10 Best Exercises For Arthritis Joint Pain

Many people avoid exercises because they believe that exercises will aggravate the pain caused by arthritis or even damage their joints. The truth, however, is that exercise can actually decrease stiffness, decrease joint pain, improve flexibility and, mood, mobility and overall well being of arthritis patients. Another Research indicates that various sports are suitable for people suffering from arthritis and insist on the need to remain physically active. Exercises and sports help improve physical fitness and flexibility as well as helping with disease-related exhaustion.

10 Best Exercises For Arthritis Joint Pain

The most common inflammatory arthritis condition is rheumatoid arthritis which causes joint pain and swelling, physical weaknesses and inflexible joints. Patients, therefore, suffer general body weaknesses, exhaustion, and tiredness in their wrists, fingers and feet as the earliest affected areas as it spreads to attack the larger joints like knees, shoulders and hips.

Despite the fear that exercises and sports may cause the condition to flare up, exhaustion to get worse or joints get more damages, there are quite a number of exercises that are designed for people with arthritis which are effective in managing the condition.

Generally, the various exercises have a positive effect on your condition and the affected areas. First, they help improve strength, fitness and general flexibility of the joints so as to relieve any form of pain associated with arthritis-associated stiffness and exhaustion.

Right before you enroll in any training program, consult your physician to ascertain if it is ok for you to go ahead with your training despite your condition. When starting, look out for various forms of exercises that have a low impact like swimming, walking, and biking. This will help you to build strength and when combined with various stretches, your joint functionality will be improved a great deal. Many physicians do recommend about 30 minutes of moderate exercises 5 times a week for the best results to be realized.

Is Exercise Good for Arthritis Joint Pain?

Absolutely! The physician recommends low impact exercises as being the most ideal in getting rid of arthritis pain and stiffness of the joints.

What is the Good exercises for Arthritis joint pain?

The following are some of the arthritis exercises you should consider to incorporate in your program.

1. Aquatic exercises

Aquatic exercises

Water is considered as a fantastic medium for low-impact exercises. That is why swimming is considered the number 1 ideal exercise for arthritis patients. To make it better, use warm water which will increase the body temperature and in turn increase body circulation. The water’s buoyancy is responsible in reducing the arthritis joint pain since it helps remove much of the joints and muscles weights for better relaxation. Swimming, walking in deep water or water aerobics are ideal for aquatic exercises. Hot water tubs can also help in soothing your muscles and joints relaxing them and reducing the pain.

2. Walking

This is the easiest and most accessible form of exercise anybody with arthritis can try. This type of arthritis exercise helps in reinforcing bone density by placing your entire body weight on top of your bones and joints. This will help strengthen the bones, muscles, heart, the lungs and even the general endurance of the body. You may enroll in a walking program to develop a walking routine that matches your ability and teaches you the right and safe exercise techniques for arthritis patients. You can as well pick a buddy that likes walking and join in. start with shorter distances as you increase it together with the pace as time goes by.

3. Strength training

tai chi

Hitting the gym can be the most inspiring thing to do, irrespective of your age. The presence of various training equipment alone gets into spirits of strength training. In this type of exercises, you will need to use some weight machines, free weights and resistance bands to help strengthen muscles, bones, heart and lungs. According to a report by Harvard Medical School , such resistance training may help in improving muscle strength, physical functionality and pain in more than 50% of the people suffering osteoarthritis of the knee. In the training, concentrate on the two major types of strengthening exercises; isometric and isotonic.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

4. Tai chi

This is a Chinese system of workouts that have been practiced for a long time. It comprises slow-moving but effective exercises for mental calmness through the various breathing techniques and other movements. Tai Chi is believed to help increase flexibility, improve range of motion, develop balance and strengthen muscles. On the other hand, this system of exercises is ideal due to its low impact, low risk of injury can be done anytime and anywhere including indoors individually or as a group.

Strength training

5. Yoga

This is another ancient form of exercise. This involves a combination of movements perfectly matched with breathing patterns to help ease the pain and stiffness in muscles and joints. Seek a yoga expert to guide you on the right yoga poses to undertake depending on your condition without hyper-flexing your joints. However, you might take a look over this Turmeric Curcumin Plus Review; if you want quick relief from joint pain.

6. Cycling

This can either be stationary or outdoor cycling. Biking is a type of low impact arthritis exercise. The exercise helps to strengthen the heart, hips, and knees among other benefits.

7. Jogging

Jogging can be quite effective in relaxing your muscles and improving the flexibility of the joints. However, before you get started find yourself a pair of good sneakers and a flat and soft surface such as your local school’s playground. After jogging, adding up a few stretches will help a great deal.


Many adults tend to love golf as a favorite form of leisure and exercise. This should not change either when you get diagnosed with arthritis. According to Arthritis Foundation, Golf is quite effective in enhancing strength and mobility of your upper extremities, hips, spine and lower extremities.

9. Dance lessons

Attending dance classes can be the ultimate remedy for your arthritis pain especially the belly dance. The movements involved in this form of dance enhance the mobility of your joints, ease the pain, improve the flexibility of the knees and ankles and increase bone strength.

10. Physical therapy

Sometimes you may feel completely not motivated to do exercises. In such cases, it would be best to turn to a professional physical therapist to help restore your motivation. These professionals are well aware of the best exercises that help enhance strength training while boosting endurance at the same time and helping improve the range of motion of joints and their flexibility.

Arthritis patients are usually less active and have limited range of motion due to swelling , stiffness and pain. For this reason, they may find it difficult to get up and start training and that why extra support from physical therapists goes a long way.

What is Good for Arthritis Joint Pain?

Well this question is common and the truth is that there are several remedies for the pain. Arthritis is an inflammatory disease and therefore various anti-inflammatory medications can be used, observing the right diet and other remedies like Heat and cold therapies as well as undertaking various exercises like the one mentioned here. Observing a healthy lifestyle and avoiding harmful habits like smoking and heavy alcohol consumption may also go a long way to eradicate the pain caused by arthritis. Taking massage with pain relief cream may also reduce arthritis pain. Dig out Neuragen Review, as this topical analgesic may help you to get the necessary pain relief.


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there are many benefits of exercises for arthritis patients. As much as people may believe arthritis and exercise don’t go hand in hand, a number of low impact exercises are ideal to enhance muscle strength, the flexibility of the joints and the overall well being of an individual. While undertaking the exercises for arthritis, CDC recommends that you make S.M.A.R.T choices.
S-start slow and going slowly
M-modifying the exercises if the exercises you use get worse but never quit
A-activities need to be gentle to the joints
R-recognize and learn safe ways to exercise
T-talk to a professional physical therapist about possible new forms of activities
Now it is time to get up and start exercising for your arthritis pain in the joints. However, if the pain persists, you can explore Theracurmin HP, a supplement which might get rid of joint pain quickly.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

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