How to Mitigate Sacroiliac Joint Pain During Sex?

lower back pain is caused by the dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint found beside the bottom area of the spine, having joint pain can frustate your partner and kills the mood.

Overview of Sacroiliac Joint Pain

The sacroiliac joint is found next to the bottom area of the spine. It connects the sacrum to the pelvis. Dysfunction in this joint generally leads to lower back pain or buttock.

How to Mitigate Sacroiliac Joint Pain During Sex?

The study shows that the lower back pain is the leading reason behind the disability.

It can be very difficult for the person to stand up or walk if the person is suffering from sacroiliac joint pain. Not only during standing or walking, but sacroiliac joint pain can also make it very difficult for you to sleep and have sex.

The couple needs to have regular sex, but having joint pain can discourage the person to have regular sex. The sex life of many people is ruined because of the problem of joint pain. Having this problem can lead to frustration and depression.

However, the couple can manage to enjoy good sex, even with this problem. In the next part of this article, we will discuss the ways to mitigate your pain while having sex.

And, remember, joint pain during sex can be improved, especially if you will follow the recommendations included in this article.

How to Mitigate Sacroiliac Joint Pain While Having Sex?

There are many problems who are suffering from sexual problems because of their pain. As this is a very hot issue, there are many types of research done on this topic.

The researchers because of their dedication have found ways to mitigate sacroiliac joint pain while having sex. Lauren Hebert, a physiotherapist and also an author of the book named “Sex and Back Pain”, explains that the majority of the patients can relieve their pain if the affected hip relaxes backward.

In addition to the findings of Lauren Hebert, there are many other tips that are discussed and agreed among the experts. A widely used treatment for Sacroiliac joint pain is using a pain relief supplement. One supplement to watch out for is Omega XL which could help your body cope with joint pain.

Nevertheless, you can also go for natural and unconventional treatments. Here are the ways to mitigate sacroiliac joint pain during sex.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.


1. Modify Your Position

It’s not necessary to try orthodox sex positions to enjoy sex. You can modify your sex positions, and still manage to have the same level of satisfaction. There are many ways to modify your sex positions. A missionary sex position can be modified in many ways.

One leg can be bent up so that it does not touch your partner’s leg. Another good position could be side-lying where the couple can look at each other without having to suffer much pain.

You should make sure that you discuss this problem with your partner so that both of you can work together to find and implement the right position for a better sex.

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2. Change The Place

Many people think that having sex is only possible in the bed. However, it is not the case. You can enjoy great sex in many different places other than your bed. You can put a soft mattress on your floor and try having sex there.

Select the place in which you will feel most comfortable. Keep on searching for the place until you find the best one for you. Don’t stop communicating with each other to make a necessary adjustment once in a while to minimize your strain.

3. Relax

Relax Tub

Having sex is not only about getting intense. Sometimes, you can have good sex and still relax at the same time. Both you and your partner can go to a hot tub and enjoy some time together in the hot tub. You can also give a soothing massage to your partner once in a while to relieve their pain. It can help you have better sex.

4. Don’t Stop Being Sexual

Some people stress out a lot. They tend to think a lot about their pain, which will eventually ruin the whole environment. Instead of thinking a lot about your pain, try to be sexual.

It can help you to focus more on your partner than your pain. When you start focusing more on your sex life, you will have a better chance of having more sex.


I’m pretty sure that you will be able to have quality sex again after implementing these tips mentioned in this article. Having quality sex is very important not only to have some fun, but it’s also very important for having good health and for maintaining a good marital relationship.

Moreover, the study shows that having regular sex can also improve your productivity in your workplace. Don’t let your joint pain limit you from having regular sex.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Lastly, you should do everything you can to overcome your problem. You can talk to the sex therapist without hesitation. They can provide you with some good tips to have a better sex life.

If nothing is working out for you, then you can visit the doctor to search for more treatment options to overcome your sacroiliac joint pain.

In the case of severe joint pain, you may need surgery to improve your condition. The most important thing is that you ask for help for the joint pain during sex, choosing the best measures for your own individual situation.

However, if you are not an enthusiast of invasive procedures, you might go for a joint pain relief product. Have a look at EasyFlex Review to get an instant relief from Sacroiliac joint pain.



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