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Top 10 Therapy Treatments for Lower Back Pain To Do More Research On

WebMD reports that over 100 million Americans suffer from low back pain. This type of pain can increase the risk for depression, weight gain, injury and reduction of quality of life.

Top 10 Therapy Treatments for Lower Back Pain To Do More Research On

Yet, the number of Americans who seek alternative therapies for their back pain is much lower. Surgery can often be recommended before all options are exhausted.

Alternative healing treatments may take longer, you may have to seek them out on your own but by changing your lifestyle and nutrition your quality of life will dramatically increase.

Keep on reading and discover a wealth of information on the best therapy treatments for lower back pain. And, remember, lower back pain therapy should address both the symptoms and the actual cause.

An efficient lower back pain treatment is meant to improve the overall functionality of the patient and allow him/her to return to regular daily living activities.

1. Acupuncture

The number one reason people seek acupuncture is for low back pain. This ancient form of Chinese medicine is treatment has stood the test of time and proved to be a successful way to manage back pain.

Acupuncture is performed by a qualified professional who works with over 2000 points on the body that connect over 20 pathways also known as meridians by inserting small metallic needles into these specific points related to pain.

This process is said to release endorphins, opioid peptides, and neurohormones, which is the body’s natural painkillers, and immune boosters.

2. Pilates

Is a low impact form of exercise that focuses on spine health, flexibility, and core strength, while working the body evenly through a series of exercises that adhere to the integrity of Pilates principles.

The exercises can be done on a mat, or Pilates equipment pieces that are named the reformer, tower, chair, spine corrector and ladder barrel. The benefits of Pilates include training the spine to articulate and elongate which facilitates control while strengthening the small stabilizing muscles of the entire body, and the deep postural muscles that support alignment.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Pilates will improve spinal flexibility, decrease chronic pain in the back specifically, improve core strength, relieve muscle tension, ease joint pain, and increase flexibility and mobility overall.

3. Yoga

Is a great way to align the spine and pelvis properly, over time our body becomes out of alignment with poor posture and lack of certain movements.

As we age the soft disc between the vertebrae harden or dry which can send some pretty painful signals throughout the nervous system. When your muscles are stretched and aligned properly through yoga postures and poses pain will decrease and your body will become more resilient to injuries simply due to the body being in proper alignment.

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4. Turmeric

Curcumin is a medicinal herb from Asia, a natural plant extract that is specifically taken in supplement form for pain and inflammation. Research recommends 400-600mg. three times per day.

It has been used for thousands of years for other issues like infection, cancer and heart disease.

Studies have shown that those who benefit and notice a reduction in pain typically feel the difference in 8 weeks.

5. Hydroxide Alkaline Water

Experts recommend consuming at least half of your body weight in plain water per day, no flavor added, even if it is no calorie. High-quality hydroxide alkaline water is best, it will reduce acid in the body and promote an alkaline metabolic state, also making it anti-inflammatory which can help with lower back pain.

Most of the foods and drinks we consume are acidic and can create a mild state of inflammation, which can lead to chronic pain, especially in the back. Offsetting this with optimal hydration and nutrition can make a huge difference.

Thai Massage

6. Thai Massage

This form of massage is also known as “lazy yoga,” you have a qualified therapist stretch you out, specifically with myofacial trigger points. This reduces pain, increases flexibility and reduces pain specifically in the lower back.

This is great for any soft tissue pain, due to the muscles working simultaneously together both concentric and eccentric actually protecting from an injury or overstretch.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Thai massage has also been related to reducing anxiety and tension, this most likely is due to the breathing required for the stretches in this form of massage.

7. Corrective Exercise

Qualified fitness professionals perform this type of exercise with training specifically related to alignment, overuse and tight muscle recognition. In today’s world, people are sitting more and not moving in different movement patterns.

Their body’s because dominantly strong and tight in certain areas and weak and overstretched in other areas. Think about someone who drives or workout on a computer all day, their chest becomes tight from leaning over all day and their shoulders and lower back become weak and overstretched from being out of natural alignment.

Doing this for years can only guarantee pain and even a debilitating injury. Picking up a suitcase or tripping over something can be the beginning of a terrible muscle pull or tear due to these imbalances. Having a corrective exercise specialist recognize your imbalances, tight and weak areas, then develop an exercise program to help with them, can prevent injury and reduce pain.

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8. Craniosacral Therapy

Is classified as a alternative healing pain management technique.

Only qualified therapists and chiropractors perform craniosacral therapy, with the goal of releasing tension points, while treating spine-related issues and certain forms of neck and back pain.

It focuses on manipulating the membranes and fluid around the brain, striving to release restrictions in the craniosacral system, aiming to improve the central nervous system as a whole.

Cryo Therapy

9. Cryo Therapy in A Cryosauna

This is popular among professional athletes and those who are trying to reverse the aging process. The idea behind visiting the cryo sauna is that the cold temperatures place the body into a state of survival.

This causes the organs to be flushed with blood while providing more oxygen and nutrients to the entire body.

This basically leaves you with fewer toxins, therefore renewing the body, especially the skin, while reducing inflammation, which is a major cause of low back pain.

10. Myofascial Release with The Foam Roller And Therapy Balls

Our body’s over time develop a muscle sheath also known as a Myofascial(MFR) that adheres to our muscles, making us feel stiff and tight, most times in our lower back.

By rolling out our muscles on a foam roller, it not only increases flexibility but also it allows us to move more efficiently without pain, specifically lower back pain.

The foam roller also increases circulation, which allows for faster recovery and overall mobility.

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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.


The alternative healing and nutrition therapy world is filled with many options, try to get a reference of a local health professional who is qualified to offer a service listed above.

If you are looking for products read the reviews and accept that the more economical options may give the best results.

Remember alternative healing will probably take longer than pain medication or shot, be patient and trust the process to yield the best results and reduction in pain.

Lower back pain is a serious matter and it should be treated as such. You should always opt for the lower back pain therapy that suits your individual situation the most; do not choose a treatment just because you have heard others have tried it.

The lower back pain treatment should allow you to get back to a normal existence as soon as it is humanly possible. You can also opt for a joint pain supplement such as Omega XL. This supplement can provide relief from lower back pain by protecting your joints from damages and keeping it healthy.

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