Lecithin – A Remarkable Ingredient Possessing Several Benefits

Lecithin – A Remarkable Ingredient Possessing Several Benefits

Lecithin Overview

Lecithin refers to a fatty substance obtainable from both plants and animals and consists of phosphoric acid, fatty acids, choline, and other lipid components.

Mostly, Lecithin is used in food processing credit to its benefits on human health.

Lecithin Sources

Sunflower oil and soybean oil are some of the good sources where you can readily find lecithin.

Additionally, you can get it from eggs extract, but this is not a popular option.

Benefits of Lecithin

Lecithin obtained from soy contains several essential nutrients including choline and unsaturated fatty acids. On top of these, it has emulsifying and stabilizing properties making it a priority ingredient in the food industry.

Lecithin is found in several weight loss supplements due to its ability to accelerate body fat metabolism.

Lecithin Benefits to Cardiovascular System

Unsaturated fatty acids including linoleic acid are renowned due to their ability to cut down bad LDL serum cholesterol, and as a result, boost cardiovascular health. Lecithin from soy comes with high concentrations of linoleic acid which have been found to lower LDL cholesterol in the blood and augment good (HDL) cholesterol levels.

Originally, this was credited to linoleic acid in soy lecithin but detailed studies attribute it to other ingredients in the supplement as well.

Boosting HDL cholesterol and decreasing LDL is a great step to improve cardiovascular health. This is a crucial practice for the elderly and the young alike.

Lastly, lecithin comes with choline which has several benefits to cardiovascular health and due to its ability to metabolize fat.

Benefits of Lecithin in Food Processing

As an emulsifying agent, lecithin has the ability to combine two substances that cannot mix, such as water and oil.

Additionally, lecithin serves as a good lubricant. It is used in various ways including texture improvement, emulsions stabilization, and shelf life increment.

You can find it in confectionery products, oil spreads, baked foods and a number of supplements for bodybuilders.

Safety and Side Effects

Lecithin is considered safe in foods and has been approved by the American FDA. Most people consume it in processed food products without any side effects.

Nevertheless, people who are allergic to soy should avoid supplements containing the ingredient.

Recommendations and Dosage

You can take lecithin at any time of the day either with meals or other supplements.

The recommendable dosage for lecithin is between 1 and 54 g/day if your goal is to decrease cholesterol levels.

Lecithin Supplements

Many protein-based supplements contain lecithin. It can be found in protein bars, weight gainers, and protein powders.

Lecithin is used in these products as a source of nutrition or as a food processing ingredient.

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