Maca: Benefits, Negatives and Side Effects, Recommendations


Maca Overview

Maca, also botanically known as Lepidium meyenii, refers to a plant that has been in use for about 2000 years. Natives claim that it perks up stamina, fertility, strength and libido. Maca is gaining popularity in the western world among athletes and people willing to increase* their sex dives. Researches have shown that maca is effective although studies are still in progress.

Maca Origin

Maca hails from the Perauvian mountains.

Maca Benefits

Despite the fact that research is still underway, users of maca claim that it comes with some benefits. It provides additional energy to athletes and bodybuilders that boost* stamina and endurance. Further studies suggest that it promotes* sexuality and fertility due to its aphrodisiac effect. So if you want a little boost* for your performance in the gym and bed, maca could be the appropriate supplement you should go for.

Maca Benefits for Stamina

There have been publications claiming about the positive effects that maca has on endurance and stamina. In one study, it was found out that cyclists who were supplemented on maca were able to shave over a minute on average for a distance of 40 km. However, no other studies have been conducted to prove this.

Maca Benefits for Libido

Apart from enhancing* cycling performance, maca supplemented athletes also claimed of a boost* in their sex drive. In the study, participants who got maca supplement significantly increased their sexual activities compared to the group that used placebo. The findings were supported by a Peruvian study involving healthy men. Impressively, maca is claimed to help deal with mild erectile dysfunction problems in men. It caused improved* penile function compared to the group that used placebo. Women too were affected by maca. There was significant sexual improvement among menopausal women who used maca.

There are some reports indicating that maca use increase* sperm count and motility. Studies in rats have shown this phenomenon of increased production of sperms as early as a day after treatment.

Maca Negatives and Side Effects

No side effects have been reported from the use of maca. However, this could be due to the fact that no comprehensive research has been conducted on the safety of maca.

Majority of its users talk of positive effects. Some critics express displeasure because of its unusual taste. Maca is manufactured in powder for directed for mixing with shakes in order to dull the taste.

Recommendations and Timing

Dosages of about 1500 to 2000 mg every day have been proven effective. You can split it in to smaller servings throughout the day. You can find maca as a stand-alone supplement in any natural drugstore.

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