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How Northshore Clinical Labs is Prioritizing the Safety of Students Staff at Schools Across Illinois

North Shore Medical Labs is a full service clinical laboratory, dedicated to serve the dynamic needs of health care providers through a committed staff.

1. By Helping Students Stay In Classrooms By Providing On-Site Testing

To keep students and staff in school during Covid-19, Northshore Clinical Labs has contributed new initiatives to help support the safety and education of students in both public and private schools across the state.

How Northshore Clinical Labs is Prioritizing the Safety of Students Staff at Schools Across Illinois
Northshore Clinical Labs Testing Program for Students Across Illinois. Image/Shutterstock

Northshore partnered with local schools to implement a new COVID-19 testing program that provided on-site testing to staff and students who might have been exposed to the virus rather than subject them to quarantine where they end up missing out on classes. With this new initiative, if their test comes back with a negative result, they can resume classes without needing to quarantine and miss class.

Northshore Clinical Labs testing program makes it easy for students and staff to access testing much sooner than before.

At these schools, the Northshore team is there in full PPE gear, 8 hours a day which makes it easier and safer for everyone on campus to access testing as soon as possible. Allowing them to stay in class and continue their work or studies with less disruption.

Supporting the Test-To-Stay Program

Northshore labs introduced a test-to-stay program. Test-to-Stay is a critical component of a sub prevention strategy that also includes vaccination promotion for eligible students and staff, requiring everyone from the age 2 and older to wear a mask inside schools and facilities, maintaining a minimum of three feet of space between students, screening testing, ventilation, sanitizing, and staying home when sick.

The program was created by local school departments and operated by Northshore Clinical Labs.

As long as students have their masks on they can stay in school and participate in school activities so long as they don’t show any symptoms. They also have to undergo testing every 1-7 days after exposure.

2. Northshore Clinical Labs is Committed to Continue Serving Tests Through Omicron Outbreaks

Preparing for the Omicron Surge

Northshore was completely inundated with specimens during the new Omicron variant.

However, they had earlier prepared for this fall surge based on their own experience with previous variants.

Here’s how Northshore Clinical Labs prepared:

They increased their staff and lab hours

Upon news of the Omicron surge, Northshore labs prepared by ramping up their testing efforts to address the Omicron surge. This change helped them to adapt to the new testing demands and deal with limitations.

Also leading up to this was the Covid-19 outbreak they experienced in their own facility which directly impacted turnaround times. About 1/3 of the staff contracted Covid-19 during that time which slowed down their productivity. Now, however, they have taken proactive measures to make sure that doesn’t happen again by investing in more staff and equipment.

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3. Supporting Various Organizations

Summer Camp Testing Programs

Northshore Clinical Labs supported over 70 summer camps through 2021 and plan to do the same this summer through on-site testing at summer camps for both camp staff and campers.

This has proven highly effective in the prevention of COVID-19 and ensures that kids can enjoy a sense of normalcy and participate in social activities while still ensuring their safety.

Supporting Nursing Homes and Care Facilities

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Northshore Clinical Labs has been assisting nursing homes in many ways.

Support was needed in nursing homes as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. The elderly, who are more prone to catching the virus, and other long-term care residents were in dire need of assistance and protection.

Their health care providers were and are still helping the elderly by availing them of onsite testing at senior living facilities. Some of these senior living facilities include Three Crowns Park, Westminster Place, and Bridgeview Healthcare Center.

Working with Pharmacy Partners and Other Vaccine Events

Northshore Clinical Labs has partnered with numerous pharmacies and other vaccination sites to support vaccine events and ensure that vaccines are available to as many people as possible by staffing these events and supplying equipment.

Northshore plans to continue to provide support and invest in the community wherever possible through its highly trained staff, top-notch equipment, and top-of-the-line technology.

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