First Case Of Pregnancy In A Woman With Transplanted Uterus In Dallas, TX

Written by Dr. Ahmed Zayed
Pregnancy In A Woman With Transplanted Uterus

We are coming to you with the newest medical breakthrough of the 21st century in the USA – the first pregnancy that has occurred within a woman after she has received a uterus transplant!

This is possibly the biggest and most important medical breakthrough this year, and it is what everybody in the circle of medicine seems to talk about.

This case opens new possibilities for all women out there in the world who are experiencing tough times to conceive on their own and who are not interested in adopting a child. So let’s see what we have to tell you about this new interesting case!

The Case Of The First Pregnancy After A Uterus Transplant

Uterus transplantation has been successfully done in the past in Sweden[1] in the year of 2012. This case involved a uterus transplantation from a 61-year old woman to a 35-year old woman after which the 35-year old receiver successfully engaged in childbirth.

Since then, there were around four successful childbirths after a uterus transplantation using a live donor being done. However, when this was attempted to be done in the USA in the year of 2016, there was a complication involving a yeast infection due to which the transplantation was unsuccessful[2].

And it took approximately three years for the doctors in the USA to attempt to do this for the second time. That is, with the difference of this attempt being a successful one! In this case, the uterus came from a 35-year old registered medical nurse with two children who has donated her uterus for the purposes of this medical procedure.

The woman who received the uterus has asked to stay anonymous. The procedure[3] has been done at the Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. The procedure took approximately ten hours with five hours needed for the uterus to be taken out from the donor and five more hours for the uterus to be transplanted into the receiver.

Uterus Info

After the uterus transplantation has been done and was estimated that the body of the receiver has accepted the uterus transplant as its own, the procedure of healing began. After it was stated that the patient can proceed towards pregnancy, the preparations for an in vitro fertilization had begun.

Since the ovaries are not connected to the uterus transplant, there are no chances for a natural pregnancy, so in vitro fertilization is the only way. And natural or not, it has turned up as a successful one! After nine months, a healthy baby has been born.

No details about the sex, weight, height of the baby are known but the fact that we are talking about a healthy baby it is enough all by itself. This is a case that opens new doors for women all around the world that have experienced different problems that have led to infertility or being born without this vital organ.

Not only is this a medical breakthrough of the year, but it is what will offer new life opportunities for women who have received the harsh truth that they may never bear their own child in they lifetime.

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Uterus transplantation has been well known in the medical circles since there have been approximately four successful cases of childbirth after uterus transplantation in Sweden, since 2012. And after an unsuccessful try in the USA in 2016, there is finally good news!

Last Friday, a medical team in Dallas, Texas, has witnessed a medical breakthrough since a birth to a normal, healthy baby has occurred after a uterus transplantation! Although this is not the first case of childbirth after a uterus transplantation in the world, it is still a good thing to see that the Americans have learned from their mistakes and successes in what they have put their minds on!

We do hope that this will not be the last case of a healthy childbirth after a uterus transplantation and the women, not only in the USA but all around the world, will be able to make their wishes come true and give a birth to their long-waiting baby.

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