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Is Copper Wear Good For Joint Pain?

Over the years, the active lifestyle campaign influenced many people to adopt a fresh approach to their style of life. A healthy and fulfilling lifestyle is no longer defined by a strict dietary plan. It encompasses other important choices such as an active style of living and using supplementary products. Due to this ever-growing trend, we are now witnessing people of all ages taking up more physical hobbies to keep their body in shape.

Is Copper Wear Good For Joint Pain?

Naturally, the spike in participants of these physical activities increases the risk of injuries exponentially. Regardless of whether an individual is a trained professional or an amateur at his first outing, adequate protection must be provided to shield the body from external obstacles as well as to prevent overexertion of the body’s inner functions.

Compression Tights

In order to cater to this new market, scientists explored various methods and conducted endless experiments in the search of the perfect solution. Independent studies have yielded drastically different results. Nonetheless, all of them are in unison towards the unique characteristics of compression tights and the positive impact it has on the body. The results conclusively proved that compression tights are beneficial in helping to:

  • Relieve sore and stiff muscles
  • Reduce muscles recover period
  • Increase of oxygen supply to muscles
  • Increase flexibility and mobility
  • Reduce hamstring injuries
  • Reduce hard impact contact significantly

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Copper Wear

Manufactured by TriStar Products Incorporation, Copper Wear is a specialized form of compression tights. This product takes the scientific approach of this industry to a whole new level. Each Copper Wear high performance sports apparel is embedded with copper fiber nylon, producing a 36-gauge clothing material.

Copper Wears

This innovative utilization of the copper element is the first of its kind in the sports and clothing industry. Copper Wear is designed to provide comprehensive support to the whole body while ensuring that the comfort of its users is not compromised. It can be worn at any time of the day, during vigorous exercises, regular daily routines or sports activities. The benefits of Copper Wear supposedly include:

  • Relieve soreness
  • Alleviate stiff muscles
  • Prevents and cure joint pain
  • Enhance body performance
  • Increased flexibility
  • Fast absorption and discharge of moisture
  • Odor resistant

Evidently, Copper Wear claims that incorporation of the copper element into its fabric sets itself apart from other compression tights. General compression materials are only able to help soothe sore and stiff muscles and enhance its recovery time. Copper Wear goes a step further to use the copper element to help in relieving joint pains.

Nonetheless, this common belief of copper’s therapeutic benefit has been debunked in a number of scientific studies. One such research was carried out as a joint initiative in 2013 by The University of York, The University of Aberdeen and The James Cook University. The clinical trial revolved around a total of 70 patients who were aged between 33 and 79 years old and unevenly split between 52 women and 18 men.

The experiment tested out the effectiveness of 4 different types of health accessories with participants randomly assigned to each category:

  • Standard magnetic wrist strap
  • Attenuated magnetic wrist strap
  • Demagnetized wrist strap
  • Copper bracelet

At the end of the 5-week trial period, 65 participants provided detailed self-assessment and 4 participants returned partial data. The outcome of all 4 categories of health accessory conclusively proved that there are no scientifically proven benefits towards alleviating joint pain, inflammation and physical function. These health accessories only serve as a placebo for combating joint pains and other joint pain symptoms.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Is there Any Other Options?

Copper Treatment for Joint Pain

Rather than caving in to the hype over unproven theories of copper treatments, it would be more ideal to rely on health supplements that are specially formulated to treat joint pains. Flexoplex, manufactured by Pharmaxa Labs, is the perfect example of such a product. The Flexoplex health supplement is formulated to specifically combat root causes of body discomfort such as:

  • Body stiffness and soreness
  • Joint pains and inflammation
  • Reduced flexibility and range of motion

This groundbreaking creation only uses all natural ingredients that are known to have a positive impact towards treating these symptoms. Glucosamine, chondroitin, rutin and boswelia serrata are a few ingredients are included in Flexoplex. The rich history of these compounds include:

  • Repair damaged joints
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Provide lubricant
  • Soothe joint pain

It has serviced many customers to amazing results and enabled them to resume their normal way of life. Although Flexoplex is only available through online transactions, it has already gained a faithful following. Based on Amazon customer reviews, a majority of its customers, 66% to be exact, have given it a rating of 3 out of 5 or higher.


Although the effectiveness of copper wear has been dispelled convincingly, sufferers of joint pains should not give up hope. Rather than relying on the placebo effect of copper treatment, why not switch to reputable health supplements that have been tried and tested.

Valued by many, Flexoplex is able to help alleviate all sorts of joint pain or discomfort. While marketing campaigns can oversell their products, the opinion of the general public should not be ignored. With countless positive reviews to back it up, Flexoplex can be trusted to reduce the negative effects of joint pain and other discomforts.

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