Free Trial Offer & Autoship Program Scams – Why Should You Avoid Them?

Overview of Free Trials Autoship Programs

Many people prefer to shop online nowadays.

Free Trial Offer & Autoship Program Scams – Why Should You Avoid Them?
Free Trial Offer & Autoship Program Scams. Shutterstock Images

What do you do before you decide to purchase a product?

You would probably do some research about that product,

Am I right?

Let’s suppose you’re looking for a weight loss product, and you found one for you.

You have finished reading all the reviews and evidence about that product, and you’re convinced about its quality.

Furthermore, the company is also providing you the option of free trial where you only have to pay the price for its shipping.

How would you feel?

You may feel awesome.

All your worries will be gone because you have the chance to check the product before purchasing the product.

Moreover, you may also tell your friends about this awesome product.

What if you experience the side-effects after you use the product?

You would probably stop using the product, and as it is just a free trial, you won’t be losing any money.

Isn’t it?

However, the case is a lot more different than you think.

The company will automatically charge the price of the product in your credit card. How bad is it now?

It Does Not Mean….. All Autoship Programs Are Bad!

In case of genuine products, Autoship programs can be awesome.

Let’s suppose that you are satisfied with the use of a high-quality beauty product, and after a month the tube of your cream is finished.

You need a new tube, and the company automatically ships a product.

You don’t have to worry about the finished product anymore because the company will ship you a new tube every month.

Unfortunately, this is not how Autoship programs work nowadays.

It has turned into a scam.

Autoship programs

The Majority of Autoship Programs Are Dangerous!!

Many companies want you to fall into their trap, and they use plenty of marketing gimmicks.

Someone who is not aware of Autoship programs is likely to fall into their trap.

Well, there are companies who provide genuine products, and you can get discounts on those products.

However, the majority of companies are frauds.

They try to charge as much money as they can before you actually cancel the products.

It is not only enough to realize that you’ve been scammed.

After you realize it, you need to cancel the subscription.

However, there is no simple cancellation form offered by these scammers.

Furthermore, these scammers will ask you to contact customer service online, which is very difficult to reach.

Sometimes, the staff may quickly cancel your subscription, but there are many incidents where they will ask you to wait for hours.

A screenshot of a typical anti-aging website promising a ”risk free” trial.

There are some worst cases where they would not even let you cancel your subscription.

The only way to cancel would be to contact your credit card company to dispute the charges or to cancel your credit card.

If you want to avoid the headache, then you should be careful before ordering anything on the internet.

Tips To Easily Stay Away from Autoship Programs Scams

Autoship programs can give you lots of trouble.

They can absolutely damage your credit card ratings, and sometimes you may be charged with the amounts you cannot even afford.

Here are the two simple ways to avoid Autoship scams.

1. Try To Stay Away From Free Trial Schemes
Many products on the internet are not for free even if the website claims the product to be free.

In the case of 10-15 day free trial, you will only be asked to fill up some basic information along with your credit card information.

The card won’t be charged for 10-15 days; however, you won’t get the product any sooner as well.

By the time your product is shipped, you may only have 2-5 days to decide.

Before you make a decision to purchase, the company will already charge you an amount required for the product.

Try to avoid free trials.

Free Trial Scheme
A screenshot of Terms & Conditions of a free trial offer.

2. Be Informed About The Place To Look For Auto-Ship Information
There are many fraud companies; however, many of these companies still follow the “U.S. Federal Trade Commission Regulations”.

This means that those companies are required to disclose all the necessary information like auto-subscription information, information about cancellation, and others in plain English.

Many reputable companies provide information on the home page; however, many others will try to bury the information on certain pages.

You will generally find this information in these pages.

  • Ordering Page
  • Terms and Conditions Page

What Can You Do If you’re a Victim of These Scams?

Victim of These Scams

Even the informed internet users are likely to be a victim of these scams.

If you’ve fallen into the trap of these companies, then you can do these things.

1. Reach out to the customer service department. However, it won’t be easy.

Be prepared to wait for hours to cancel the subscription.

Try to find out the name of the stuff you’re dealing with.

After the cancellation of your subscription, ask for the confirmation email.

2. Explain your situation to your credit card company. In some cases, you will get the entire paid amount back, and in some cases, you may be forced to cancel your credit card.

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Final Verdict

Don’t just stay silent after canceling your subscription.

Keep on checking your credit card statement because some companies may keep on charging the amount on your credit card.

You should also inform others about the frauds on the internet.

Make sure you share your story online to prevent others from falling for this scam.

Many people will stay away from the product with a bad online review.



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