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Arthri-D Reviews: How Safe and Effective Is This Capsule?

Kelly Everson
Expert Rating: 4.3 / 5.0

Arthri-D – What You Should Know!

Arthri-D is a joint supplement which incorporates Vitamin D3 into the usual vitamins, nutrients and minerals used for joint health. It is the reason why this product is also known as Arthri- D3. Cholecalciferol is a fat-soluble vitamin that is commonly used to promote strong bones and prevent osteoporosis. However its combination with N-acetyl glucosamine is found to be beneficial for promoting joint health.

If you want to move around freely without worrying about joint pain and degradation then Arthri-D might be the product you are waiting for. It is a very unique formula that combines vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and enzymes into one capsule that aims to promote optimum joint health and help repair damage on joints and cartilages.

Arthri-D Manufacturer



Arthri-D is manufactured and distributed by Arthri-D LLC in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Popular Ingredients

  • Vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate)
  • Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol)
  • Magnesium (as oxide)
  • NAG (N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine)
  • Chondroitin Sulfate
  • Tumeric Extract
  • Boswellia Serrata
  • Ashwaganda
  • Yucca (root)
  • Bromelain
  • Hyaluronic Acid

Instructions for Use

The recommended dosage for this supplement is two (2) capsules twice a day. First two (2) capsules can be taken in the morning and the remaining two (2) in the afternoon or evening. It can be taken without regards to food intake however specialists say that if you experience upset stomach or hyperacidity then it will be better to take the capsules with food.


  • Consult your doctor if you have been diagnosed with medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and other illness as this supplement may impose some reactions to the disease/ medications being taken
  • Follow the recommended dosage for at least two to four to see initial results


  • Do not take this supplement if you have known allergy to shellfish
  • Do not take this supplement if you are a diabetic as it may alter blood sugar levels
  • Do not take this product along with other medications (such as anti-hypertensive medications, anti-neoplastic, and antibiotics) without consulting your doctor first because it may cause certain adverse effects
  • Do not take this supplement when you are taking Warfarin or is undergoing Heparin therapy as it will increase the risk for bleeding
  • Do not take more than the recommended dosage
  • Avoid this supplement before and after a surgical procedure to reduce the risk of bleeding and impaired wound healing

Precautions and Warnings for Arthri-D

Arthri-D contains N-acetyl glucosamine that is sourced from outer shells of shellfish thus this supplement is to be avoided by those people who have known allergies to shellfish because it may cause allergic reactions or even anaphylactic shock. Although it is said that this joint supplement is an all-natural product, it may still cause certain adverse effects when combined with other medications that is why it is safer to consult your doctor prior to taking this product. It is also not advisable for pregnant women to take this supplement as the effect on the growing fetus is not safely established.

Possible Arthri-D Side Effects

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Gastritis
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Decreased sugar levels because N-acetyl glucosamine may cause increased insulin levels
  • Allergic reaction

Purchase and Return Policies

Arthri-D can be purchase online using a credit card or debit card. If you are unhappy with the product, they have a return policy with a thirty (30) or ninety (90) day satisfaction guarantee. The guarantee starts upon shipment delivery of the product. If you purchase only one (1) bottle, you are qualified for the thirty (30) day satisfaction guarantee but if you purchase for 3 month supply then you qualify for the ninety (90) day satisfaction guarantee. All items including empty bottles are to be returned to the company within 10 days after issuance of return authorization number. The items are subject to a $10 restocking fee. Also the shipping fee of the items to be returned is to be shouldered by the consumer.

Arthri-D: Scam or a Joint Pain Healer?

Since the product bears the name Arthri-D, it has been said that this supplement is a scam. The reason is because the manufacturer conceptualized a name to trick the mind of consumers into thinking that the product is truly beneficial for people with arthritis. However since the supplement lacks sufficient clinical trials and studies, having such brand name can be considered as a scam.


According to consumer testimonials, they have experienced improvement in their status within weeks from using Arthri-D. They noticed how their mobility and flexibility improved after weeks of taking this joint supplement. It also helped them become more active in daily activities without having to worry about frequent joint pain and soreness. However, there are also consumers saying that the product did not work at all.

Final Verdict

This joint supplement lacks sufficient proof of efficacy and research studies showing how it can really help people suffering from joint pain. The product is also expensive as compared to other joint supplements. The good thing is that it comes with a money back guarantee if ever you are not satisfied with its effects. Just make sure that you stick with their requirements to avoid delay or non-refund of your purchase.

Where To Find It

Best Deals and Pricing Available at


Expert Author : Kelly Everson (Consumer Health Digest)

Kelly Everson is an American author and MA in English literature. She is a health article writer who has written numerous articles/online journals on sleep disorders and joint pain problems. She is contributing to since 2011.


  1. Thank you so much Kelly for providing information about the product. It’s fortunate that I have read it before buying it. Now I fully understand why there are so many reviews on this product. You have really saved me from buying a product that has not been scientifically tested.

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  2. I ordered this product for my knee joint pain and used it for a week as recommended. But I had not noticed any difference in the pain. It is really not an impressive joint health product.

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  3. I used this type of product for the very first time…I do think the stiffness in my right hand has improved…I’ll give it a little more time.

    Post a Reply
  4. Arthri-D gives relaxation from joint pain to some extent but I don’t understand the price. I can’t think about recommending this product. I cannot say that its functionality is excellent. With the help of the testimonials it provides an impression of security but this isn’t going to imply on how the actual product really works?

    Post a Reply
    • I turned 50 last month and I have problem in my hips. I had gone to a specialist who told me to go for hip replacement. But I don’t really want to take such treatments for my problem. I wanted some other oral treatments. I came to know that Arthri d is an effective pain reliever. So I bought it in my home and started taking the capsules daily. After 6 weeks also it doesn’t gave me any kind of relief. The only reason for trying this was that, it contains natural ingredients. But I am really surprised that it didn’t work for me.

      Post a Reply
    • I’ve taken Arthri d and it doesn’t work well. This product is not something that I was looking for. I wanted such a product that gives long lasting relief from pain but it proved the same like the other products that are not worth using. I don’t need this anymore. I have to search some other supplement now to give me some comfort.

      Post a Reply
  5. I seen the ad of this product on TV, I was really impressed the way it was presented on the television. I got relief for some time because I thought that this, what I needed since a very long time. I used it according to the given directions but after using it for a month I didn’t noticed any changes in the condition of my body pain. It was a great loss for me, a total waste of money.

    Post a Reply
  6. I have arthritis from last 6 years; my age is 56 now and have used many products which I didn’t found effective for treating my joint pain. I lost all my hopes. Then my daughter gifted me Arthri d and told me that it will work well. But I don’t really felt any change in my symptoms. I also felt sorry that my daughter brought it for me with lots of love. I am now feeling bad that when I will tell this to her how she will feel? This product has really put me in a very difficult situation.

    Post a Reply
  7. I like everything about this product but the only down side is that this product is recommended as 2 pills twice a day, which makes a total of 4 pills a day; and this is not so OK with me. Still thinking, what to do?

    Post a Reply
  8. I really wanted to go for this product but now I can’t as it contain shellfish and I am allergic to shellfish. Any idea what else I can go for?

    Post a Reply
  9. My mother used this product for her knee joint issues and she is so much habitual to it now that she does not want to be without it. She had severe knee joint pain, but now that severity has gone down. It’s been four years now that she is using this product. I must say thank you for making her enjoy life with pain free joints.

    Post a Reply
  10. My husband has arthritis and uses this product, and has experienced drastic change in his fingers and hip joint pain. Moreover he noticed difference in just one month of using this product. He says that he has more flexibility in his hips and hands after the use of this product.

    Post a Reply
  11. I was not able to notice any in my arthritis being any better. Moreover these supplements are quite expensive and didn’t seem to help me at all.

    Post a Reply
  12. We decided to have a match next weekend and my father was also excited for this. But then he was a bit sad also, due to the fact that he cannot play baseball just because of his knee joint issue. That very day I ordered this product and received it within 4 days. After 7 days of using this product my father had good relief and was able to join us for baseball match. I can’t express how happy I was to have such lovely time with my father after so long.

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  13. Curious about trying Arthri-D read others reviews who are experiencing all of great benefits. I’m certainly opting to give it a try.

    Post a Reply
  14. Thanks for this amazing product! I was looking for a product which could possible help my aging knees. I certainly feel pain less climbing the stairs either in my office or at home.

    Post a Reply
  15. I think this product’s commercial is a scam since I have cancelled my order there has been no response from the company for any refund yet.

    Post a Reply
  16. My husband Used to take this Arthri D for past 2 months the result was not satisfactory. He then opted for flexoplex, the effect started within 15 days. He feels much better now with his arthritis pain than he used to.

    Post a Reply
  17. As I don’t like drinking liquid  I prefer pills or tablets  instead. So I started to take Arthri D  there was no reduction of pain in my knees. Simply no improvement!

    Post a Reply
  18. Arthri-d ordered arrived and took it for almost 3 months for my knees with no relief. When I complained, they kept telling me to increase the dosage, which has gone from 1 – 6 tablets per day, which doesn’t make any kinda sense.

    Post a Reply
  19. I was struggling through my left shoulder and elbow for past month. It made me stay away from my favorite golf stick. Linda my wife suggested me to try out Arthri D – Joint as she saw a commercial regarding a fast pain reliever. Thanks to her and this product I can play my game pain free! Love Linda.

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  20. Arthri d is quite expensive and didn’t seem to help me at all. Couldn’t tell any sort of difference in my Osteoarthritis being any better.

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  21. I was looking for a miracle and this product is come out same old

    Post a Reply
    • Hey Jaqueline! Expect miracle with good and complete package things! Arthri d lacks in supporting the joint pain 

      Post a Reply
  22. The guy in the TV commercial said that the pain should start vanishing in about 5 weeks, mine has not vanished yet after 8 weeks as well.

    Post a Reply
  23. This is quite expensive and didn’t seem to help me at all. Couldn’t tell any difference in my Osteoarthritis being any better. 

    Post a Reply
  24. I have tried all kinds of arthritis natural remedies, but after taking this Arthri d, has really helped me. I wish they could get the price down a bit, so that I could use it at regular basis.

    Post a Reply
  25. 1.      
    My friend said that you can take this
    product with our without food. I took this without food and after 1 hour I felt
    like warm feeling in my stomach. I was really scared as what happened to me.
    After 4-5 hours a felt normal and then I read this line on the company official
    site:-“If you have a sensitive stomach, it is recommended that you take
    Arthri-D3® with food.”

    After that I took it with food and
    I noticed that the problem didn’t happened again with me.

    Post a Reply
  26. 1.     Arthri-D3®
    contains N-Acetyl-Glucosamine, an all-natural derivative of shellfish. So if
    you are allergic to shellfish please don’t try this product.

    Post a Reply
  27. Everyone’s body is different. I have good result with this product but my friend didn’t notice any result with this product.

    Post a Reply
  28. My wife has pain and inflammation due to arthritis. I bought this product for her. Now she says that the pain and inflammation is much less. Thank God!!! This product worked for her.

    Post a Reply
  29. Couldn’t tell any difference in my joint pain being any better after trying this product.

    Post a Reply
  30. I found nothing wrong about this product to give a try. I will be a bottle of this and surely I will have my results.

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  31. I am on some slight issues with my both knees. My knees get locked and rub to each other. Make cracking sound. Thus I tried this product and I can see much improvement in my problem.

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  32. I have been taking it for 3 weeks now and it is good products that actually give me relief. All my ankle pain is gone know. Feel energetic in morning!!

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