred methods of lip enhancement. It is not only fast and easy to perform, but also has minuet chance of complications and side effects.

Injectables include the use of collagen, fat or autologen shots that allows your lips to become fuller, younger and plump. However before getting these shots, skin tests by your doctor are important to see if you are allergic to them.

2. Implants:

Specially made implants are available that you can now easily get from cosmetic surgeons. These are synthetically made objects that easily get placed into your body. In case of synthetic implants, the surgeon makes an incision on your lips’ inside for insertion. The synthetic material is then inserted into your lips through this incision. An implant will last for 12 months before you will need a replacement.

3. Surgeries:

Many women also prefer surgeries because they offer permanent results. During surgeries, doctors place the enhancing* material by making a small incision in the corners of your mouth; this incision allows the needle carrying the lip enhancers to pass through. Some of the surgical procedures involve;

  • Fat grafting – Fat from your own body is inserted into your lips
  • AlloDerm – Where a collagen sheet is inserted through your incisions
  • Flap-grafts – Skin and tissue from your mouth’s inside flap is inserted into your lips, it is the most invasive of all the surgical procedures

4. Lip Plumper:

Surgeries and injections are not the only solution. You can also find many products with natural lip plumping ingredients in the market; one such product is a lip plumper. Lip plumpers contain ingredients that act as lip irritants and cause your lips to swell up, giving them a plump look. The results are however, short term. Lip plumpers can be applied just like a lip gloss.

Benefits of Lip Enhancements

Benefits of Lip Enhancements

Getting lip enhancements has many advantages. First of all it is becoming very affordable for anyone to get a lip cosmetic surgery they like. The reason is that technology is becoming advanced with each passing day and the need for surgery is increasing* allowing more and more procedures to be invented.

Secondly, aging is an irreversible process. But, for lip enhancement surgery this is not the case. Surgeons are now offering you permanent and long duration treatments that allow you to remove* signs of aging around your lips.

You don’t have to rely on creams, techniques and routines to keep your lips younger and plumper. With just one surgical procedure you won’t have to work hard day and night to have beautiful and plump lips – the results are long-lasting.

Risks and Side Effects

Unfortunately as much as they are effective certain lip enhancement surgeries have risks involved as well. If you are going to use collagen shots then ask your doctor or dermatologists to make sure that you won’t have any allergic reaction to it.

They will be able to tell you this after skin tests. This not only increases* the cost, but also makes you uncomfortable with the procedure.

Those who opt for fat filler surgeries should know that there are many cases where infections can and have developed. For some it is swelling and tenderness in their lips; however these conditions go away within few days.

How Much Does It Cost?

Surgeries can cost up to $1500 to $ 2500 depending on the type of implant and process that is being used. Products like lip plumber come from different manufacturers and some are incredibly expensive while some are easy on the pocket.

Natural Laser Lip Enhancement

It is a non invasive technique, which allows you to get fuller red lips by using laser technology. The whole procedure takes roughly about fifteen minutes and is quite a safe, affordable and durable solution.

Difference Between Lip Enhancement Treatment And Lip Plumper

Lip plumper is applied like a lip gloss and its results are temporary; plumpers do not involve any medical procedure. It is more or less a makeup accessory. However, lip treatments usually require small procedures that are used to get long-lasting results. These treatments require you to follow a certain routine and can be both surgical and non-surgical.

Which Is The Best Natural Treatment For Healthy Lips?

Treatment For Healthy Lips

There are different vitamins that you can use to make your lips naturally plump, for example, Niacin, which is found in liquid form and is ideal for plumping your lips. It acts on the blood capillaries in the lips causing them to plump up naturally and making your lips red as well.

Niacin should only be applied in combination with Vaseline or some lip balm. However Niacin is expensive and if you are looking for a cost effective natural treatment it is recommended that you go for cinnamon lead oil as it will do the same thing but will require more time.

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