How Are Lipstick and Lip Gloss Different?

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Published: Feb 27, 2014 | Last Updated: Aug 27, 2018

How Are Lipstick and Lip Gloss Different?

What is Lipstick?

A lady’s best friend indeed! That is what a lipstick is! The beautiful facial asset- the lips if are not highlighted, look incomplete. This is why women have been indulged in the makeup act of coating their lips with some of the other color shade since ages women have been coloring their lips.

That actually is the witness of makeup arts and the endearment of women towards tools and art of makeup. A lipstick has come into existence more than 5000 years ago. Since then there have been evolutions, inventions, and developments of lipsticks.

There was a time when lip cosmetics and coloring was banned and prostitute centric. But the times have been changing and lipsticks which are now no more just a chemical bundle but a protection and charm adding the source in a woman’s apparition.

Overview on Lip Gloss

Just like a bubble gum or a lollypop, how shiningly luscious and tempting does the word “lip gloss” seem to be. Remember, like a layman’s thinking lip gloss is not just what a school girl applies or uses as a style symbol, it is a tool to enhance the lips of all ages, and you just got to carry that confidence to look good, updated and sensuous too.

What’s Good About Lipstick?

Good About Lipstick

Most females around the globe are lipstick addicts. If you too are, there is nothing to worry about; it’s just about the right steps and of course the right choice.

If you’ve been reliable on same lipstick brand and color for the quite some time, you may not even recognize that there are so many new and different products that are now stuffed in the market that can beautifully and most desirable color and brighten up your lips.

After all, it’s all about that perfect look that everybody wants to belong to and if you have the right colors of right brands and textures, you can update and enhance your look in just no time.

And you know what the best part is? It is that now the lipsticks that you get are if belonging to good and trusted brands, and are naturally based, they protect your lips from external and environmental hazards.

What’s Good About Lip Gloss?

Glosses are nude colored, tinged, sheer, full colored, SPF protected, etc. Nowadays if you actually choose the correct brand and are fond of highlighting your lips to a perfect shape, tone and pout, remember, gloss can do wonders. It is also good for people who have dry skin because lip gloss tends to moisturize the lips and keep them hydrated and protected.

When Should You Avoid Using Lipstick?

Always consider and look after your lip health before actually indulging in any lip makeup act. Lip skin is very sensitive and thin and to protect this sensitive membrane, you got to be extra cautious. Always avoid lipsticks in case you have allergies, herpes, dehydration, sensitive skin, flaky or itchy skin or tingling lips.

You never know what dye or ingredient might just ignite trouble for you. Look for lip color products that contain at least SPF 15 or use a lip-friendly sunscreen product.

Always keep your lip products personal and never apply samples of lipsticks on your lips at a cosmetic store. You never know what infection they carry.

When Should You Avoid Using Lip Gloss?

When Should You Avoid Using Lip Gloss

Lip glosses are to be very carefully chosen. When the market is flooded with hundreds of varieties if you sit and choose a lip gloss, it’s really difficult to select one. When you see those ravishing colors at minimum prices, you tend to get attracted. But remember, those cheap lip glosses would all leave you in vain and pain.

The cheaper it is, the more chemical prone it becomes. Avoid chemically based lip glosses and select the good brands with the Natural base. Avoid applying lip gloss if you have oily skin, tingling or allergic and chapped lips.

Difference Between Lip Gloss and Lipstick

When it comes to makeup, most of the females choose to add a touch to their lips with the intention of making them look striking and pretty. Either it is a touch-up or a makeup for some important evening or event, family gathering, hanging out with friends, officially get together or meetings or just a holiday, you quickly think of your lip shades, the lipstick, and the lip gloss. Lipstick and lip glosses are not necessarily used together; they can be separately used too.

If used together, there should be a tone to follow, a texture to be chosen and a technique to apply, if separately used, and then too, you must know about some basic differences between the two.

Some factors to differentiate between lipstick and lip gloss are given below:

  • Texture: Lipsticks are accessible in the market in a variety of textures. Most lipsticks that you would come across might be thickly made with a thick, creamy and heavy texture. There are glossy, shiny, textured, matte, silk, natural, etc. lipstick textures. Gloss, on the contrary, is moist, liquid, and light weighted. If the good product used, lipstick and gloss can act as a moisturizer. Gloss if nude makes you look seductive, younger looking and owner of shiny gorgeous lips. Lip gloss would always give more shine and sheer than other lip products, on the contrary, a lipstick provides an intense, dense and rich look to your lips.
  • Wear: Most of the lipsticks are recognized for providing a dense and a rich tone to the lips, which also lasts for a long duration of time. Talking about lip glosses, they are very momentary and need to be applied again and again as due to their slippery texture, they tend to wear off more quickly.
  • Coverage: Difference in density and texture, a lipstick is more widely covered over the lips than a lip gloss. A lipstick will provide the base color and lip gloss will be responsible for the sheer and shine.
  • Dryness: A lipstick tends to hide the discoloration but highlights dryness; on the contrary, lip gloss covers the dryness but is unable to hide the discoloration of the lips. Regularly used matte lipsticks can leave your lips cracked but lip glosses do not.
  • Finishes: When it comes to lipsticks, you have all kind of finishing and texture options like matte, creamy, frosted, shiny, etc. Lipsticks are just higher in the density and coloring pigments. Lip glosses are too available in different variations like high shine, creamy, opaque, sparkling, etc. but are lighter and less dense. With so many variations, you will have good options to meet your preferences.
  • Packaging: Lip glosses are available more likely in a pot and wand to apply also tube sometimes. This makes it easier to carry one. A lipstick is more likely a stick or rarely in liquid, tube or pot and wand form.

It would by now be clear to you that what are the differences between a lipstick and a lip gloss so that it becomes easier for you to choose. If you are a makeup freak and like to make it complete, you don’t have to think twice before choosing even both, just keep in mind, the techniques and you will have those most attractive lips to flaunt.

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