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Flexoplex Landing Mens

Flexoplex Landing Mens

If you’re anything like me, you often forget exactly how old you are! Sometimes it seems like yesterday that I was in my twenties, out and about every day, cycling, shooting hoops with the guys on the basketball court, inline skating on the boardwalk. Happy days indeed! On the other hand, now there are days when it’s all too apparent that I’m no longer the sprightly young guy I once was. You know those days, right? When you go to get out of bed and you can hardly move due to pain and stiffness in your joints. Man, that’s when the reality of how old I am really sets in and boy, is it depressing.

Of course, I have to admit that I haven’t really looked after my joints over the years. I mean, come on…who does? When we’re young we’re way more focused on our outer appearances – if we can’t see it, it doesn’t count! I guess that’s why we continue to drink, eat, smoke and put our bodies through all kinds of things. It seems like old age will never catch up with you! Well, it does.

And it sucks. It’s only been recently that I’ve given these old joints of mine much thought – feeling pain every morning was a pretty big wake-up call – and I’d casually been looking around for something that might be able to give me some relief. To be honest, I was thinking short term relief – I wanted something to take away the pain NOW…it didn’t occur to me I should be looking at the big picture!

Well, it just so happened that around this time the newspaper I worked for wanted me to cover a local marathon. It was a pretty big deal in our city and runners came from all over to compete. I was happy to do it – I love events like this and I get a real kick from seeing what other people can achieve through hard work and training.

It just so happened that a colleague of mine was going to be taking part in the event and we got to talking about it one day in the coffee shop by our office. Now, I have to say, Mike certainly didn’t look like your average marathon runner and I can’t say that he’d ever really talked about training or other races he’d competed in.

What intrigued me even more was the fact that this dude was about ten years older than me – the guy was close to retirement age! Anyway, as I said, we were talking and I asked him how he dealt with joint pain. I mean, if I was experiencing pain at my age, surely Mike would be too, if not worse! Let me tell you right now – his answer changed my life and what I’m about to tell you, could change yours too.

As we sat down with our coffees, Mike started telling me that less than five years ago, he was almost crippled by joint pain and inflammation. Apparently, arthritis ran in his family and he was already experiencing unbearable pain some days, especially in his knees and hips.
I know what you’re thinking – the two most important body parts for a runner! That’s what I was thinking too so, being the nosy journalist that I am, I asked him outright how he went from suffering excruciating pain to running a marathon in just a few years – it didn’t make sense. He reached into his jacket pocket and produced a bottle which he set down on the table. I picked it up and took a look – it was FlexoPlex.

Now, I’d heard of this product before but as far as I was concerned, it was just one of a million joint pain relievers on the market and, being the kind of guy I am who’s wary of anything labeled ‘natural’, I was understandably skeptical. To my mind, ‘natural’ doesn’t always mean good, which is why I’ve always gone straight for prescription meds for any kind of ailment.

I actually said this to Mike and he nodded, telling me that he was once the same – if it didn’t come from his GP, he didn’t want to know. So what made him try FlexoPlex in the first place, I asked. He laughed and said that it was a bet with his brother. Being a bit of a hippie, his brother wouldn’t let any kind of manmade substances touch his body and it was always a bit of a joke between them.

However, when Mike first started experiencing the first symptoms of arthritis, it was his brother who urged him to ‘go natural’ and made the deal a little sweeter by betting him that a natural supplement would work. Never one to turn down a challenge, Mike immediately went online and purchased the first natural pain reliever he found which just happened to be…you got it, FlexoPlex!

I still couldn’t quite believe that this unassuming little supplement was really responsible for taking Mike from Arthritis sufferer to marathon runner, so I had to know more! As soon as I got back to the office I went online and ordered a bottle of FlexoPlex for myself. The thought that this supplement might actually take away that morning stiffness was exciting – yes, these are the things you get excited about at my age!

All this happened about a month ago and thanks to the fact that FlexoPlex came in just two days from the manufacturer means that I’ve been now been taking it for nearly 30 days. Was my buddy right? Did FlexoPlex really do all that he said it would? Did it ever! With a dose of two FlexoPlex capsules a day, I can honestly say that I’ve never felt better. Those painful, stiff and aching joints I used to feel every morning are a distant memory and, while I might not exactly be leaping out of bed the way I did when I was a teenager, it takes me no time at all to get going.

Now the results didn’t happen overnight – I would say it was at about the 2-week point that I really started feeling the effects and that was when I also decided to see what was in this stuff that made it so effective. Believe it or not, I had no idea what I had been taking, I’d just taken Mike’s word that it was good, it was safe and that it worked!

When I actually sat down and examined the ingredients, I found out that each capsule of FlexoPlex contains an optimal amount of its key active ingredients, things like Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM and it is this that makes it better than so many of the other products on the market.

Sure, other brands can say they use these ingredients, but if they’re not in their correct amounts, what good are they? What’s more, as well as working quickly to relieve pain, the FlexoPlex make your joints stronger in the long-run and less likely to wear out even as you age – the ‘big picture’ I was talking about earlier.

I also did a little research on the manufacturer and discovered that they only select the purest ingredients and develop the product using cutting edge technology – so, while some of the ingredients may have been used by folk for centuries to relieve pain, the manufacturing method is 100% up to date! I like that – it gives me confidence that I’m taking something that will be safe even with long term use.

I’m sure at this point you’re probably wondering how much I paid for this amazing joint pain supplement, right? Well, it’s a lot less than you’re probably thinking! When I ordered FlexoPlex from the official site, which is the best place to ensure you get the real deal, not some knock-off product, the starter bottle cost just $44.95 for a one-month supply.

And if you think that’s good, you’ll love the fact that the manufacturer offers other package deals at a discount, free shipping over $60 anda 60-day money back guarantee! Personally, I love it when a manufacturer offers that kind of guarantee because it tells me they have full confidence in their product and know that it’s going to work for you.

And in case you’re wondering how Mike made out in the marathon? Well, he didn’t come in first place, and he didn’t expect to either, but he beat his personal best time and was in such good shape that he met up with me the next day to go biking! While you won’t see me running marathons any time soon, the fact that I got up, biked for a few hours and felt absolutely no pain the next day is all the evidence you need that FlexoPlex really lives up to its claims. Head on over to the site and order your bottle today – maybe I’ll see you at the next marathon!

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