Does HA Joint Formula Really Work?

Q: I have always had a lot of pain in my joints due to suffering from fibromyalgia. Now I am getting older, it’s becoming intolerable, especially when I get up in the morning, or after a long day on my feet. I use a cream containing camphor that warms the affected areas but I really need something else that will work in the long term. I heard that HAJointFormula will help lubricate the joints, but I’m not sure how this can relieve the pain. Can you give me information about this brand?
Expert Answer
HA Joint Formula

HA Joint Formula contains two powerful ingredients that work to cushion and protect joints. Hyaluronic acid, a substance that, while naturally occurring in the body, decreases* as we get older, leaving our joints vulnerable to damage and the effects of friction. With this particular brand the Hyaluronic acid (HA) is teamed with Hidroxytyrosol, a polyphenol extracted from olives.

In addition to taking a lubricating type of supplement, it may be wise to take Chondroitin and Glucosamine, two ingredients that actually build healthy cartilage in the joint, making them stronger and less fragile. Other steps you may want to take is to make some dietary changes such as decreasing* the amount of dairy and high-protein foods, while increasing* the ‘healthy’ Omega fats.

There are numerous choices in the joint support category containing vastly different formulations. You should do your research on the different formulas prior to making your choice. You will find not all products are created equal. You should find one that contains the quality and quantity of necessary ingredients to positively effect change and relief of pain.

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