Tips To Get Rid Of Shoulder, Hip, Knee And Elbow Pain

The first sign of us getting older is that we have joint aches and pain. We tend to fall into a routine and we don’t move as much. All of the movements we perform are mostly repetitive and connected with our jobs and obligatory daily tasks. We get so tired when we come home from work that any form of exercise is far from our minds. Inevitably, our joints get affected.

Tips To Get Rid Of Shoulder, Hip, Knee And Elbow Pain

When our hips, knees, and shoulders hurt, we avoid going for a walk, we don’t want to play our favorite sports or even lift a grocery bag. And yet, by avoiding any exercise and waiting for the pain to go away by itself, we are making ourselves worse.

In fact, by doing light stretches, simple exercises and by including a moderate cardio, such as walking or swimming you can be on a long-lasting way towards healthy and pain-free joints; hip, shoulder, knee or elbow.

We will show you a few exercises which can be helpful with these pains. Please do them carefully and slowly and don’t push yourself too hard.

1. Hip Stiffness and Pain

Hip Stiffness and Pain

Cause of stiffness
You probably work and seat at the desk all day, followed by a ride home, when you are doing more sitting. This can result in a significant damage to your body, causing a weakness of bottom muscles (they are supporting your hips) and creating a greater risk for osteoarthritis and even a hip replacement surgery in the future.

Except for the general tightness and stiffness of the hip, you may experience a dull aching pain in your groin area, outer thigh or buttocks, especially when you bend down. Pain is also worse in the morning or after sitting for a long time.

How to Prevent It?
You can try hip opening, gentle yoga exercises:

  • Happy Baby. You need to lie down on your back. First, bend your knees and bring them closer to your chest, as much as you can. Hold the outside of your feet with your hands and press into the stretch. Take five deep breaths. You can also do one leg at the time.
  • Butterfly Pose. Sit down on the floor, bend both knees and bring your open feet together. Your thighs and knees need to be pressed close to the floor. Now, lengthen your spine and draw your belly in; shoulders relaxed, gaze in front of you. Stay like this for five breaths and then slowly fold forward but keep your spine straight. If you can, put your arms in front of you, for a bigger stretch.

2. Knee pain

Injury can Cause Knee Pain

Cause of Pain
In some cases injury can cause knee pain. Sometimes inactive lifestyle and lack of movement can cause a buildup of synovial fluid (it lubricates the knees) which can lead to pain, stiffness and swelling.

You are having a hard time bending or extending your knees. You may even hear a popping sound coming from them when they are moving.

How to Prevent It?
Building up strength in your legs is very important. Don’t hesitate to take a 20-minute walk because your joints need movement, or go swimming if you can. You can do light yoga stretches, but always with care. You can also use a joint pain supplement to eliminate knee pain completely.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Here is a Simple Exercise: Stand straight, hold a chair in front of you and lift your right leg from the floor. Hold this position, and build the strength. If you can, make small circular motions with the top of your foot. Same thing should be done with another leg.

3. Elbow Pain

Pain in Your Elbow

Cause of Pain
Yet another ailment of a modern man, pain in your elbow is mostly caused by repetitive movements, like typing or using your computer mouse for several hours a day, also carrying heavy objects or shopping bags.

How to Prevent It?
While you are typing at work, please stop sometimes and lower your hands, shake them a little and do some circular motions. Extend your left arm in front of you with the fingers and elbow facing down; use your right hand to pull the left-hand fingers towards your body and stretch. Hold up to 20 seconds.

4. Shoulder Pain

Suffering from Pinched Shoulders

Cause of Pain
We are hunched over our computers constantly and inevitably we are suffering from pinched shoulders.

The Best Way to Prevent it
Again, we must emphasize the benefits of yoga. You can do shoulder shrugs in a standing position; just shrug your shoulders in circular motions.

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Becoming more active is extremely beneficial for joint health. Exercising and stretching regularly can expand your movement’s limitations. Additional help for your joints can be provided by Flexoplex. With Flexoplex, you will improve flexibility and increase mobility of the joints. This will give you an opportunity to once again enjoy being active.

Go ahead… and start doing these simple exercises to get rid of joint pain.



Sam Kramer is a Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, Six Sigma Green Belt Certified, and Certified Sports Nutritionis

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