What Are the Benefits and Side Effects of Golden Root?

What Are the Benefits and Side Effects of Golden Root?

Golden Root Overview

Also referred to as Rhodiola rosea, Golden root (Aaron’s Rod) is a mood enhancing flowering plant. For centuries, this herb has been largely used by Russians and the Scandinavian as a way of coping with cold weather extremes.

The Origin of Golden Root

This herb is commonly found in regions with cold climates especially the mountain regions of America, Central Asia and Europe. Other probable places include the Arctic.

The Benefits

According to proven results, Golden Root is an adaptogen that helps to reduce stress in humans. It contains various active ingredients which may influence the neurotransmitter levels and activities as well as the hormones that control a person’s feelings and emotions.

For Endurance Purposes

Scientific evidence indicates that Golden Root increases performance during endurance exercise in humans and animals. According to one study, ingesting 200mg of the Golden Root extract an hour before going to the gym significantly improves one’s running time as compared to placebo.

For Mental Performance

More often than not, we tend to focus most on our physical performance when engaging in bodybuilding exercises. However, it is equally important to take into account our mental performance as well. The study indicated that when a group of doctors on a night shift took the Golden Root supplement, they showed an improved mental performance as compared to those who dwelt on the placebo supplement. This finding has been scientifically proven and supported by a number of studies. It is also important to consider the power of mind when discussing this point. When you are happy and in your best peace of mind, performance of your entire body is also enhanced leading to better results during your sessions in the gym.

Safety and Side Effects

The various trials carried out on Golden Root supplements, there are no reported adverse side effects with the right doses. But there have been a few reports from the public on increased insomnia and irritability when the dose exceeds the recommended 1.5g of the extract.

Recommended Doses and Ingredient Timing

Depending on the method used to extract the Golden Root, there is a variation in the recommended dosage. Thus it can range between 180 and 600mg per day. Ingredient timing recommendations also vary whereby one may be required to take a single dose or on a daily basis some weeks before the commencement of a stressful competition or event. During this period one is advised to maintain the dosage.

The Golden Root Supplements

Most supplements contain Golden Root labeled as Rhodiola rosea, Aaron’s Rod or Roseroot. It is also possible to obtain Golden Root as an independent supplement or in concentrated pre-workout diet supplements as well as pre-workout supplements.

Golden Root Stacking

The fact that Golden Root contains adaptogenic properties and has the potential to enhance endurance during workout, it is fully stacked with a pre-workout supplement just in case your diet supplement does not contain any.

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