Treating Cancer with the Help of HIV – What Should You Know About It

Treating Cancer with Hiv


Cancer is among the most common killers in the world with its number of victims growing as each year passes. It takes victims of any race, sex, age and it does not make a difference. Unfortunate, the cause for most types of cancer is unknown.

This makes treating it a lot harder since there is no known cause that we can focus on. That is why any medical breakthrough on the topic of treating cancer brings a smile to our faces. What we want to talk about today is a medical breakthrough that goes a few years back and involves saving the life of a little girl! We want to talk about the first case in the UK where the HIV virus has been used to kill off the cancer cells within a six-year-old girl!

The Case Of HIV Virus Being Used To Kill Off Cancer Cells

Little Emily Whitehead was only six years old when her parents got the news that their daughter has been diagnosed with a condition known as acute lymphoblastic leukemia. An acute lymphoblastic leukemia is a condition[1] that occurs most commonly in children and affects the bone marrow causing too many immature lymphocytes (white blood cells) to be produced.

Unfortunately, there was no found treatment for this condition. What was only found were a few options that could eliminate* the symptoms but not cure* them for the rest of the lifetime. Still, remissions continued to occur. But, when it came to little Emily Whitehead, none of the known treatment[2] options seemed to be working for her. The doctors and herself were in the need to try something new that would able this little girl to continue with her life.

And they did find it, the only problem was that they were suggesting a treatment option that was never tried before. Plus, it involved the HIV virus being injected into a little girl. But luckily, her parents agreed and the doctors proceeded with what turned out to be the cure* for this exact little girl! After what two chemotherapies failed to do, the team proceeds with the needed preparations for the procedure. The treatment used a disabled version of the virus that causes AIDS – the HIV virus.

Hiv Blood Sample

This version of the HIV virus aims to reprogram the patient’s genes and its immune system to focus on the cancer cells and evidently kill them. What the doctors have done is remove* millions of T-cells from the patient’s body and insert them with the virus.

Then, the re-programed T-cells are inserted back into the patient’s body where they were expected to attack and kill the cancer cells. Emily was the first patient to successfully undergo this procedure and enjoy its results! This procedure turned out to be a successful one and has left Emily in remission for five years!

Since the findings[3] of this research got in the outside world for anyone to read them, parents all over the world were interested to try this new, promising treatment to cure* their children as well! And this first case was just the beginning. Since then dozens of sick children were injected with the HIV virus which later succeeded in killing off any present cancer cells and cure* the patients! So the question is now – would you proceed with a procedure like this to help your child?


A rather controversial topic was touched today by telling the story of the six years old Emily Whitehead and her journey towards finding a cure* for her condition known as acute lymphoblastic leukemia. After two unsuccessful chemotherapies, both the parents and the doctors were ready to try something that was never done before in practice – inserting the HIV virus into this child’s body to let it kill off any present cancer cells!

And the good news came in just a few months as the symptoms were leaving little Emily’s life! What was discovered was how efficient this new treatment turned out to be for little Emily! And the effects continued throughout the years and now we have Emily staying in remission for five years! This first case in the UK turned out to be a new medical breakthrough that has lead to saving a dozen children’s lives since its discovery!

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Contributor : Dr. Ahmed Zayed (Consumer Health Digest)

This Article Has Been Published on December 6, 2017 and Last Modified on April 17, 2018

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