Evening Primrose Oil: Benefits, Side Effects, Interaction And More

Evening Primrose Oil

About Evening Primrose Oil

This natural oil is extracted from the evening primrose plant, and has been used by Native Americans to treat* a variety of health conditions. Commonly found in natural healing poultices, the plant can also be eaten, and is often classified, among Native American tribes as a leafy vegetable.

Origin Of Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil is extracted from the seed of the plant, which can be found growing as a wildflower throughout North America. It’s pretty flowers might it a favorite among gardeners, and the oil can be found in natural healing supplements and beauty products. Evening primrose oil, leaves, and flowers, are also found in some dietary dishes to provide necessary fatty acids.

Health Benefits Of Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil has been traditionally used by Native Americans and herbalists to treat* a variety of different ailments. The soothing natural oil is often used to ease pain and inflammation from eczema and arthritis, and has shown to be beneficial when it is applied directly to the skin. Evening primrose oil is also used to treat* diabetic nerve damage, and is also proving to be mildly effective at reducing* bone loss due to osteoporosis. While the natural oil has shown to be effective for these health conditions, it is still undergoing testing for its effectiveness at treating other health conditions.

Health Benefits Of Evening Primrose Oil

Some health conditions that the oil is used for that has not been scientifically proven include its ability to treat* certain cancers, and lower high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This is especially popular in pregnant women who also ingest the oil to reduce* breast tenderness, along with inducing and shortening labor. It should be noted that evening primrose oil is still undergoing clinical studies, and should not be used in place of other treatments without consulting a health care professional. This is especially true for women who are pregnant or nursing.

What Are The Potential Side Effects Of Evening Primrose Oil?

If you are pregnant, nursing, recovering from major surgery or are suffering from a seizure, blood, or mental disorder it is strongly recommended that you speak with a health care professional before adding evening primrose oil to your daily health care routine. In most cases it is safe to ingest or apply the natural oil without the risk of side effects, and these are usually minor. The most common side effects associated with the oil include nausea, headaches, and diarrhea. It is always advisable to consult a health care expert before you use evening primrose oil.

Recommended Dosing And Timing For Evening Primrose Oil

Research is still being conducted on the effectiveness and safety of evening primrose oil which makes it difficult for health care experts to recommend a standard dosing amount and schedule. Women who are taking the oil to reduce* breast pain do have a set recommended dosage. Most health care professionals suggest that 3-4 grams of the oil ingested orally is safe and effective at reducing* and eliminating breast pain.

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Use Of Evening Primrose Oil In Supplements

Evening primrose oil can be found in supplements that are used to naturally treat* different types of cancers, along with skin conditions. The oil is often added to creams and lotions used to treat* acne and dry skin, along with oral supplements that are used to treat* obesity and PMS. It should be noted that studies are still being conducted and it has not yet been determined if the natural oil is effective at treating all of these health conditions.

Evening Primrose Oil Interactions

You should always check with your health care provider before adding any new supplement to your daily routine to ensure that there are not any dangerous interactions. Evening primrose oil should never be used with treatments that help to slow blood clotting, and it can also be dangerous to ingest around any type of surgical procedure. If you are currently treating any health condition it is important to consult your health care provider before taking evening primrose oil.


Evening primrose oil can be effective at treating some health conditions, and it can also be an excellent of fatty acids in your diet. While the natural oil is generally considered safe, it is always best to seek advice from a health care professional. If used correctly this natural oil can help to improve* your quality of life.

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