Long Jack: Benefits, Negatives & Side Effects, And Dosage

Long Jack: Benefits, Negatives & Side Effects, And Dosage

Long Jack Overview

Long Jack refers to an extremely bitter tasting herb that has been in use on medical grounds for centuries. It is also referred to as Eurycoma longifolia, Jack, Malysian Ginseng or tongkat ail. It was used as an aphrodisiac, but it has been found out that it can also promote muscle building and increase testosterone levels.

Origin of Long Jack

Mostly, Long Jack can be found in Malaysia and Indonesia. However, you can still find it in parts of Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos.

Long Jack Health Benefits

Due to its ability to increase testosterone levels in men, Long Jack is considered beneficial to the human health. Its roots contain a variety of bitter organic compounds referred to as quassinoids. In reference to Miyake et al, ten different quassinoids have been discovered in Long Jack.

Benefits in Bodybuilding

Male characteristics including strength and muscle mass are reflected due to the presence of the hormone testosterone. Science has it that high testosterone levels cause increase in lean mass and strength, and fat reduction. Despite the fact that this can easily apply with steroids, use of such medications can have adverse effect on your health. Long Jack has been identified as an effective natural supplement for increasing testosterone without any side effects like steroids, making it appropriate for bodybuilders.

In a study, it was found out that after a month treatment with 200 mg of Long Jack, men experienced up to 47% increase in serum testosterone. Additionally, there was an increase in lean mass by over 2 kg after Long Jack was administered for five weeks.

Benefits for Libido and Fertility

There is a significant gradual decrease of testosterone levels in men with age. This has direct effect on their fertility and sex drive. Sometimes this may happen in younger men as well. There is scientific evidence that Long Jack promotes sexual arousal and extends erection duration in men.

Science has it that Long Jack boosts male fertility by promoting high quality sperm production in men, and as a result increases pregnancy occurrences.

Long Jack Negatives and Side Effects

There have been cases of people experiencing light headache, rashes, and mild fever after using Long Jack. It is therefore recommendable to gradually introduce Long Jack in order to boost tolerance.

Several incidences of counterfeit Long Jack products in the market have been reported. You should therefore make orders from reputable manufacturers and suppliers.

Recommendation and Timing

Long Jack is effective with doses of between 100 mg and 200 mg in a day. If you prefer larger doses, split them up between your meals. Just like with other testosterone boosters, you can cycle Long Jack.

Long Jack Supplements

You can purchase as a stand-alone extract or in combination with other testosterone booster supplements. Alternatively, you can for the brands such as the Longifolia.

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