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DHEA: Benefits, Side Effects, Interactions and Proper Dosage


About DHEA

DHEA is a unique supplement since it has been on the shelves for some time. It was originally offered as an exclusive to members of health clubs. But over time, access to the hormone has been greatly increased. This has been a welcome sign for fitness experts who know that people could use a boost in some way. It is essential to understand how DHEA will affect one’s body before undergoing the regiment. It is a closely monitored supplement and consumers should get a consultation before they start taking these pills every day.
There are reasons why DHEA has maintained its popularity for years now. It can stave off the effects of aging, which will keep people feeling youthful. There are added advantages that will get people linked up with DHEA on the shelves. The compound is classified as a hormone and is naturally excreted from the adrenal gland. As people get older, their bodies will tend to produce less and less of the hormone. There are synthetics that can replace much of the hormones that consumers may find themselves losing.

What Is DHEA?

The full name is Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), indicating that it does have medical origins. There are some agencies that may classify this hormone as a steroid. This means that it may be controlled by local regulatory agencies. But it has plenty of health benefits that must be considered.

DHEA may appear on the shelves under a variety of secondary labels. It will be up to consumers to learn the difference between these brands before they buy the right option. There are reviews that people can follow to learn more about how DHEA tends to operate. Some are even calling this a super hormone that can minimize the negative effects of a range of illnesses.

Where Does It Comes From?

The hormone itself can be found in trace amounts in nearly everyone. But most will be interested in how to secure the synthetic version of DHEA. This hormone has quickly captured the attention of agencies stocking up on these pills. It may even stimulate natural production of the hormones within the body. The adrenals do play a valuable role in the body and need to be kept in check. Consumers need to be wary of how these adrenals impact one’s health.

Health Benefits of DHEA

There is a range of health benefits that people can expect from DHEA. It is a natural steroid that can promote healthy muscle growth among people. It can even promote better cardiovascular health and improves sex drive, adding to the experience people can get. DHEA synthesized in a lab is typically made from wild yam and soy.

Health Benefits Of DHEA

DHEA has the added advantage of reducing the impact of aging and keeping people feeling young. The steroid has drawn a lot of attention from the medical community. There has been some research devoted to the efficacy of the hormone. This has helped the hormone gain attention on the internet and among circles of fitness fanatics.

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Side Effects of DHEA

DHEA does have some considerable side effects, which may detract from user experiences. The use of steroids always presents the risk of addiction. DHEA may be habit forming and will cause some unexpected effects on the health of users. Marketers will typically provide a list of potential health effects that may be triggered by using this product.

Recommended Doses and Timing for DHEA

This is a carefully controlled substance and needs to be administered as such. Each label will carry its usage instructions for consumers. It will be up to people to determine whether they can control the dosage that they are getting.

Know More about DHEA

Use of the DHEA in Supplements

The hormone is rarely mixed with other existing supplements. Manufacturers are strictly held to quality standards that will limit the production of the supplement. They need to avoid causing unnecessary harm to their consumers.

DHEA Interactions

There are some interactions that may be commonly seen when users test out DHEA. Users should be wary of the impact that DHEA can have on fertility. Different anti-diabetic drugs may impact the health of consumers everywhere. Immune health needs to be check as well before people commit to the product.

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Overall, this is a hormonal supplement that has made waves in the market. Consumers know that they can trust the results that they tend to get from DHEA. For those that are looking for a boost to their workout routine, this is a product that can’t be missed. DHEA can be purchased through retail stores and different online agencies. Consumers still need to watch closely the quality of the products that they are buying.

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