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Tips to Ease Joint Pain

Tired of joint problems? Learn Safe and Effective Joint Relief. Joint pain can be caused by several factors.

Joint Supplements Vs Surgery – Which is a Better Option?
How to Reduce Joint Inflammation Quickly?

The joint problems can be severe and in some cases lead to low-quality life. There are safer and effective ways of relieving joint pain. The following are ways that can help in relieving joint pains:

1. Ensure a Healthy Weight:

Having extra pound can strain your joints which can result in pain. It can also increase the breakdown of cartilage which can result in joint stiffness. Losing some weight can help in relieving the joint pain.

2. Exercise:

Engaging in exercises such as aerobic help your joints to move smoothly and be strong. Exercises also help in slowing the progress rate of joint problems and in some cases diminish the symptoms such as pain.

Exercises such as push-ups and squats help in building your muscles which support the knee and the joints. You should avoid heavy exercises which can result to injuries.

exercises to strengthen joints

Exercise for Joints and Muscles

3. Ensure you Have a Healthy Diet:

Intake of fruits and diet that is rich in omega-3-fatty acids can help in relieving joint pain. Foods that contain omega-3-fatty acids include sardines, flaxseed, walnut, wild rice, canola oil, and beans.

Should you Have Knee or Hip Replacement Surgery?

Knee or hip replacement surgery can help in relieving the pain in knee and hip. Knee and hip surgery are very effective and most of the patients who have undergone it have been able to relieve from pain.

Who Needs a Hip or Knee Replacement?

A hip or knee replacement should be done to people who:

  • Don’t respond to medications, injections and devices such as walkers are not helpful to them
  • Experience a Lot of Pain and Stiffness – People who experience pains and stiffness that make them not able to walk, get up from a chair or not able to go on with their usual daily activities
  • Have Deformities – When your knee is severely swollen or when you have bowed legs, a surgery would be necessary

When Joint Replacement Surgery May not Help?

In some cases, a knee or hip replacement might not be of help. Such cases include:

  • When you Have an Infection – An infection can spread to the replaced knee or hip which can result to severe complications forcing another surgery to be done.
  • When not Sure of the Cause of the Hip or Knee Pain – Knee and hip pain that are caused by nerve damage do not require a surgery.
  • When you Have Knee or Pain When Resting – A surgery done on someone who experiences knee or hip pain when resting is less likely to be effective.
  • When you Have Other Health Complications Such as Strokes, Heart Attack, and Diabetes – A knee or hip replacement on people who have these diseases can result to complications.
total knee replacement procedure

Total Knee Replacement Procedure

Before you consider a knee or hip replacement surgery you should first try non-surgical treatment because surgeries have many risks, and recovery periods are long. Surgery requires commitment such as improving your lifestyle, exercising more, eating and maintaining a safe weight, and assistance when moving around.

You should consider joint replacement surgery when joint medications and other alternative treatment methods have not been able to improve your condition.

What are the Reasons for Hip or Knee Replacement?

A hip or knee surgery helps in relieving the severe pain and in cases when other treatment methods are not helping.

Joint Supplements: Things to Consider!

You may consider using a joint pain supplement which could treat ailing joints. Joint supplements help in reducing joint pain. Before using joint supplements you should consider the following:

  • The side effects of the supplements. You should weight the side effects of the joint supplements and the benefits before taking supplements
  • Does the joint supplement have a scientific backing of what it claims to solve
  • Does the joint supplement contribute building blocks to the joints? Joint supplements that provide nutrients to the joints will help in making the joints healthy
  • Does the joint supplement have a United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) notation to signify high standards?
  • Is the joint supplement manufactured by a company which observes quality control strictly and can the joint supplement being purchased from a health food chain or pharmacy?


Joint Supplements: Is There any Hope Behind the Hype?

There are many supplements for joint pain and stiffness available on the market that claim they can help solve joint problems, making it difficult to know which product is right for you. Products which contain glucosamine and chondroitin or both have been successful during the clinical trials and can be helpful in managing joint problems. Joint supplements such as methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) can also be helpful but research has not been done on its long-term use effects. Some of the joints supplements have side effects, therefore, it is important to weigh the benefits and the side effects.

What Research Has Been Done on Joint Supplements Vs. Joint Surgery?

Research has shown that glucosamine, chondroitin and methylsulfonylmethane which are contained in some joint supplements, can help reduce arthritis pain and provide building blocks for the joints. [1]

Thus you can use a pain relief supplement such as PEA Cure to get instant relief from joint pain. Nevertheless, if you are uncertain about the product’s credibility you can always consult your physician before using any random supplement.

Research has also been done on joint surgery which has resulted in minimally invasive hip surgery which has fewer complications compared to other types of surgeries. [2]

Overall, if you want to go for a cheaper option, using a joint supplement such as ParActin would be a great alternative. However, if money is not an issue, you can always opt for a joint surgery. Either way, as already mentioned, consulting your physician is essential.

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