Try These 15 Mouth-watering Halloween Party Appetizers on This Weekend

Written by Alexandra Antipa
Halloween Party appetizers

Halloween is one of the most popular celebrations around the world, representing the perfect occasion for you to throw a party. If decorations are quite easy to handle, not the same thing can be said about appetizers. How can you prepare appetizers that would suit the taste and personal preferences of all of your guests? Moreover, you have to make sure that these appetizers respect the Halloween theme. In an effort to come to your rescue, we have prepared no less than 15 great ideas for Halloween party appetizers, perfect for you to try this weekend!

#1 Mummy Dogs

Who doesn’t love hot dogs? This Halloween, we dare you to try out the mummy dogs. All you need is some puff pastry and, of course, hot dogs. Wrap these dogs in the puff pastry, leaving a little bit of room between the head and the body. Cook them in the oven and leave them to cool, before serving. Use a little bit mustard to draw their face, serve and enjoy!

#2 Spider Snacks

Spider Snacks

Spiders are often associated with Halloween and for all the right reasons. This Halloween, take small crackers and fill them with cheese. Then, use pretzel sticks, in order to create their legs. For eyes, use raisings. It is guaranteed your kids will love this Halloween snack!

#3 Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

If you have carved your pumpkin, it might be a good idea to save the pumpkin seeds and turn them into a delicious snack. Roast them in the oven, until they become crunchy. For an even more interesting taste, add cinnamon, ginger and other delicious spices.

#4 Pumpkin Hummus

During Halloween, pumpkin is a word we hear quite often. If you plan on impressing your guests, how about preparing some pumpkin hummus? Begin by preparing the traditional hummus, then add some pumpkin puree into the mix. It can be served with pita bread and it has a delicious taste!

#5 Bloody Fingers

Bloody Fingers

For this appetizer, you will require the following: pretzel rods, peanut butter, almonds and plum jam. Begin by coating the pretzel rods in peanut butter and placing them on a plate. Then, apply almonds to the upper part, making them resemble nails. Use the plum jam at the other end to simulate blood and you are all done.

#6 Pumpkin Dip With Sliced Apples

Prepare the pumpkin dip by mixing the following ingredients together: cream cheese, brown sugar, pumpkin puree, maple syrup and ground cinnamon. Serve the dip with sliced apples and enjoy!

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#7 Bat Wings

For these spooky appetizers, this is what you are going to need: dark brown sugar, dark soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, honey hickory BBQ sauce, black food coloring and chicken wings. Mix everything for the sauce, then marinate the chicken wings in it. Cook the bat wings, serve and enjoy!

#8 Spooky Halloween Eyes

Spooky Halloween Eyes

This is one appetizer that everyone will remember. All you need is a couple of boiled eggs and food coloring. Use your talent to paint blood vessels with red and blue and black to create the eyes. They will be spooky and delicious at the same time.

#9 Pumpkin Cheese Ball With Chocolate Chips

All you have to do is mix cream cheese with butter and add in chocolate chips, creating the ball in the form of a pumpkin. You can even use additional chocolate chips, in order to create the eyes, nose and mouth of the pumpkin.

#10 Halloween Brain Dip

If you are going all out this Halloween, you have to give this appetizer a try. Take a fresh cauliflower and remove its core, then prepare fresh avocado dip. Transfer the freshly made avocado dip to the cauliflower, serve and enjoy!

#11 Scary Deviled Eggs

For this recipe, you will have to begin by boiling the eggs. Then, remove the yolks and mix them with the following ingredients: Dijon mustard, mayo, hot pepper sauce, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. Fill egg halves with the mixture and create scary spiders on top of them, using black olives.

#12 Broomsticks


This is one simple appetizer to prepare and one that kids will certainly love. Begin by preparing the dip, by mixing peanut butter, with melted chocolate and crushed cereals. Then, dip pretzel sticks into the mixture, in order to create broomsticks.

#13 Sushi Halloween Balls

We all love sushi, especially when it is freshly made. This Halloween, you can use your talent, in order to create themed sushi balls. You can dress a ball of rice in salmon, as this will mimic miniature pumpkin. The sky is the limit, so let your creativity flow.

#14 Mashed Potato Monsters

These mashed potato monsters are quite simple to prepare. Begin by forming balls out of mashed potato, rolling them in bread crumbs for a more definite form. Then, use paprika to create a long tongue and pretzel sticks with olive, for eyes.

Mashed Potato Monsters

#15 Meatball Mummies

Since mummies are so often associated with Halloween, why not turn them into appetizers? Prepare the meatballs first and let them cool down. Then, wrap them up in puff pastry, in order to resemble mummies. Use sliced olives and marinara sauce to create the eyes. Serve and enjoy!

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These are only a couple of ideas for this Halloween and you definitely have to give them a try. You can prepare many other wonderful appetizers, such as spooky fried mozzarella balls, cheese ball monsters and mummy mini pizzas. Just make sure everything is spooky!


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