Stimwave Spinal Cord Stimulation: Smallest Injectable Device

Chronic leg pain and backache are one of the most common reasons why people are dependent on addictive analgesics which also have harmful effects on the body. However, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved a revolutionary and innovative device in the line of pain relief. This pioneering product is named as the Stimwave Freedom Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) which involves the insertion of a microchip to the body in order to provide pain relief.

Stimwave Spinal Cord Stimulation: Smallest Injectable Device


Spinal cord stimulation or neuromodulation has been approved for more than 30 years by the FDA as an effective treatment for treating chronic forms of pain. A small device is usually inserted into the body to stimulate the peripheral nerves or the spinal cord itself to alter the pain signals thus providing effective, quick, and efficient pain relief. However in the past, neuromodulation involves the surgical insertion of a bulky device, its wire connections, and a power source (like batteries of a pacemaker) into the body thus making the procedure very complicated, risky, and time-consuming. This form of devices also puts the patient at risk for complication like infection and device failure.

The Stimwave Technologies Incorporated have eliminated these risks by developing an injectable microchip that only measures 2 to 11 centimeters thus the device can be implanted with the use of a standard gauge needle. This technology eliminates the risky procedure of insertion that has been practiced in other neuromodulation devices. Since the product can be injected through the use of a needle, the insertion of the device is a much favorable experience as compared to when other bulky devices are used. The detailed benefits of using Stimwave Freedom Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) are detailed as follows:

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  • It is the world’s smallest and first wirelessly powered microtechnology neuromodulation device for spinal cord stimulation.
  • This tiny microchip implantable device has been approved by the FDA as a treatment for chronic leg and back pain.
  • It is very small in size and is even 95 percent smaller than your usual implantable battery thus making the insertion process easier, faster, and less risky. Since it will just be a minimally invasive product, the recovery period is greatly enhanced.
  • The product is fixed by miniature anchors which ensure proper placement. With these anchors, the Stimwave Freedom SCS device will only move when the person moves. It naturally follows the movement of the nerves where it was implanted thus allowing freedom and painless movement which is almost impossible with a bulkier neuromodulation device.
  • The tiny microchip technology makes the device almost invisible to the user because its placement will not be even noticed by the patient itself as it moves freely and smoothly with the nerves in the body.
  • It contains no lethal or toxic substances making it 100% safe to be implanted in the body.

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  • It contains no external batteries thus it reduces the risk of toxic battery leaks and device failure.
  • It eliminates the problem of other implantable pain relief devices which is charging or battery lifetime.
  • The Stimwave Freedom SCS device is a long-term and permanent implant thus eliminating the need to replace the device or the batteries as what is practiced in other devices.
  • A person using this Stimwave implantable device can safely undergo a 3T or 1.5T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) without removing the device. This feature is very unique to this product which makes its technology truly revolutionary.
  • Since the product does not have extensive and complicated connections, the complications associated with these connections are eliminated. The wire connections in other devices are the common source of device failure and other complications.
  • The company that produced the device, Stimwave Technologies Incorporated, is a trusted and reputable company in developing wireless, injectable, and miniature neurostimulators thus you are ensured that the device is safe and has undergone extensive research.

Watch this Video – Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant

You might be wondering how this tiny device will help reduce chronic leg and back pain. The answer lies in the technology of neuromodulation. The tiny microchip device delivers minute energy pulses to the surrounding nerves which will stimulate a reaction that enables the brain to remap the exact pain signals thus providing quick, effective and efficient pain relief. Using implantable devices especially as sophisticated as this technology drastically reduces the need for pain relievers to almost nothing. Since spinal cord stimulation directly targets the nerves in the central nervous system which governs all functions in the body, this microchip technology is no doubt the answer people suffering from chronic pain has been waiting for.

The Stimwave Freedom Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) device is already being used in Europe by people suffering from chronic pain and with the recent approval from USFDA, the product is set to be commercially available in the United States by January 2015. Its release in the US Market will change the lives of people that have been long suffering from chronic leg and back pain.

However, it seems like it will take forever for Stimwave Freedom Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) device to come down in the market. Even if it does sooner, the procedure will be too exorbitant and risky. If money is an issue, you can always go for cheaper alternatives such as using a joint pain supplement. Have a look at Omega XL which helps to prevent chronic leg and back pain in a jiffy.

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