Updated: 2019, Feb 7

Amino Acid: Characteristics, Benefits & Negatives

Amino Acid

What is Amino Acid?

Well this is certainly the most common and interesting ingredient most of us want to know in detail. These acids are said to be the building blocks of protein, known to be essential for various vital processes and functions that a human body holds. In all the total number of amino acids are 22 that are binder together to form various proteins. But some non-standard amino acids are even present that have no involvement in the formation of protein. Amongst the standard amino acids that are 22 in number almost 20 of them are present in the human body. 9 out of those 20 standard acids are the ones that are essential. These nine amino acids are a must to be consumed, because their synthesis cannot take place. Rest if the 11 amino acids can be synthesized with the help of the essential amino acids. There are some amino acids that are very essential as they provide a great help during infancy or illness.

Its Characteristics

In biological form these acids have huge importance in the form of organic compounds comprising of carboxylic acid and amines. These are the functional groups having a side chain to every amino acid. The essential elements of an amino acid are hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, and even nitrogen. Around 500 amino acids are present and they can be classified in various ways.

Benefits of Amino Acid

Well the benefits of these amino acids are many, as after the digestion and breakdown of proteins in the body, the formation of amino acid takes place. It is later used by the human body to aid various processes like the breakdown of food, repairing of various body tissues, their growth and various other body functions. It is mostly a source of energy provided by the body.

Negatives and Side Effects of Amino Acid

The side effects of amino acids are also huge like the benefits and they go like:

  • Pulmonary Disease caused by cysteine an amino acid known to be linked to various heart diseases.
  • Herpes and Viral Outbreak Increase, so individuals with viral infections are advised to avoid it.
  • Blood Pressure increase cause by the amino acid known as phenylalanine and Tyrosine. It is even known that these amino acids raise the heartbeat and level of dizziness and fatigue.

Amino Acid Supplements

Numerous supplements with amino acid are available out there ranging from a particular amino acid supplements to its blends with branched chain amino acid supplements, and various protein powders for pre-workouts as well as certain other nutritional supplements with additional composition of amino acid.

Wrap Up

This is certainly and essential ingredient present in most supplements and powders, but it is certainly not safe and suitable to each and every individual. Moreover there is a huge list and knowhow of side effects and so it is suggested to be taken with utmost care and concern.

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