Fairlife Protein Shakes Review: Are These Shakes Healthy?

Fairlife Protein Shakes provide complete proteins and essential amino acids for muscle repair and growth, plus vitamins and minerals for better health.

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Overview of Fairlife Protein Shakes

In the vast and varied universe of protein shakes, it’s easy to feel lost. Each one professing superiority, each one promising results. But amongst these, the Fairlife Protein Shake range strikes a different chord. It doesn’t just shout its benefits, it sings them.

With different flavors and nutritional profiles, Fairlife offers a protein shake lineup that breaks away from the monotony. Yet, it’s not without its quirks—artificial sweeteners and vitamin fortification that might be a problem for some.

But, pause for a minute. Let’s take a look at the Fairlife Protein Shake range in all its glory and complexity. We’ll look at these products, study their strengths and shortcomings; and help you decide if they’re worth the shot.

How Does Fairlife Protein Shake Rate?

Overall Rating: 4.7
Fairlife Protein ShakeFairlife Protein Shake


Value for Cost

4.6/5Value for Cost
Return Policy

4.0/5Return Policy


Brand Highlights

  • Fairlife’s mission is based on three pillars: people, animals, and the planet.
  • They offer a range of protein shakes as part of their broader product line.
  • The Core Power Protein Shakes come in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry banana, and elite versions of vanilla and chocolate.
  • The brand is committed to nourishing communities, providing a great workplace for its employees, and setting industry-leading standards for animal welfare.
  • Strong focus on sustainability, aiming to have 100% recyclable packaging by 2025.



*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Key Ingredients

  • Protein Blend
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Added Vitamins
  • Flavoring Agents
  • Dairy Farm Sourced Ingredients


  • Effective protein dose
  • Complete protein
  • Lactose-free, a good option for people who are lactose intolerant.
  • In addition to protein, the shakes also contain calcium and vitamin D.
  • The shakes come in several different flavors for different taste preferences.
  • They are ready-to-drink, which is useful for people on the go.


  • Contains artificial sweeteners
  • Contains added vitamins
  • Contains flavoring agents

According to the Fairlife Protein Shake Reviews: What are the Best Selling Products?

  • Fairlife® 2% Ultra-Filtered Milk
  • Fairlife® Whole Ultra-Filtered Milk
  • Fairlife® Chocolate 2% Ultra-Filtered Milk
  • Fairlife® Fat-Free Ultra-Filtered Milk
  • Fairlife® Strawberry 2% Ultra-Filtered Milk 14 oz

Deeper Look Into the Products from Fairlife Protein Shake

Deeper Look Into the Products from Fairlife Protein Shake
Deeper Look Into the Products from Fairlife Protein Shake

1. Fairlife® 2% Ultra-Filtered Milk

This product is a 2% ultra-filtered milk that offers all the goodness of regular milk, but with 50% more protein and 50% less sugar. It’s a fantastic choice for those seeking a balanced diet without compromising on taste.

Key Ingredients: The key ingredients include reduced fat ultra-filtered milk, lactase enzyme, and vitamins A & D.

How to Use: Enjoy this milk chilled, just like you would regular milk. It can be used in your breakfast cereal, coffee, or simply as a refreshing drink.

Pros: 50% more protein than regular milk, 50% less sugar than regular milk, Lactose-free

Cons: More expensive than regular milk, Not suitable for those allergic to dairy

Core Power Elite Chocolate
Core Power Elite Chocolate

2. Core Power Elite Chocolate

Core Power Elite Chocolate is a ready-to-drink high-protein shake that’s perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It packs a whopping 42g of protein per bottle to support muscle recovery and growth.

Key Ingredients: Key ingredients include filtered low-fat grade A milk, cocoa (processed with alkali), natural flavors, and monk fruit extract.

How to Use: Drink within 30 minutes post-workout for optimal muscle recovery. Can also be consumed as a high-protein snack or meal replacement.

Pros: High protein content, tastes great, Convenient for on-the-go consumption.

Cons: Higher in calories than other protein shakes, Contains dairy, not suitable for those with lactose intolerance.

Fairlife® Chocolate 2% Ultra-Filtered Milk
Fairlife® Chocolate 2% Ultra-Filtered Milk

3. Fairlife® Chocolate 2% Ultra-Filtered Milk

This is a chocolate-flavored, ultra-filtered milk that provides all the nutritional benefits of regular milk with the added pleasure of a delicious chocolate taste.

Key Ingredients: Reduced fat ultra-filtered milk, sugar, alkalized cocoa, lactase enzyme, dipotassium phosphate, salt, acesulfame potassium, carrageenan, natural and artificial flavors, sucralose, and vitamins A & D.

How to Use: Enjoy this milk chilled or warmed up for a comforting treat. It can be used as a post-workout recovery drink, poured over cereal, or enjoyed on its own.

Pros: 50% more protein than regular chocolate milk, 50% less sugar than regular chocolate milk, Lactose-free

Cons: More expensive than regular chocolate milk, Contains artificial sweeteners.

Core Power Strawberry Banana
Core Power Strawberry Banana

4. Core Power Strawberry Banana

Core Power Strawberry Banana is a ready-to-drink protein shake that combines the refreshing flavors of strawberry and banana. Packed with 26g of high-quality protein, it’s an excellent choice for supporting muscle recovery after a workout.

Key Ingredients: Filtered low-fat grade A milk, cane sugar, strawberry puree, banana puree, natural flavors, and vegetable juice concentrate (for color).

How to Use: Ideal for consumption within 30 minutes after a workout to aid muscle recovery. Can also be consumed as a protein-rich snack or meal replacement.

Pros: High in protein, Made with real fruit purees, Convenient for on-the-go

Cons: Contains dairy, not suitable for those with lactose intolerance, Higher in sugar compared to some other protein shakes



*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Who is the Manufacturer of Fairlife Protein Shake?

Fairlife Protein Shakes are made by Fairlife, LLC, a company that has carved out a niche for itself in the dairy-based products industry. Known for its commitment to nutrition and quality, Fairlife aims to provide products that offer more than just basic sustenance.

The company utilizes modern technology and innovative methods to create products that are high in protein and low in sugar. Their protein shakes, for example, are formulated with effective doses of protein designed to support muscle building and recovery.

However, while Fairlife’s dedication to quality and nutrition is commendable, it’s also important to highlight some controversies associated with the brand. Allegations of animal abuse at one of the dairy farms from which Fairlife sources its raw materials have been raised in the past. This has led some consumers to question the ethics of the company’s sourcing practices.

Fairlife Protein Shakes is available for purchase on their official website, and in various online platforms and select physical stores.

How Do Fairlife Protein Shake Products Work?

Fairlife Protein Shakes, as the name suggests, are primarily about delivering a robust dose of protein to your body. But how does this work, and why is it important? Let’s take it from the beginning.

Our bodies need protein for a variety of functions, but one of the most notable is muscle repair and growth. When we exercise, our muscles undergo small levels of damage – it’s the process of repairing this damage that leads to muscle growth. The building blocks for this repair work are proteins, more specifically, the amino acids that make up these proteins[1].

Fairlife Protein Shakes contain complete proteins, which means they provide all the essential amino acids our bodies can’t produce on their own. So, consuming these shakes, especially after a workout, supplies your body with these crucial nutrients right when it needs them most.

But it’s not just about the protein. Fairlife also includes added vitamins and minerals in their shakes, providing further support for overall health. Vitamins like A, D, and B12 play roles in everything from bone health to energy production, while minerals like calcium and potassium support heart health and muscle function[1].

However, while these shakes can play an important role in a fitness-focused diet, they’re not magic bullets. They work best as part of a balanced diet and regular exercise routine.

Remember, everyone’s nutritional needs are unique. You should always consult with a nutritionist before making significant changes to your diet or supplement routine.

Fairlife Protein Shake Ingredients – Are They Safe & Effective?

Protein Blend

The primary ingredient in Fairlife Protein Shakes is a blend of high-quality proteins – milk protein concentrate and whey protein isolate.

fairlife protein shakes supplement facts

Fairlife Protein Shakes Supplement Facts

These proteins are complete proteins, meaning they contain all nine essential amino acids needed by our bodies. They play a crucial role in muscle repair, growth, and maintenance, and can also help to keep you feeling full[2].

Artificial Sweeteners

To keep the calorie count low while still providing a sweet taste, Fairlife Protein Shakes utilize artificial sweeteners like sucralose and acesulfame potassium.

While these sweeteners are FDA-approved and considered safe for consumption, some people may have personal preferences or dietary restrictions that make them less desirable.

Added Vitamins

These shakes are not just about protein; they’re also fortified with essential vitamins like A, D, B12, and C. Vitamin A supports eye health[3], vitamin D is crucial for bone health[4], vitamin B12 aids in energy production[5], and vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps protect the body from damage by free radicals[6].

Flavoring Agents

To appeal to a wide range of taste buds, Fairlife Protein Shakes include various flavoring agents. These can be either natural or artificial, depending on the specific product and flavor. They help to create the delicious chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and other flavors offered by Fairlife.

Dairy Farm Sourced Ingredients

Fairlife prides itself on sourcing its main ingredients from dairy farms. However, you, the consumer, need to be aware that there have been concerns raised about animal welfare on some dairy farms.

If ethical considerations are important to you, it might be worth researching more about Fairlife’s sourcing practices.



*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Fairlife Protein Shakes Review – FAQs

Q: Are Fairlife Protein Shakes good for you?

A: Yes, Fairlife Protein Shakes can be a beneficial part of a balanced diet, especially for those who need a convenient source of protein. However, like any supplement, they should not replace whole foods or a healthy lifestyle.

Q: Can I use these shakes as meal replacements?

A: No, Fairlife Protein Shakes are not designed to be complete meal replacements. They lack the fiber and the range of nutrients you’d get from a balanced meal. It’s best to consider them as a supplement to a healthy, varied diet.

Q: Where can I buy Fairlife Protein Shakes?

A: You can find Fairlife Protein Shakes on the official website, various online platforms, and select physical stores. Always ensure you’re buying from a reputable retailer to avoid counterfeit products.

Q: Are there any side effects associated with Fairlife Protein Shakes?

A: As with any food product, people may react differently. Some might experience digestive discomfort, particularly if they are not used to consuming high amounts of protein. If you have specific allergies or dietary restrictions, always check the ingredient list before consumption.

Q: How often should I consume Fairlife Protein Shakes?

A: This depends on your individual nutritional needs and goals. You can enjoy them after workouts to aid in muscle recovery, or as a high-protein snack during the day. However, it’s always best to consult with a nutritionist for personalized advice.

Q: Are Fairlife Protein Shakes lactose-free?

A: Yes, Fairlife Protein Shakes are lactose-free, making them suitable for individuals with lactose intolerance.

What Do the Fairlife Protein Shakes Reviews Say?

Fairlife Protein Shakes has really good reviews from previous users. Here’s what some of them had in mind;

I received this product from Influenster in exchange for my honest review. I have tried so many different protein shakes but most just leave me with an upset stomach. I was nervous to try Fairlife because I thought it would be more of the same but boy was I wrong. The vanilla flavor was really good. Creamy, but not too sweet and there was no aftertaste! Most importantly, my stomach wasn’t crampy after drinking. I can’t say that it’s a meal replacement but definitely good for something quick on the go. I would 100% recommend! –shaunnac412

I got this product from Booster for free for my honest genuine opinion I want to start by saying that the packaging was good and I got the vanilla chocolate flavored Faife nutrition plan drinks I think the vanilla taste pretty good. I think the chocolate is my favorite however, the chocolate did cover a little bit dented. –blissfuldino.

Fairlife Protein Shakes Review – Conclusion

In the nutrition and wellness block, Fairlife Protein Shakes have made a notable impact. Offering high-quality, lactose-free protein shakes enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, Fairlife aims to support your dietary needs and fitness goals.

We’ve also addressed some controversies associated with the brand, highlighting the importance of understanding where our food comes from. In the end, your choices should align with both your health and ethical values.

This review is just the first step in your journey toward better health and nutrition. The next step? That’s up to you. Maybe it involves trying a Fairlife Protein Shake, or perhaps it’s doing more research, consulting with a healthcare professional, or exploring other dietary options. Whatever path you choose, hope this review helps!

Product reviews are provided for informational purposes only and reflect solely the views and opinions expressed by the contributors and not those of Consumer Health Digest. We do not verify or endorse any claims made in these reviews. Please read the full product reviews disclaimer. *All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Customer Reviews for Fairlife Protein Shakes

Fairlife Protein Shakes Review: Are These Shakes Healthy?

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  1. JoAnna Carroll

    Pleasantly Surprised by Special K Morning Shakes
    I’m typically a chocolate lover, so I decided to try both the chocolate and vanilla flavors. Surprisingly, the vanilla became my favorite! It’s smooth, light, and doesn’t leave an aftertaste. However, the chocolate was thicker and had that typical protein shake aftertaste.

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Fairlife Protein Shakes
Protein Blend, Artificial Sweeteners, Added Vitamins, Flavoring Agents, and Dairy Farm Sourced Ingredients

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