Chronic Pimple on Lips: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Learn about Chronic Pimple On Lips What are the Symptoms, Causes, And Treatments what are the effective way of treating the condition for treating them

It is not a hidden fact that the most delicate of things are most likely to damage. So is the case with lips, that facial feature which enhances the beauty the most is most prone to damage. The lip area is very sensitive and infections are thus bound to occur if not taken care of properly. A little damage, looks awful on lips and if the same damage is in the form of some chronic pimples that generate every now and then to irritate, give pain and trouble are avoidable if not taken lightly.

Chronic Pimple on Lips: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Pimples on lips generally need to be tackled promptly for the reason that they are uncomfortable and have unpleasant brunt on appearance. The pimples which are often chronic can come in small patches on the upper or lower lips, and sometimes even on both the lips proving to be all the more troublesome. Pimples on the lips are to be very alertly referred as they may be cold sores leading to worse stages of herpes. Chronic pimples may be a result of a lot of external causes including pollution, toxics, viral or bacterial infections, allergies, sun exposure, injuries, symptoms of other diseases, sexually transmitted disease infections, etc.

What Are the Symptoms of Chronic Pimples?

  • Tingling lips
  • Itchy lips
  • Allergic area on and around lips
  • Chapping of lips
  • Herpes blisters on some other body part
  • Skin allergies on the other parts of the body

What Are the Causes of Chronic Pimples?

The reason for lip pimples is blockage of the exterior pores which are associated to sebaceous glands. Due to this obstruction of the outside pores, the natural oil secreted by the gland will be forced to get collected right beneath the obstructed pore. With the passage of time, these oily and obstructed follicles lead to inflammation and micro-organism attack and this leads to pimply eruptions as well as a lot of irritation. Apart from this common cause there are various other causes like genetic transmission, spicy or rotten food, consumption of toxics, expired or detrimental lip care products or cosmetics, etc are responsible for eruption of pimples on lips.

Let’s discuss some more causes in detail to understand the occurrence of lip pimples:

  • Cold Sores – These are the result of infections and eruptions caused by herpes simplex virus. Herpes disease which is an outcome of a viral attack is most likely to occur orally, i.e. on and around mouth area. Herpes cause pimples, blisters and other itchy and irritable eruptions. Pimples on lips may definitely occur due to herpes virus leading to pimples or sore like upsurges on lips and even inside the mouth walls. These pimples are fragile and may burst easily. The condition is very irritable though manageable only if factors like hygiene, diet and medication are taken care of.
  • Cancer – Cancer is a disease that leads to worst outcomes not just internally but externally as well. It is the cause for the most severe types of pimples on lips. The cancerous pimple is not actually a pimple, as it takes the shape of a sore that grows worse with the increasing stages of the oral cancer. It gathers pus, leading to swelling on other parts of the mouth like gums, tongue, mouth wall, etc. People who are addicted to smoking and other tobacco sources are more likely to develop the same, this is why, regular dental checkups are most important.
  • Fordyce’s Spots – Pimples on lips also occur due to Fordyce syndrome. These are non-contagious red or white acne on the lips. The spots are very tiny and ineffective in nature and occur as small papules. These trouble-free elevations generate in groups and are said to be sebaceous glands variations. They are likely to appear on the lips, parts of mouth and genital areas.
  • Acne – Bumps Lip pimples are acne developments also. People who are prone to hormonal imbalances and disorders are more likely to have skin acnes on various parts of the body and of course, lips too. Oral acnes or pimples on lips due to this occur mostly because of oily skin, pollution exposure, hormonal imbalance, etc.
  • Bacterial Infection – Acute viral attacks are very common these days due to adverse environmental and weather conditions. Also unhygienic lifestyle, use of old and withered cosmetics for lips, shared lip chap sticks, etc. might cause severe chronic lip pimples.
  • Contact Allergy – Contact allergies are one of the most non thinkable and common causes of chronic lip pimples. You might just not know but if you suffer with chronic lip pimples, you just might be allergic to chemicals in your lip cosmetics. These chemicals used to add that luminosity and sparkle to glosses and plumpers are mica or titanium which might not just suit you. Even if you don’t, your partner might be using these making you catch the infection. So make sure you are alert. Unhealthy, expired or rotten food products, environmental allergens like mildew, pet dander, and pollens, etc can also cause lip pimples.
  • Sunburn – Too much sun exposure can be a cause resulting in chronic lip pimples. UV rays are very harmful for the delicate skin of the lips. This is why chronic pimples might occur to those who happen to be in sunlight often.

What are the Treatment of Chronic Pimples?

We are lucky to be in a world where we know there is always some way to treat a health problem that we are facing. Chronic lip pimples too, can definitely be treated but the treatment for lip pimples depends on the particular cause.

  • Try using natural and organic lip merchandise. Extra shimmer, colours or flavours are a result of extra chemical.
  • Go for lip balms with the suggested SPF if you are likely to travel outdoors.
  • Keep patting your lips with water and also drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration which cause a lot of lip problems including pimples.
  • Antihistamines can be used in a little quantity to prevent lip pimples but steroids and antihistamines are not good for regular use.
  • If chronic pimples are very frequent and leave unpleasant marks, you can go for vaporizing laser therapy is used to treat the same. If the condition is minor, the doctor might not refer this treatment.
  • Herbal and medicated ointments can also help you cure chronic lip pimples.
  • Antibiotics in case of bacterial infection are useful.
  • Herbs like neem, basil, mint, castor, eucalyptus, etc are also helpful in curing chronic lip pimples.

With beauty, comes great care too. So instead of getting irritated and awe-struck by pimples on lips, relax, get stress free and look for the right cause so that you can have the right treatment right away. Stay beautiful!


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