8 Most Shocking Sex Verities

8 Most Shocking Sex Verities

Sex is an inexplicable and unique phenomenon that involves the physical, emotional and even the spiritual. Yet there is more to sex than what meets the eye or what is popularly perpetuated by society. Here are 8 shocking sex verities you may not know:

  • More People Under 40 have a Sex on a Weekly Basis than Those Who Vote During the Presidential Elections During Each Year: Voting is a patriotic duty no doubt. Yet people who take this exercise a little too seriously are considered uptight and conservative. This temperament may affect their bedroom life lessening the activities. Vote, by all means. But keep the politics out of the bedroom!
  • About 200 Calories are Burned During a Fierce Sex Session…Which is Equivalent to Running 15 Minutes on The Treadmill: The man who coined the term ‘sexercise’ was no pervert. Sex is actually considered one of the most enjoyable and fat burning exercise. To stay lean, young and healthy, have more sex.
  • More Women Talk Dirty During Sex than Men: Women love dirty talk as it is raw, arousing and exciting. However, some may feel reservations. Dirty talk is great provided both parties feel comfortable.
  • June is the Most Common Month in which Americans Lose their Virginity: It must be the chilly baby-making weather.
  • Miami Beats Out Other US cities or the Longest Sex Sessions of 35 Minutes: Miami tends to be a relaxed destination with great weather, well, most of the time. Women there tend to be more comfortable and confident with their bodies. Sex has often been associated external factors such as weather and lifestyle. Factors such as hydration and exercise affect the longevity of sex. This fact just goes to show that folks in Miami are, shall we say, healthier?
  • Phoenix, Chicago and Denver have the Shortest at 26 minutes: This one is harder to explain. It may not necessarily be about health. Experts believe that great sex also has to do with having all the time in the world and a relaxed atmosphere. Perhaps these folks should take a deep breath and take life a little bit easy.
  • 35% of the Under 35 Crowd said They use Facebook or Twitter after Sex: It is true what they say that there are a lot of creeps online. Therefore, when you are interacting with your online friends, be sure to always bear in mind some may have hidden intentions.
  • Sex Toys were Banned in Texas Until 2008. Similar Bans Still Hold in Alabama and Mississippi: Sex toys have always been considered controversial and albeit unnatural by the less mainstream crowd. This explains the bans in the above states and other countries all over the world. However, some women strongly believe in using sex toys as part of sexual liberation. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that sex toys are here to stay.

There are several unknown facts about sex that would probably earn an entire documentary in discovery channel, and rightfully so. This is a start but we still have a lot to learn about this inexplicable act that has been with us since time immemorial.

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