Is Your Lipstick Slowly Killing You?

Is Your Lipstick Slowly Killing You

Do you think that your lipstick is slowly killing you? The answer is yes, according to science which is always right.

Why Do Women Wear Lipstick?

Majority of women think that their lips are the most outstanding feature of their face and wearing of lipstick can be tracked back from the earlier days. The notion could be demeaning and derogatory but the fact remains that lipstick wearing is a trend adopted by many women even today.

What Percentages of Women Wear Lipstick Daily?

In a research published in The New York Times, it stated that nearly 81% of American women wear lipstick every single day. This is a shocking revelation given the risks associated with the regular use of lipstick.

Are You Wearing Lipstick for Looking Beautiful?

Definitely, your answer must be a yes. It is the dream of almost every woman to look appealing in seeking attention, but studies have found out that it is due to peer and social pressure and the trends always go hand in hand.

What are the Health Risks of Wearing Lipstick?

Lipsticks are produced using a combination of several chemicals including natural and artificial ones. Some of the chemical contained in lipsticks include cadmium manganese, and lead, and their presence can cause neurotoxicity leading to fatal illnesses, such as skin cancer, lung cancer etc.

Research Conducted

According to research, those who used large amounts of lipsticks, perhaps applying 14 times in a day, and were probably taking 87% of they product, the were getting excessive exposure to cadmium, lead and magnesium.

What are Harmful Chemicals in Lipsticks?

Harmful chemicals that lipsticks contain include aluminum, chromium, manganese and lead.

Is There Best Alternative to Lipstick?

Yes, of course! They include lip-plumper, which can be substituted for lipsticks. They are made naturally. Alternatively, you can use lip-gloss, which is milder than a lipstick and will give your lips a natural shine.


It is your responsibility to decide what to go for. You may come across a favorite lipstick, but the problem is to overuse. Gradually, they may turn out to be disadvantageous.

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