Can Bitter Orange Treat Several Health Problems?

Written by Samantha Roger
Bitter Orange

About Bitter Orange

Bitter orange is also known as the Aurantii Frutus. This orange can used to add flavor to dishes but the juice is commonly used to make medicine. Oils for the skin are made from the peel. When the oil is applied to the skin it can help with certain health conditions such as jock itch and ringworm. When eaten bitter orange can help suppress appetite and increase the feeling of fullness. It has been used for in juices for weight loss purposes.

Origins of the Bitter Orange

This orange is native to Asia. It has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. The Chinese doctors would allow the fruit to dry out and then use it to help people that were experiencing digestive issues and troubles.

Health Benefits

The bitter orange is used to treat a number of health conditions. For people that are looking to lose weight this orange can be taken in supplement form. The bitter orange has been the main ingredient that has been used to replace ephedra since it was banned. This orange can also be used to treat skin conditions. It has been used to reduce swelling and inflammation. People those have trouble with tier retina are given creams made from bitter orange. This fruit can also be used to treat headaches and nerve pain. For years it has been used as a painkiller. Bitter orange has also be used to flavor certain types of liquors. The oil from this orange is also used to make candles and oils that will help freshen up a home and make it smell nice.

Possible Side Effects

While bitter orange oil is generally safe to use there are some side effects when the orange is taken in supplement form. A person should avoid caffeine when taking bitter orange supplements. The interactions can lead to high blood pressure, and even a heart attack or stroke. When bitter orange is applied to the skin it is important to use sunscreen when heading outside and avoid direct contact with the sun. If a person does not take this precaution parts of this skin may become lighter. People with type 2 diabetes should not take this supplement as it can cause a spike in blood sugar. Some studies have shown that bitter orange supplements may cause irregular beating of the heart.


It is important to use bitter orange supplements under the care of a doctor or other health care professional. They can keep an eye on blood pressure and heart beats. When using bitter orange oil to treat skin infections apply a little but of the oil on the infected area one time per day. This should be done for a period of one to three weeks until the infection clears up.

Uses in Supplement Form

When taken in supplement form a person can expect to have an increase feeling of fullness. They will feel fuller longer and will eat less food. When a person exercises they will be able to burn off more fat and calories. Bitter orange supplements can also be used to treat a number of other health conditions. People have taken this supplement to help reduce the feeling of anxiety, stomach pain, eye swelling, treatment for the common cold and flu, and the help ease the pain of headaches.

Doctors’ Advice

When taking blood orange supplements or using the oil it is important to speak to a doctor first. People that are taking MAOIs for depression should avoid bitter oranges. This can cause unsafe reactions in the body including seizures and an irregularly fast heartbeat. People should limit caffeine intake. Bitter orange is a stimulant and caffeine can cause the body to race up. People that are prescribe other medications should also check with their doctor before using bitter orange as it may increase the side effects from the medication.

Bitter orange can be used to treat a number of health problems inside and outside of the body. This orange can treat anything from fungal infections to an upset stomach. It is important to talk to a doctor before using bitter orange. This will decrease the chance of any negative interactions and allow a person to enjoy the health benefits from this fruit.

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