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Is Garcinia Cambogia Free Trial Offer Worth the Hype?

Garcinia cambogia, a tropical fruit, is a popular weight-loss supplement, especially with people who have diabetes. It has been a focus for many people looking for natural ways to lose weight

The extract for the world famous fruit Garcinia Cambogia has made it to our weight loss products, supplements, and diet pills.

Is Garcinia Cambogia Free Trial Offer Worth the Hype?
Garcinia Cambogia Free Trial Offer Scam. Shutterstock Images

For the past three years or also, this extract has grown in popularity and today, no one desires a weight loss product that has no Garcinia Cambogia in it.

However, the products are continuously losing their appeal and due to this, more “risk-free trial offers” are being designed and generated each passing day.

The question that many people are no asking before using the product is “whether they should apply for the free offers, automatically purchase the product and or turn back and forget about the product in general”.

In 2012, Garcinia Cambogia was discovered and the doctor then termed it as a “miracle ingredient in the weight loss products“.

Since then, the extract has been sold in the form of diet pills or weight loss supplements.

People desiring to lose weight have engaged in the free trials and subscribed to the free offers.

Furthermore, millions continue to be spent on a daily basis to purchase this specific weight loss product also because they claim to help you lose weight without fatigue or engaging in tiresome and intense physical exercises and or managing ones dietary habits.

The effects of the said free trials have started to paint the Garcinia Cambogia product in the negative and tainting its general reputation.

The saying that “one rotten fish emits an odor that makes all the other fish unfit for consumption is definitely true”.

It has been said that the trial offers are just ways to get money out of unsuspecting customers through the automatic subscriptions they make to acquire free Garcinia Cambogia trials.

These are also legalized means as the customers are said to have accepted them after signing up the terms and conditions of service through the accepting them.

This review is meant to offer more insight into the Garcinia Cambogia free offers and trial programs to the public or potential customers.

It is aimed at ensuring they have the pertinent and or right information in regards to any product containing the Garcinia Cambogia extract.

It is also meant to assist the potential client in identifying the genuine products to purchase, and creating awareness of the said fraud trial offers.

The information educates you on how to avoid fraudulent offers, spotting free offers that are frauds in nature and acquiring the best services while enjoying the services offered by genuine companies and organisations i.e. acquiring free samples, making new orders and acquiring the extensive benefits associated with subscribing to the Autoship monthly offers and billing programs.

Working Process of “Garcinia Cambogia”

The Garcinia Cambogia free trials are designed to attract anyone searching for “ways to lose weight” or simply through a chance advert indicating that that specific diet pill is the way to go about losing those extra pounds.

Attracted to the offer issued, you are tempted to look for the product online, in convenience stores and end up reading up on it.

You conduct adequate research including customer reviews and find the product to be interesting and effective in the service it is claimed to offer.

The first place you look is on the Garcinia Cambogia product website.

To acquire the right services you are required to adopt a careful and thoroughly scrutinizing eye in order to acquire genuine trial services.

On the website, what you want to check out and fully understand is the websites fine print or the terms and conditions of the services offered by the site.

Our Focus will be on the fine print issued on the website before you commence on your subscription.

In addition, it will help you decide to whether to make the subscription for a trial offer or avoid it.

1. Websites

Many websites for different Garcinia Cambogia products have flashing offers and banners to emphasize on the essentiality to sign up to a trial version or period.

These are termed as “psychological pursuits and effects” and can sometimes have a “Halo Effect” that pushes your attraction to the trial offer a notch higher.

It is true that nothing is absolutely free in this world and if affected by the offers being issued, you might want to have some tips on how to avoid these cases.

Here are some to help you out in such cases:

  • A Garcinia Cambogia website with a lot of information that is scientifically stated with no simpler explanations is one that you should avoid
  • A website that issues a lot of claims in regards to the benefits of the Garcinia Cambogia extract and has no evidence to support their conclusions
  • A website or company that has invested into the extensive and intensive use of major media such a television channels, major beauty magazines etc in regards to their Garcinia Cambogia product should be assessed on a more personal basis before making any form of purchase.
  • A website claiming that their Garcinia Cambogia is in limited stock yet the product is availed to you once an order is suggested or “they decide they can work out something just for you”.
  • The website offers essential information pertaining to the product and the above tips will help you decide whether to engage in the trial offer or not.

2. Risk-Free Trial offers

After checking out the Garcinia Cambogia website, the free trial is the next step and many are pulled towards it.

While subscribing to the trial offer, you are required to enter some information.

This is portrayed to be an urgent matter and that it should be done immediately.

Otherwise, you may risk being locked out of the trial offer or there are limited spaces or products remaining.

3. Terms and Conditions of Service

Many elements to be discussed are included in the terms of service.

Some of these factors are determinants of whether you are being scammed or not.

These elements include

Shipping and Handling Fees
These are designed to show that the trial offers are fair.

In every trial offer, shipping or a handling fee of below $10 is required.

Compared to the actual price of the product, this is normally a small price to pay.

However, the issue is not in the amount of shipping or handling fees paid, it is what comes after paying and or entering your credit and other personal information as prompted by the Garcinia Cambogia product’s trial offer.

Contact Information
In many situations, you will be required to enter redundant information. Then you will be prompted to enter your contact details including where you live, which is standard for all trial offers online forms.

They will then advance to your credit card information and a prompt menu will appear asking if you have “understood the terms and conditions of the service” to issue.

If you click on “Accept”, then you have automatically signed yourself to a legally binding contract with the specific Garcinia Cambogia Company that offers that specific product.

Subscription For Pre-authorized Amount
Before you are accepted and the free sample subscription goes through, you are required to authorize a certain amount charged to your credit card to verify that you are capable of purchasing the product.

This information is present and indicated in the terms of service and once they have been accepted, you are required to indicate whether you accept the pre-authorized amount or not.

Remember, you are now legally bound by the condition you just signed in the terms of service.

Payments Methods
At the bottom end, top end or on the side of the ordering form is some fine print that is normally in faded color or in very small font.

It is designed to be ignored but that is always a mistake.

Normally, these prints are warnings that indicate what accepting to the terms and conditions of that specific Garcinia Cambogia product means.

Furthermore, they ensure that a Terms of Service page is different from the terms and conditions page.

This is aimed at confusing you even more and ensuring you do not withdraw your subscription before you submit it.

In other cases, the descriptions or terms are lengthy, full of information that is complicated for you to understand which weighs down your mind.

This means that poor attention is paid to some of the details that may lead to you buying something you do not want to.

The results obtained are a subscription for s free trial offer that costs the client around $5 meant for shipping or handling, a credit charge credited to that specific Garcinia Cambogia Company for the free trial sent.

This is due to the preauthorized amount “as indicated on the terms and conditions/ terms of service,” you agreed on previously.

Finally, continuous monthly deductions credited to the same company due to the automatic subscriptions indicated.

Cancelling the Garcinia Cambogia Trial or Free Offers

Canceling the trial offers or returning the products following the return process initiated by the Garcinia Cambogia companies themselves can have only two outcomes.

Either the cancellation or return is accepted or you as the client or customer are unable to stop the subscriptions or any attempt at acquiring refunds is delayed or terminated.

However, many Garcinia Cambogia companies have active and commendable customer services.

Sometimes delays are acceptable especially in reaching the customer service teams due to the excess inquiries made in a single day.

In other cases, canceling the subscription is quite hard and a difficult process in general.

Sometimes, it results in a lengthy, boring and disappointing conversation you have ever hard in your entire life.

This indicates what is obvious (manufacturers do not want cancellations of services you are subscribed to) making it difficult to cancel your services.

Some companies even take different steps and tactics aimed at ensuring you do not have the chance to cancel your earlier subscription.

When subscribing to any Garcinia Cambogia trial offers, it is important to identify and know some of the tactics they use.

Furthermore, you can assess whether their services are genuine by setting up a bogus email and enquiring on different things and assessing their feedbacks before subscribing to any offers they have.

Some of the techniques that these professionals use to avoid any cancellation or return processes from going through include:

  • Long period of holding on the phone designed to wear you out and postpone the call
  • Hefty fees for making any returns and shipping cancellations
  • Being set up or being sold to other similar programs without your knowledge

The Trustworthy Site Brands of Garcinia Cambogia

Many Garcinia Cambogia websites pay affiliate sites to offer their products online and for any reference customer made, a certain amount is paid to that specific affiliate site.

Here is how these affiliate sites operate:

  • A potential client signs in using a link provided by the affiliate site and the affiliate site is paid for that specific client
  • The amount of the Garcinia Cambogia product charged by the main official site let us say around dollars 100, a specific percentage let us say 40% goes to the affiliate site. This results in very expensive pills since the amount is shared with very many sites.
  • This is a bribe such that all the affiliates offer positive comments about the product as they are paid to do so and it is s a business deal or offer after all.

Finally, the affiliates have never used that specific product and are only advertising or promoting positive impacts because it is a business deal or offers.

It is designed to ensure you make a purchase through them and complete the transaction so that they can acquire the affiliate fee agreed upon.

How to Avoid Bad Offers in Garcinia Cambogia Products?

Buy from us as we offer a non- trial free sample that will cost you the full amount but be guaranteed of the results and no frauds.

Furthermore, you will experience no headaches in reference to the fraudulent activities that other companies selling Garcinia Cambogia may be into at any given time.


This is another trusted, verified and genuine manufacturer and sellers of genuine supplements.

However, it does not offer guarantees in relation to the quality produced but they do not offer free frauds for trial offers.

Furthermore, Amazon is a renowned retailer with a reputation to protect and will not indulge in cheap frauds and risk losing future business.

Official Garcinia Cambogia Websites (these are a no go if making a purchase)

Never make any form of purchases from the official sites of any supplements or diet pills including Garcinia Cambogia.

This is because of a huge red flag and indicates the Companys inability to sell to major retailers such as amazon.com.

It is also shown that the retailers are either suspicious of the product or have no trust in the producers of that specific product.

Furthermore, being listed as a company is easy and fast and failure to even do that means that the product is far worse than expected.

Ingredients Listing and Explanations

If a certainGarcinia Cambogia product is listed and no ingredients are indicated or are indicated but not explained, should be avoided at all costs.

In some cases, these companies fail to disclose due to the adverse effects associated with some of their ingredients and in other cases, some ingredients are more compared to the Garcinia Cambogia extract present in it.

“60% HCA”

If the product has an amount that is lower than 60% of HCA, then the product will be ineffective and should be avoided.

This is because it is the main ingredient in the extract from the Garcinia Cambogia fruit, which is able to aid in the weight loss objective.

Nothing is for FREE!!

Remember, nothing is free in this world and especially for products issued or sold online.

If any of them is indicated to be free, you are going to pay heftily for any free service offered in the long run.

The scams are growing and only through a scam can you afford anything for free but later you will be disappointed at learning that they cost more than the original price.

Fake Accounts!

For an inexperienced person in such an environment i.e. online, it is important to first test the company by creating a bogus account and using it to subscribe to different services.

If the services are genuine, and or your curiosity gets the better of you, you can use it to access different services and not be burned at the very end.

Read and Assess the Garcinia Cambogia Brands Out There in the Market

Each passing day, new Garcinia Cambogia supplements and diet pills are sold or launched into the market.

Having a definite source of the genuine and the fake Garcinia Cambogia products is advised.

Furthermore, you can always keep updated with whatever is going on in the supplement world by logging and subscribing to our site.

Also, remember to check out the reviews on Garcinia Cambogia lawsuits provided.

Scientific Evidence of Garcinia Cambogia

Limited study and research have been done on Garcinia Cambogia.

Therefore, there is little evidence that can be offered scientifically in regards to effectiveness as a weight loss supplement and or a diet pills.

Most of the studies performed have been in relation to rats as test subjects and not human beings.

Those done on people are said to be inconclusive in nature.

Therefore, they cannot be said to induce weight loss or gain making it difficult to believe the results being attested to by the Garcinia Cambogia products.

This, however, does not indicate that you will not lose weight; you might due to the Placebo effect described by a researcher in the process of learning how HCA works.

Most Popular Garcinia Cambogia HCA Extract Supplement Brands

  • BodyGenix Garcinia Cambogia
  • Garcinia Slim Extreme
  • Garcinia Lean Xtreme
  • Garcinia Cambogia ZT
  • Garcinia Melt
  • Garcinia Deluxe
  • Garcinia Replenish
  • Active Garcinia
  • Garcinia Burn
  • Power Garcinia
  • GC Fresh
  • Cambogia
  • Garcinia Thin Secret
  • Garcinia Xtreme
  • Tropical Garcinia Cambogia
  • Platinum Garcinia
  • Garcinia Secret Diet
  • Ultra Body Garcinia
  • Garcinia Lyfe
  • Prime Garcinia
  • Garcinia Ultra Lean
  • Garcinia Prime
  • Garcinia Pure Select
  • Aura Slim Garcinia
  • Garcinia XL
  • Balanced Garcinia
  • Garcinia Slim 500
  • Slimax Garcinia
  • Total Garcinia
  • Organica Slim Garcinia
  • Garcinia Sensation
  • Garcinia Wow
  • HCA Fit
  • Garcinia Bio Slim
  • Healthy Garcinia Pro
  • Green Garcinia Pro
  • Garcinia Plus 100
  • Trim Garcinia Cambogia
  • Pure Life Garcinia
  • Garcinia Elite 350
  • Infinity Garcinia
  • True Grade Garcinia
  • Garcinia Cambogia 1300
  • Utopian Garcinia
  • Garcinia Cambogia Plus
  • Original Garcinia
  • Garcinia Cambogia Xtra
  • Flawless Garcinia
  • Ultimate Garcinia
  • Garcinia Lean
  • Garcinia Cambogia Ultra Max
  • Green Garcinia Gold
  • Nature’s Slim Garcinia Gambogia
  • Helix6 Garcinia
  • Optimum Garcinia Plus
  • Garcinia Lyfe
  • Garcinia Cambogia Go
  • Total Control Garcinia
  • Garcinia Slim Extreme
  • Garcinia Vitality
  • Garcinia Torch
  • Alpha Garcinia
  • Accelerated Garcinia
  • X Pro Garcinia
  • My Life Garcinia
  • Premium Pure Garcinia
  • Truly Garcinia
  • Garcinia Super Complex
  • M80 Trim
  • Lineaslim
  • GarciniBurn
  • Garcinia Authentic
  • Garcinia Life Plus
  • Garcinia Cambogia Ultra Max
  • House Brand Garcinia
  • Rapidly Totally Garcinia
  • Slim Elite Garcinia
  • Skinny Garcinia
  • Garcinia Fusion


As of now, there is no information indicating that the Garcinia Cambogia extract and active ingredients are effective in weight loss in regards to scientific evidences provided.

It is also not a lost course due to the fact that it does promote the placebo effect.

However, the discussion was to whether you can go ahead and subscribe to the trial offers issued for the different Garcinia Cambogia products.

To answer the question, I would like you to reflect on the tips and discussions above for a perfect answer.

With the tips and information, you as an individual, are able to determine the effectiveness or assess whether the trial offer is a fraud or not.

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