Psyllium Seed – Main Function, Health Benefits and Effectiveness

If you’ve been looking at a variety of colon cleansing products, you’ll see that many of them include psyllium seeds in its list of ingredients.

What is this and why is this important for colon health? It’s time that you take a closer look at it because you need to look for ways to get rid of the unhealthy toxins found in your system. You can always opt for laxatives, but you should also exercise care because you may just end up dependent on these. If you need help but want something healthy, then you can always go for psyllium seeds.


Psyllium Seed

Psyllium seeds are only portions of the seeds of the plant called Plantago Ovata, a plant found in India. These promote colon health because these make a great source of fiber. In fact, this is oftentimes referred to as the “broom” that sweeps the waste materials out of your body.

Psyllium seeds have a variety of uses. Aside from being a source of soluble dietary fiber, these relieve you of constipation and bring back balance in your digestion. Research even indicates that these also help lower cholesterol and sugar. Those who are prone to diabetes can benefit greatly from these.

The seeds are also used for baking because the seed husks bind moisture and make breads less brittle. When used in their natural state, you need to chop them or pulverize them for easier consumption. Otherwise, you may just choke.


The FDA (Food and Drug Association) hardly gives its stamp of approval to natural supplements. However, the experts in the company do recognize the fact that psyllium seeds promote heart health and are good for those who suffer from coronary heart disease.

As you can see, this is more than just your aid to colon health. Psyllium seeds contain a fiber that’s often referred to as mucilage. What this does is make stools bigger, help in the contraction of the walls lining the colon, and promote regular bowel movement.

Nutrition Facts

Often referred to as the colon broom, psyllium seeds scrubs the colon, pulls the toxins to the side of the intestines, and removes* wastes out of your system via the natural means. The seed powder is one of the most popular mucilaginous herbs that people use. The hulls are thought to be bulk laxatives that are also diuretic in nature.

Medicinal Uses

Psyllium seeds are used to treat*:

  • Constipation
  • High cholesterol
  • Intestinal problems


Psyllium seeds are high on dietary fiber and zinc. People have turned to this if they want to reclaim their colon health. However, it’s best that you take this with plenty of water to feel and enjoy the full benefits.

Psyllium Seed Benefits

The benefits of psyllium seeds are as follows:

  • It Has a Laxative Effect – Studies show that the seeds are high in fiber and have the ability to increase* moisture content.
  • It Lowers Cholesterol – It stimulates bile acid synthesis and slows down the absorption of glucose and other sugars.
  • It Has an Anticarcinogenic Effect – Contains butyrate, a substance that enhances* cell proliferation in normal cells and suppresses* the ones in transformed cells
  • Promotes* Intestinal Health – Enhances* digestive balance because it promotes* the growth of healthy stomach bacteria.

Adverse Reactions and Warnings

Psyllium seeds must be taken with water. In fact, you can go beyond the 8 ounces that required daily. More importantly, if you’re allergic to certain substances or if you suffer from asthma, then you should only take this under close supervision of the doctor.

Directions to Take

Experts recommend one to two teaspoons of ground seeds mixed with eight ounces of water. You can do this three times daily. And if you suffer from constipation, it’s best to take it before bedtime.

How Is It Effective for Colon Health?

Psyllium seeds are considered highly beneficial. As long as you do drink the recommended amount of water, then you should enjoy the positive effects.

Final Verdict

For colon health, you can definitely get psyllium seeds. Just follow the directions of use and cleanse your body with water as often as possible so that you do get to enjoy regular bowel movement.

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