Clove: Benefits, Side Effects, Interactions and Proper Dosage

Clove: Benefits, Side Effects, Interactions and Proper Dosage

About Clove

Clove is found as an aromatic flower when it is cultivated. The plant itself is grown throughout a number of regions of the world. It is well known for its culinary uses, but it does have health advantages as well. It has a distinctive taste that has made it a pleasant aspect of cuisine from around the world. There are centuries of documents backing the use of cloves as a medicinal supplement. This has informed modern medicine about the different approaches consumers can follow when they test it out for themselves. It typically requires no prescription, making it easily accessible to anyone who orders it. But they should be wary of the effects it will have and whether it will ward off various illnesses. It can be mixed and applied with other compounds, provided that they are properly combined.

What Is Clove?

Clove is applied as a standalone name for the herb. The chemical Eugenol is included in the chemical makeup of clove, adding to its appeal. It can be combined with cinnamon and other aromatics to add to its overall appeal. Consumers can mix and match herbal ingredients to make the herb enjoyable to apply.
The clove itself is typically found in an evergreen tree. This can be harvested and stored until the cloves can be used in a medical setting. Consumers will find that there are cloves added to cigarettes and other goods. This speaks to the utility of cloves as an herbal ingredient. Its fragrant aroma can be included in potpourri as well.

Where Does It Come From?

The long history of usage is because the fact that the clove has been utilized throughout the world. It has especially strong roots in China and India but has been harvested in Zanzibar as well. It wasn’t until later centuries that the herb was found in European cultures.

The cloves are often dried and sold wholesale for consumers out on the market. If consumers buy in bulk, they need to be prepared for evaluating the quality of the bulbs. They should talk to a reliable distributor before they try to buy organic cloves for themselves.

Health Benefits of Clove

The primary benefit is that cloves tend to diminish pain. This is why the ingredient has been widely applied throughout a number of medicinal settings. It is important to consider its combination with Eugenol. This is an alcohol-based compound that alters the effectiveness of cloves. The FDA recently downgraded the effectiveness of Eugenol as an ingredient to be used.

Health Benefits Of Clove

Despite the revisions, these cloves can still be used for a variety of ailments. There are teas that can be made using cloves as a primary ingredient. This will ease digestive issues and help consumers get on with their lives. Clove tea has a pleasant taste and can be taken at any time throughout the course of the day.

Side Effects of Clove

There are relatively few negative side effects associated with using pure clove bulbs. But there are some effects that may be found with Eugenol. This product is largely safe, but it needs to be administered in certain doses. Long term usage can have a range of effects on the health of consumers everywhere.

Recommended Doses and Timing for Clove

Dosage is typically administered by body weight for adults and children. Ground and pill form clove is becoming quite popular out on the consumer market. This is one of the most effective ways of finding the best overall distributor. Pilled cloves are bottled and sold in organic supply markets around the world.

Use of Clove In Supplements

Clove is a relatively straightforward ingredient to be found on the shelves. Consumers need to be cautious of different types of ingredients they may find when they buy it in pill form. There are fillers and other compounds that may be included in pilled cloves. Consumers need to be especially cautious of allergens that they encounter if they buy cloves in bottles. This can cause reactions that may be difficult to control.

Benefits of Clove – Video

Clove Interactions

Since clove is an herbal ingredient, there are not many interactions to be expected. Relatively few drugs are contraindicated against cloves. But there are warnings that are often issued by medical professionals. Eugenol is one of the most dangerous combinations included in these herbal supplements.

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Cloves have only increased in utility over time, adding to their appeal for many out on the market. It is often combined with essential oils for a soothing experience. This product can relieve tension in hypertonic muscles. Consumers may wish to read through reports to get an idea of how it affected other people. But the evidence continues to side on the favor of cloves as a highly useful organic additive.

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