The 6 Ultimate Sciatica Exercises That Will Provide Pain Relief


How long have you been dealing with that annoying lower back pain before you have asked for help? How far are you ready to go just to forget about it for at least a couple of minutes? What if we offer you a secret to a much comfortable life where pain does not really exist.

The 6 Ultimate Sciatica Exercises That Will Provide Pain Relief

What if you can treat your Sciatica without any surgery or other invasive treatments. Yes, we all know how big of a problem Sciatica can be and all the difficulties that it can cause. This is why we offer you a secret weapon in the form of 6 easy Sciatica exercises that are specially designed to do at any place, any time with no special equipment whatsoever.

The point of these 6 exercises is to not only treat your pain temporarily but to improve your Sciatica in the long term. So if you want to find out how to treat your Sciatica as soon as possible, then stay with us and we promise you, you will not be disappointed! Let’s learn about the importance of Sciatica exercise!

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Fast facts about Sciatica

  • Sciatica is no condition but more as a symptom that is caused by other health issues. It is described as a shooting pain that starts from the lower back, continues around the hip and shoots down the back side of the leg.
  • Sciatica usually affects the lower back and one leg. It is very uncommon to find a case in which the two legs are affected at the same time.
  • Nearly 40% of people have been diagnosed or will be diagnosed with Sciatica at some point of their lives.
  • It is the sciatic nerve – the longest nerve in the human body, that is being affected in this case. There is pressure applied to the sciatic nerve by different reasons that result in the shooting pain that you have been feeling.
  • The pain is the main symptom. You can also experience tingling and burning sensation through your leg, difficulties to sit down and stand up, movement difficulties and decreased or loss of bladder control. However, you can get temporary relief from this symptom with the use of pain relief cream. Visit Traumeel Review if you are suffering from tingling and burning sensation through your leg.
  • Most commonly caused by Spondylolisthesis, Radiculopathy, pregnancy and a herniated disk. All of these conditions cause pressure to be applied to the sciatic nerve, hence resulting in the symptoms that the patient experiences. Pregnancy is also a common cause for Sciatica. Nearly 50 to 80% of pregnant women experience Sciatica during the 9 months of pregnancy.
  • Sciatica is easily treated by following a conservative treatment plan in most cases. This treatment plan includes manual therapy, physical therapy, lifestyle changes and medicaments. In more serious cases, a surgical treatment may be used in order to relieve the pressure that is being applied to the sciatic nerve.

What Exercises are Good for Sciatica Pain?

If you are wondering – “What is good for Sciatica?”, the best answer that you are going to get is exercise, exercise and more exercise! The Sciatica exercise plan is specially designed to not only provide Sciatica pain relief but also to increase your mobility that is probably decreased due to the pain that you have been feeling. You will shortly discover that it is the stretches that hold the key to a better life without any pain whatsoever. So let’s discuss these 6 exercises that promise to relieve your pain and improve your everyday life in the shortest period possible!

1. Back extensions

Sciatica stretches are everything right now. You would want to stretch your lower back as much as you can to let the pressure go from your sciatic nerve. It is an easy exercise that you can do at home, repeating it 8 to 10 times without the need for any special equipment. All that you have to do is lay on your back, prop yourself on your elbows, arch your back up and make sure to stay in this position for 5 to 10 seconds before laying down again.

Back extensions

2. Knee to chest stretch

Yet another stretch huh? Lay down on your back and use a small cushion to place behind your neck and head. Bend your knees and keep your body and mind relax. Grab one of your knees and bend it towards your chest. Hold it in this position for 20 to 30 seconds and then let it go, repeating the exercise by grabbing the other knee. Repeat the exercise using the other knee.

Knee to chest stretch

3. Sciatic mobilizing stretch

Staying in the same starting pose as before, bend one knee towards your chest and grasp the hamstrings with both of your hands. Slowly strengthen the bended knee that you are holding and hold it in this position for another 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise using the other knee.

4. Standing hamstring stretch

Stand in front of a chair, lift the affected leg and place it on the chair while standing up on the other one. Bend towards your leg and the chair and hold this position for 15 to 30 seconds. Let go and repeat. Repeat up to 10 times for ultimate results.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Standing hamstring stretch

5. Sitting spinal stretch

Sit on the group and make sure that your legs are straight in front of you. Bend the knee of the affected leg and place the foot on your tight. Place the elbow of the opposite hand on the side and turn your body gently on the side of the affected leg. Keep this position for 15 to 30 seconds and return to normal. Then repeat.

Sitting spinal stretch

6. Frog pose

Use a bit of yoga to get rid of your pain. Get down on all fours and slowly widen your inner thighs until you feel a comfortable stretch in this area. Hold this position for 10 seconds and start putting down your inner thighs again. Repeat this exercise up to 10 times for the ultimate results.

Frog pose


Have you been diagnosed with Sciatica? Are you worried that the pain will not stop? Are you wondering “What can you do for Sciatica”? There is no place for worries here because there is a simple answer to these questions – Sciatica is very much treatable. You can choose from the variety of treatment options but what your doctor has probably recommended is physical therapy. And yes, physical therapy is very important.

Sciatica exercise is essential to relief that gathered up pressure on your sciatic nerve. So why not try it? We wanted to make it easier for you so we found what is described as the 6 ultimate Sciatica exercises that you must try! By performing these exercises every day, a couple of times a day, you will be able to feel as the pressure leaves your sciatic nerve and your pain goes away.

No more stroking pain as you sit or get up, no more burning sensation or inability to jump and run and feel empowered. It is time to put a stop to the sciatic pain and we just showed you how. Not it is up to you to put the time, effort and patience in the rehabilitation process and enjoy the results! However, if the pain persists, you can go for pain medications to get rid of joint pain. Have a look at Salonpas Gel & Patch Review which might be a decent option on the market.

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