Natural Ways to Lighten Dark or Black Lips

lighten dark lips

Lips, The most attractive feature of your face, are easily prone to get affected due to lack of proper care and absorption of toxic ingredients, leaving a bad first impression making you look unhygienic and unhealthy. Darkening of lips is a gradual process which might take place because of various reasons such as consumption of tea and coffee, exposure to sunlight, dehydration and cheap lip products.

Several measures can be taken in order to obtain back your natural lip colour and give them a perfect look. It is very important to take proper care of the lips because as much as the eyes define the face, lips add flavour to it.

Below are mentioned a couple of methods to obtain back your natural lip colour without adhering to any artificial techniques:

  • Saying no to Smoking – it is one of the initial and most vital steps to lighten the colour of your lips to its natural tone. Smoking is the one of the major causes of dark teeth and lips. Therefore it becomes extremely important to quit smoking in order to regain the natural colour of your lips.
  • Caffeine – It can surely get you through the day but it also gives your lips a darker pigment with time. It stains the teeth and darkens the lips. This effect can be countered by drinking water with coffee and cutting down its consumption.
  • Minimising Exposure to Sun – It is another important step to be taken in order to regain you original lip colour and prevents them from darkening.
  • Products or Lipsticks from Disreputable Companies Must be Avoided – Such products are highly responsible for changing the colour of your lip and gradually giving them a darker tone.
  • Using Natural Lip Scrubs – It gradually gives your lips back their natural colour in a cheap and simple manner. They not only lighten the colour of your lips to their original tone but also help to enhance* their shape and size. All you require is to prepare a natural scrub such as one of olive oil and sugar and applying them to your lips slowly in circular motion for a few seconds.
  • circular motion
  • Exfoliating Your Lips – It is another simple method of giving your lips their natural colour back. It helps to remove* the dead skin cells from your lips, simply by using a baby toothbrush gently over your delicate lip. A thin coat of lip balm is to be necessarily applied after the process of scrubbing is completed.
  • Hydration – Hydration of lips is extremely important to keep them healthy and beautiful. Therefore drink loads of water to keep your lips moisturised and hydrated.
  • Sucking or Licking – Sucking or licking of lips to keep them wet must strictly be avoided. It further dries them up making them appear darker.
  • Intake of a Healthy Diet – It is very important for maintaining the natural colour of your lips. Fruits and vegetables must be consumed properly in order to avoid the discolouration of your lips. Vitamin C helps in getting rid of the lip pigmentation, therefore this vitamin must also be consumed.
  • Chlorinated Water – It can be considered another major reason for the darkening of your lips. Therefore be extra cautious while drinking water from outside in order to avoid chlorinated water which is responsible for darkening the colour of your lips.

Sometimes, the colour of the lips maybe dark right from the birth, in such cases the cause of the pigmentation is purely genetic. In such cases nothing much can be done to give them a lighter shade, other than going for a cosmetic surgery.

Besides these simple measures there are also a few natural techniques, which help to maintain the light colour of your lips.

Following are a few natural remedies to keep the natural colour of your lips intact:

lips intact
  • Cucumber juice is one such natural ingredient which if applied daily on the lips, prevents them from losing their natural light colour.
  • A mixture of glycerine, lime juice and honey is another very effective remedy which must be applied regularly and left overnight so as to retain the natural light colour of your lips and avoid pigmentation.
  • Mixing lemon juice with almond oil and its application over the lips also bears fruitful results.
  • Applying almond oil before going to bed is the easiest way to obtain naturally beautiful and light coloured lips.
  • Lemon and honey lip serum is also very beneficial for the same.

Thus one can easily retain the natural colour of their lips by adhering to these few simple steps and by taking necessary precautions. Taking good and proper lip care is apparently the best way to obtain light and soft pink coloured lips, but if pigmentation of lips takes place due to some reasons, one can surely find a way out of it by following the simple steps and natural remedies mentioned above.

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