Cordyceps: Know the Benefits, Side Effects and Doses


What is Cordyceps?

Cordyceps belongs to the species of fungus that survive on certain caterpillars found in the high mountain areas of China. In Tibet and China it has been used as an aphrodisiac. It is used to treat* chronic bronchitis, kidney disorders, anemia, coughs, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, liver disorders, respiratory disorders, nighttime urination, unexpected weight loss* and high cholesterol. Nowadays it is of great value and is used in sports nutrition and bodybuilding as it helps to elevate endurance.

Where Does Cordyceps Come From?

Cordyceps is found in the tropical forests and humid temperate of Asian countries such as Japan, China, Korea and Nepal.

Benefits of Cordyceps

Research suggests that Cordyceps improves* internal balance mechanism which makes the utilization of oxygen very effective, especially in humans. These properties can prove beneficial for the overall physical strength, the added endurance as well as the anti – fatigue effects in humans by using supplement of Cordyceps.

In China Cordyceps has been used as a traditional medicine, many scientific studies have shown that it is effective in enhancing* libido in males, it has also been reported that Cordyceps is efficient in increasing* 33% sperm count. This is because of the nutrients found in Cordyceps such as vitamins, zinc and amino acids.

Side Effects of Cordyceps

Cordyceps is enormously valuable and supplements that contain high quality Cordyceps can be very expensive. As it has been used for years as a traditional medicine, in a study it was shown that it is completely safe, but animal studies lacks lethal dose. Some individuals after using Cordyceps have reported mild digestive upsets.

Recommended Doses and Timing for Cordyceps

For enhancing* endurance, it has been shown that 240 mg Cordyceps extract per day is highly effective. The dose is about 3 to 10 grams if you are not taking the extract. It can be taken before starting workout once in a day.

Cordyceps Supplements

Supplements containing high quality Cordyceps are very expensive and so it is not easily available, but it can be found in some concentrated pre workout supplements and aromatase inhibitors. You can also get it from traditional Asian shops of medicine.

Cordyceps Interactions

Cordyceps can interact with Cyclophosphamide, this medication is used to decrease* the immune system and Cordyceps increase* the immune system. Taking it with cyclophosphamide might decrease* the effectiveness of this medication.

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