Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Aleve Arthritis Cap Caplets Reviews

What is Aleve Arthritis Cap Caplets?

If you suffer from pain that’s caused by arthritis, you’ve probably been searching for the right supplements and medications that could provide relief.

Aleve Arthritis Cap Caplets
Aleve Arthritis Cap Caplets

Unfortunately, a lot of people encounter an additional problem, though, even after they’ve found a product that will work for them: they have difficulty getting the bottle open.

With child-proof caps the norm, it could be difficult to get a prescription or an over-the-counter pain reliever open if you have arthritis in your hands.

And that’s why Aleve created their Easy to Open Arthritis Cap Caplets.

Continue reading to learn more about this product and to find out if it would be worth giving it a try.

Who is the Manufacturer of Aleve Arthritis Cap Caplets?

One thing that makes this product stand out from others on the market is the fact that it has received the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use Commendation.

This means that you can rest assured that the bottle will be easy to open, even if you have arthritis that holds you back.

However, it should be noted that the Easy to Open Arthritis Cap on this product is not child-resistant.

Therefore, if you have children in your household, you should make it a point to store these pills out of reach of those children, as you don’t want them opening the bottle and taking the pills.

With Aleve, you just have to take one pill, as the pain relief is designed to last up to 12 hours.

The manufacturer also claims that Aleve is the top recommended brand for individuals suffering from minor arthritis pain, and it’s recommended by orthopedic doctors as well.

Compared to Tylenol, which only provides 8 hours of pain relief, Aleve could last longer and work on tough pain like dental pain and menstrual pain too.

Aleve Arthritis Cap Caplets Ingredients

According to the manufacturer, Aleve is considered the only pain reliever that you can buy over-the-counter to get 12 hours of pain relief when used as directed.

This nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, also known as an NSAID, could give you temporary relief from the pain of arthritis, and you only need one dose to last all day.

It functions by temporarily blocking your body’s production of prostaglandins and chemicals that occur naturally but play a role in pain.

The active ingredient in Aleve Arthritis Cap Caplets is:

  • Naproxen SodiumBMC research notes signifies this is a pain reliever and fever reducer

Aleve Arthritis Cap Caplets Review – Does It Really Work?

When looking at customer reviews of Aleve Arthritis Cap Caplets, it becomes clear that some people are happy with this product, while others don’t get the pain relief that they expected from it.

Therefore, you won’t really know if this product will work for you until you give it a try.

Aleve Arthritis Cap Caplets Advantages

  • It has a cap that’s easier to open if you have arthritis
  • It could provide up to 12 hours of pain relief
  • It could be purchased over-the-counter

Aleve Arthritis Cap Caplets Disadvantages

  • It may not provide the same relief to all people
  • It may cause side effects

Aleve Arthritis Cap Caplets Questions and Answers

Q: How Do I Use This Product?

A: Adults and children who are 12 years of age or older could take 1 pill every 8 to 12 hours.

You could take 2 pills for the first dose within the first hour.

Drink a full glass of water when taking a dose of Aleve Arthritis Cap Caplets.

Q: What Are the Precautions To Take When Using This Product?

A: Only take the recommended dose.

It’s best to take the smallest effective dose. Don’t take these pills for longer than 10 days unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

Don’t exceed 2 pills in an 8-12 hour time period, and don’t exceed 3 pills in a 24-hour time period.

Ask a doctor before giving this product to a child under 12 years of age.

Q: How Long Before I See Any Improvements?

A: You should start feeling an improvement in your symptoms within the first hour of taking your dose of Aleve Arthritis Cap Caplets.

Q: How does Aleve work to relieve pain?

A: Aleve blocks the production of prostaglandins which is a naturally occurring chemical responsible for pain.

Q: Is Aleve an anti-inflammatory?

A: Aleve is known to be of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs class.

But it is not termed anti-inflammatory.

Q: What are the Possible Side Effects of Aleve Arthritis Cap Caplets?

A: The active ingredient, Naproxen Sodium, might cause a severe allergic reaction, particularly amongst individuals who are allergic to aspirin.

You should stop using this product and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, such as the development of hives or facial swelling, asthma symptoms, skin reddening, blisters, rash, or shock.

Also, NSAIDs like Aleve might result in stomach bleeding, particularly if you’ve had stomach ulcers or you’re 60 or older.

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Aleve Arthritis Cap Caplets Review – Final Verdict

There are a lot of over-the-counter pain relievers to choose from, including other options that contain Naproxen Sodium or other medications.

Each product comes with its own set of pros and cons, but some medications may work better for some people than others.

Therefore, we can’t recommend Aleve Arthritis Cap Caplets for everyone, as it simply may not work for everyone.

Your body may not respond to the active ingredient in this formulation, or you may end up having an allergic reaction to it.

With so many other options to choose from, and with so many natural alternatives too, we don’t see why you can’t keep searching for the pain reliever like Omega XL, Arthrozene, and Relief Factor that will be right for you.

While the Aleve Arthritis Cap Caplets is a nice option for those who have trouble opening bottles, a search for similar bottle caps should yield plenty of other options.

We recommend that you continue looking for a product that will work without the risk of serious allergic reactions.

‘Aleve Arthritis Cap Caplets’ can be purchased through Official Website

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Customer Reviews for Aleve Arthritis Cap Caplets

Aleve Arthritis Cap Caplets Reviews

Average Customer Rating

2.8 / 5

Customer Reviews

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  1. It didn’t give me much relief for the rest of the day
    I’ve done a lot of typing in my life working as the Executive Assistant of a top brass lawyer in Chicago. I’ve been making a terrible mistake of washing my hands with tap water in between working hours and breaks. Somehow, the nerves and joints of my wrists and fingers are beginning to complain of overwork and overuse. Now that I have been looking up my condition, I suspect it is also due to years of practicing poor posture sitting on my desk for hours and non-ergonomic manner of typing that is causing me so much pain. A fellow administrative assistant working for another lawyer in the same firm noticed the tiny bandages I’ve been putting on my fingers to help against putting too much pressure on my fingers. I told her about the pain I felt and she offered Aleve. I took it but, it didn’t give me much relief for the rest of the day. Once I was home, I soaked it in a bin filled with hot water and mint balm which brought instant relief to my stressed out fingers
  2. Aleve didn’t bring me any relief from the pain on my shoulder
    If you think there’s any relief that you can derive from Aleve, better read the product information and honestly ask yourself if you think there’s any good that can come of it. I wasn’t too careful when I decided to buy Aleve. I didn’t even bother to check other anti-inflammatory pills out there. Aleve didn’t bring me any relief from the pain on my shoulder. The pain, I suspect, is from a sports injury I suffered playing football when I was in college. I only used Aleve once. I never entrusted it with my condition any further and refused to suffer from the consequences of not choosing wisely. I have found two other anti-inflammatory pills that I interchange occasionally to refrain from building up resistance too quickly. I’ve had more noticeable relief that I have ever had with Aleve.
  3. if you are dealing with chronic pain, you might need something else
    I tried Aleve to help with chronic pain that I’ve been feeling at the lower side of my back. It didn’t make much difference from when I would just perform simple stretches. I wouldn’t really say it was a total waste of my money but, it isn’t something that I will be buying again. It did make a little difference just bringing a bit, not even a modest degree, of comfort. I’ve experienced better relief from other anti-inflammatory and joint pain supplements before that was noticeable enough not to be missed. If you only suffer from a slight amount of pain, this should do it but, if you are dealing with chronic pain, you might need something else. In fact, you may need other ways to help yourself than just solely relying on pills to make you feel better,
  4. Aleve allowed my dad the freedom of movement he needed
    I’ve never seen my dad so happy. I came by this morning to his place and found him dribbling and practice shooting some baskets in the garage. My eldest son who is already in his teens became so excited to show his grandpa some hoops too. They played each other for a fair part of the morning and not once heard my dad complain about painful hips or aching joints on

    I wondered what was going on and found Aleve by his medicine cabinet next to the sink. I read through and confirmed its use and found the results pretty much satisfactory. When we left by early evening, he was still in such a good mood and said that I should drop my eldest again the following day so that he can show him some “moves”. Soon enough my son and my dad turned the shooting practice into a regular activity. Aleve allowed my dad the freedom of movement he needed to stay more active.

  5. It worked well for me but not for my sister.
    Aleve does what it says it does but, it’s not going to work well for everybody. I have a mild form of arthritis and so does my sister. Since Aleve has been doing a good job helping me get through my most painful episodes of arthritis by far, I recommended that she take Aleve whenever her joints hurt beyond what she can bear. She said that one time, when her knees hurt so badly, she took several pills round the clock for at least 48 hours but the intensity of pain did not improve. She had to turn to a prescription pain killer to do the job. Prescription pain killers usually come with a consequence. She vomited and her stomach was turned upside down causing her severe nausea even though the pain on her knees was relieved.

    So, I guess Aleve does not work well for everyone. It worked well for me but not for my sister. The only way you cam ever know how it works, thus, is by giving it a try.

  6. Aleve has been specially useful
    I’ve been helping my sister deal with severe chronic pain on her spine for the past year. She was involved in an automobile accident last year which caused some bones in her spine to become shaken. She’s been required to undergo rehabilitation so she can regain the strength of her bones. Aleve was recommended to her by her therapist for dealing with slightly lower degree of pain. Then she also received a prescription for stronger pain killers such as Arcoxia for times when pain became intense and extremely unmanageable. Aleve has been specially useful, in my opinion, because it has been helping her deal with chronic pain without affecting the way she experiences pain in the future and without building her resistance to pain killers. It will take a long time before she can fully recover and it will be important if she can stay drug-free for most days.
  7. You have a partner in Aleve
    Ever since turning 60, I started to feel becoming weaker by the day. I’ve had far more episodes of pain from overstretched muscles or improperly twisted veins. I kept complaining at one point but, I didn’t really seek out any way to help resolve the problem or, to make myself more comfortable. I started to perceive my condition in an entirely new light when what started out as a simple pain on my ankle stopped me from walking around and caused me to practically become steadily seated on a chair for three days.

    That was when I got a call from my older sister who just lived across town, promised to come over to see what can be done about my swollen ankles. As soon as she came by, she had me soak my ankles in a basin filled with hot water. She had a few leaves of fresh mint soaked in and spread a balm over the swelling before telling me to soak it in. She also handed over a bottle of Aleve. Right from that very moment, I didn’t expect my case would get any better. In fact, I contemplated on the worst. I am so thankful that Aleve gives me immediate pain relief. Now, I don’t have to wait until I’m immobile or, get fever before I take action. If you want to be able to move normally, try this, you’ll be more than happy to know you have a partner in Aleve.

  8. I see him smiling more often than complaining about the pain
    My dad has been suffering from arthritis ever since he turned 50. He has been managing the pain well but, I’m afraid his body may have outgrown the pain killer we’ve been giving to him ever since. He has been complaining a lot recently, unlike before. I suffer whenever I see how arthritis gets the best of him.

    I bumped into an old friend recently and he learned about my dad. He says they have the same problem with an aunt that lived across them. Her therapist recommended her to use Aleve. She has been using this supplement for over a year since and my friend says it does a good job keeping the pain at bay. I immediately ordered a bottle online for my dad and had him start taking it as soon as the package arrived in the mail. Since then, I see him smiling more often than complaining about the pain.

  9. Aleve…I’m a living proof that it works
    There is no way one can describe exactly how painful arthritis can be. My mom used to suffer a lot from it and, many times, I thought she was acting out. Until I was diagnosed with arthritis last year, it didn’t occur to me how much she must have suffered all those years. I knew some things about arthritis, remedies that I picked up from my mom. I started applying minced ginger over my joints and tied it up with a hanky when they got so painful. Many nights that would help me get to sleep. Then, after reading up a lot about arthritis, I learned that it might be possible to derive some relief from joint supplements.

    I’ve never been a big believer of supplements but, when I felt relieved from taking Aleve, I must say I was wrong all these years. Aleve helps me get better adjusted to my arthritis. It’s not easy, I know, and it’s bound to get worse. I’m afraid of what my future with arthritis must be like but, with Aleve helping take some of that burden away, I become more confident that I can face the tougher challenges ahead.

    Try Aleve. At least you know that I’m a living proof that it works.

  10. I want to highlight how helpful Aleve has been
    I never thought arthritis was ever going to be my problem. I thought I knew what this ailment was before I was diagnosed to have it. Now, I am learning more and more everyday that arthritis affects every aspect of an affected person’s life. My arthritis is mild but, since I don’t want it to become any worse, I’ve taken several measures to make sure that I am not straining my joints. I’ve also started taking Aleve, following my doctor’s advise. Aleve allegedly stays potent to help fight pain for up 12 hours at a time. I want to highlight how helpful Aleve has been to me, in helping me better cope with my condition. By taking away the pain, Aleve helps me function normally. I can practically still do the things that I used to. I even make sure that I don’t miss out on gym time which I seriously need to keep my bones and joints strong.
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