MMR Vaccines Causes Autism in African-American Babies

MMR Vaccines Causes Autism

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention scientist revealed that there have been cases of data manipulation to hide information about how MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccines lead to high autism rate among African-American baby boys.

The whistleblower got the DeStefano et al MMR data after making a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Those data got to the hands of Focus Autism Foundation’s Dr. Brian Hooker who is a PhD in biochemical engineering.

Whistleblower is Key to Dr. Hooker’s Discovery

With the help of the whistleblower, who requested anonymity, Dr. Brian Hooker ultimately uncovered the secrets behind how CDC manipulates data on MMR vaccines and autism among African-American kids.

In the scientific journal Translation Neurodegeneration, Dr. Hooker published a study revealing that the African-American boys who received the MMR vaccines before the age of three were 3.4 times more likely to acquire autism than those who received the vaccines after the age of three. A statistical data provided by the whistleblower shows age and autism are related when it comes to the MMR vaccine among African American children, but CDC researchers haven’t made it public.

The data collected was from 2,583 children in Atlanta, Georgia born from 1986 to 1993. The researchers didn’t include the children who did not have a valid birth certificate that they live in the State of Georgia. This significantly reduced* the sample size of the study by 41 percent. This is the discretionary strategy CDC researchers used according to Dr. Hooker. He said if these children were not eliminated from the information gathered, the statistical data would be way higher. This reduction* of sample size minimized* the evidence that links MMR vaccines to autism among African-American children. Dr. Hooker said, there is no scientific basis for excluding children outside of Atlanta, Georgia in the study.

The original CDC study was first published in the journal Pediatrics, which lead to plenty of financial support. The DeStefano et al study is used by so many public health organizations to claim that vaccines do not cause autism.

However, Dr. Hooker claims that the CDC study did not explain the relationship between the age of the child when he first receives his MMR vaccines and autism. He also recommends further study on the issue of age and autism when it comes to MMR vaccination.

Cover-Up Seen as Largest Modern Medicine Conspiracy

It is believed that this story could be bigger than the cover-up done in the Tuskegee experiments, where African American men where falsely tested for untreated syphilis from 1932 to1972 by a corporate-run medical organization.

According to several news, if these allegations from the whistleblower are true, it means CDC had covered the effects of their operations for 10 years, which resulted to autism among thousands of African-American children due to MMR vaccines. CDC has shamelessly hidden the damages of the vaccine operations, which confirms that this agency is prepared to sacrifice human life for the blatant pursuit of pharmaceutical profits.

This could easily be one of the biggest scientific conspiracy stories in modern medicine history, and you can only expect that this won’t come out in the mainstream media.


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