Free Skin Care Trial Offers: Things You Can Do To Avoid Scam

Check out the different eye-openers for Free Skin Care Trial Offers to help you in making the right decision

The free samples and trial offers are offered by many skin care brands including but not limited to skin moisturizers, anti-aging creams, eye gels, skin cleansers, and masks and any other beauty product.

Free Skin Care Trial Offers: Things You Can Do To Avoid Scam
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Skin care free trials are designed to offer the consumer or potential user a chance to deduce the effectiveness, safety and efficiency of a certain skincare brand.

However, there are any issues one has to face, all aimed at selecting the best, not just the bad samples or the ugly or false claims about products issued as free samples and or trials.

Unfortunately, the world as we know it is changing and people/manufacturers are looking for new ways to make an income.

Some are headed by the explosive boom in the beauty products market both in national and international levels.

It is considered that the manufacturers are taking advantage of opportunities presented by the unsuspecting consumers.

They offer free samples as scams and end up fleecing the unsuspecting customer of their hard earned money.

This is why we are trying to educate and inform customers of such scams.

Our aim is to educate and assist the potential customer in making informed decisions by having the facts right in regards to any product before submitting a free sample offer.

Furthermore, it helps the potential user understand their skin care and health care needs and wants based on assessment and evaluations.

This will enable users to select the right brands of beauty products or names and even brand labels.

Here are some eye openers to help you in making the right decision.

Sample Trials: How Do They Work?

These trials are designed and created legally and are legally binding to whoever agrees to the terms and conditions stipulated.

Also, they follow a similar means or the structure they have is similar from one genuine product to another that is fake and aimed at getting into your bank account.

Therefore, it is quite easy to know that someone of the manufacturer of this specific product is committing fraud by providing a fake product in the market.

However, the simplicity also makes it hard to note especially for unsuspecting customers.

The law, therefore, protects the manufacturers as according to it, you have already agreed to the terms of services offered.

The fine print of these terms makes it even harder as many of us do not read them and simply agree.

The following script or content is not meant to shame any company or manufacturer, it is aimed to offer insight and knowledge to customers and beauty product consumers.

It is aimed at providing them with the chance to make an upfront decision with the right facts and pertinent information at hand.

Furthermore, the free samples and the tryouts before a product is purchased is beneficial to the potential user and the company as well especially if they are both transparent and consider ethics to be the base of operations and or services offered.

Elements to Look for in a “Free Sample” or “Offer”

The first thing that is noticed in regards to a free sample, trial offer, and other free offers is always an attractive and straightforward advert.

The adverts claim that the products offer the best some may use natural process; others call it a better alternative or a means to achieve results fast with minimal side effects.

Advertising is aimed to get you to admire and fall for the halo effect portrayed by pictures and testimonies of people who have supposedly used the product and has worked for them especially famous and popular personalities in the world.

We help you out, here are some elements you should be aware of:

1. Website Tricks

Websites have employed tricks to ensure that they are convincing in getting you to use their products or signing up for that trial or free offer.

They even create a demand situation and condition to show you that time is running out.

Here are some of the tricks they use and ways to identify these specific websites.

  • Little information in reference to the products or beauty product’s ingredients is offered on the main website. If the information is given, there is no adequate information in regards to how the product works or how the ingredients function.
  • Too much scientific explanation used such that they are overwhelming to the potential user. They are used to make the product seem more real and advanced that the product is.
  • There are many claims in regards to the products efficiency and statistical numbers are issued with no accompanying verification or evidence of how that is possible. E.g., 90% efficiency in wrinkle removal has been recorded, etc.
  • Offer media outlets or major beauty and skin care products outlets including Allure, In Style, CNN and others to indicate the originality and how trustworthy the product is. In Some cases, you will find the logos of these major outlets on these smaller sites and especially on the page on which you make your orders or do your shopping.
  • They offer limited time for stock and claim it is because of the excess media attention. Furthermore, more signs will be there to show you how the supply of this specific product is scarce and how high the demand has gone.
  • Once you enter the dates you need the product to be supplied, an offer is immediately given and a confirmation of the presence of the product in stock is issued.
  • Manufacturers have very many affiliate websites re-enforcing on the benefits of the product, which makes it impossible to differentiate scams from genuine offers

Supply and demand of the specific beauty product are aimed at ensuring you make your purchases immediately, however, the manufacturers know that the product will never run out and is in stock for a long time.

2. “Free Trial” will be Made More Attractive

This is normally possible as the trial offer banners or the risk-free offer banner surround the ordering process and are all over the product.

The website provides you with a choice and since people are skeptical in regards to the efficiency of anything; it will be prudent for them to go for the trial offer.

To get into the offer, you will be required to enter your contact information as indicated before taking the next step.

These ensure you fall into the trap and go forward with filling the online form given.

3. Terms and Conditions of the Service

The next step provides a prompt where you are required to enter your personal information including your credit card details.

This is indicated as important as you are required to pay for the handling and shipping fees indicated on the product.

This is explained as maintenance and sustenance before the user subscribes to the product where they will be required to pay.

As a prudent and fair person, you will perceive it as fair to pay the shipping and handling prices for the free sample or trial.

Furthermore, the price is low compared to the actual price.

This is a form of psychological pricing, allowing you to think that it is not totally free to acquire the product at such a low price than the actual price and be tempted to continue with the signup.

The shipping fee is 3 dollars to around 10 dollars while the actual price of the product may be 3 to 4 times the amount indicated.

After accepting the shipping fee, terms and conditions of service box or button appear prompting you to accept. Many of us do not read these and end up accepting them.

The real scam starts from this point on forth. Hitting the accept button activates pre-authorization requiring you to authorize not only a charge for the shipping fee but also a charge for around 100 dollars to see if the card and the user have the ability to pay the amount.

Once accepted, your free trial is sent to you in around 5 working days.

Failure to read the terms causes ignorance and once the charge is accepted, a countdown for the trial offer begins to expire.

4. “14 day Trial Offer”: Ensure you Return the Trial Sample Before the Due Date

In some cases, the trial sample issued provides enough products for use in the next two months or longer.

However, this is a 14-day trial sample making it impossible to finish the product before then.

Furthermore, it is delivered after several business days have passed and remember these are not calendar days but business days and the counting began the immediate time you pressed that accept button.

You normally count 14 calendar days and some offer around 18 days before your free trial period is over and are required to pay full amounts in regards to this product.

If the product does not suit you, you are required to contact customer care and begin the return process within that period.

If you fail to do so, you are charged the full amount for another beauty product ranging from an amount totaling 80 dollars to 150 dollars on your credit card.

This basically indicates that your time frame is quite short and you only have around two days before you start to develop worries about being charged for a product you have no idea if it works or will have damaging effects on your skin in the long run.

Let’s do the calculations and see what to expect after submitting to a trial offer on a Wednesday.

Add five business days excluding the weekends.

You will have to wait until Wednesday of the following week to receive your trial offer.

By then it is already seven or eight calendar days.

This means that you only have four, five or utmost six days to try out the product, see if it works before the four days are over and start the return process if it’s not suitable for you before you are fully charged.

If not, your preauthorized charge on your credit card for around 100 dollars goes through.

5. Automatic Sign-ups or Subscriptions

Manufacturers not only take your preauthorized charge of 100 dollars, but they also sign you on an automatic shipping program on a monthly basis for the product.

This means that the manufacturer will continue to ship you the product every single month and making credible charges to your authorized credit card for 100 dollars until you cancel the subscription.

The price may also change in the course of the month and the new price is what is charged whether it is an increase or a fall in the price.

To make the situation even worse, many manufacturers tend to charge you for the shipping and handling fees even after you start paying for the product.

If you don’t sign out, the process will continue until your credit card is declared bankrupt or is maxed out.

6. Cancelling Subscriptions

If you think that canceling your subscription or trial offer is the best way forward, then you are mistaken.

In many cases, the customer care deliberately perpetuates and carry out these scams and ensure you pay for the trial offer by allowing the subscription to go through for months on end.

The saying that the call centers and customer care services are available on a 24 hour and 7 days a week basis is totally false.

The customer care centers and call hours are limited and acquiring one of the customer care calls results in a horrible service by irritable and disgruntled employees.

They use the following tactics to deny you service:

  • Indicate that your subscription or sign up has already been canceled, which is not true as you will find deductions in your bank report for the next month
  • Customer care services refusing to cancel your subscription
  • Genuinely canceling your application and reusing your information to sign you up for other automatic scams

Other Scams and Free Trials

Free samples and trial scams have been part of the online industry for quite a long time.

The beauty sector is not the only one affected but many others as well.

Some of the most affected areas include:

Are the Scams Illegal?

The scams are perfectly legal and binding contracts.

This is because the potential buyer or user signed and agreed on the terms of service or the terms and conditions that were stipulated in the beginning.

They offer misdirection and unsuspecting people fall for them without them using illegal means which ensures that they are covered by the law.

In many cases, the terms and conditions do not stipulate the amount of money to be charged on any specific product.

However, they do outline the charges to be made after subscribing to a specific product or service. In addition, an adequate explanation is offered on the auto-ship program such that all the charges to be incurred are defined and explained in detail on the terms and conditions page.

In rare cases, the manufacturers will add the terms and conditions on the ordering page prompting you to read them before subscribing or signing up.

This is especially placed on the page that you are prompted to enter your credit details and information for just in case you opt out of the deal.

The information given indicates what will happen if you sign up and outlines in detail all the information you should know.

However, some hide the details in a font that can’t be seen or font colors that are pale such that the potential user disregards it and goes ahead to sign the form.

Refunds and Money Back Guarantees

Refunds are just a way to make you enroll.

In some cases, the manufacturers offer 100% money back guarantees and refunds.

However, if the manufacturer is a scammer, do not expect the full amount indicated.

The condition for a full refund is an unopened product that is in a good condition and that does not assure you of the refund.

A restocking fee is also charged for people who return products without using them.

This is mainly the shipping fee or the handling fees paid in advance before acquiring the said product.

Brands, Skin Care Products and Brands

Customers often report companies, brands and skin care products that are supposedly involved in scams.

Here are some of the companies, brands and skin care products that have been reported to partake in the fraudulent activities by our readers.

If you are a representative of the indicated companies or brand, it is important for you to come forward and dissuade the notions indicated.

If it is unjust, it will be immediately withdrawn and removed from the list.

It is our aim, objective to continuously and regularly update this list to ensure other companies suspected of such activities are included, and those that clear their names are removed.

The list assists people to avoid skin care scammers who use free trials for their own benefits.

Avoiding Skin Care Scams

  • Make purchase for your skin care products from reputable, well known manufacturers who have proven their worth and have a long history of selling trustworthy products
  • Conduct adequate research on the product, services offered and the manufacturers of the product before submitting any form of free sample offer
  • Read customer reviews and assess how genuine they are. Do not trust all of them as some are from paid reviewers.
  • Ensure that the products’ ingredients are indicated and are well explained. Furthermore, do the research on these ingredients on your own before making any purchase.
  • Products purchased must be backed up by clinical trials and approval by the relevant authorities. If not, do not use or engage in any form of subscription
  • If the internet URL used in unsecured, do not enter any pertinent information such as your credit card information or personal details. Ensure secure lines are used when making orders.
  • Check out retailers that are genuine such as Amazon. Website affiliates tend to use similar products to those from genuine retailers at a lower price tempting you to purchase there.
  • If a product is too good for you to check again and if doubtful, leave the site and do not enter any information about yourself on it. Follow your instincts they are probably sheltering you from a huge scam.

The best way and strategy one can use to avoid scams are to come to terms worth the reality that no one gives anything for free.

You will pay for it somewhere in the end and the results won’t be favorable.

If you think that you are lucky, you are just entering one of the scams that will leave you bankrupt in a few months.

Ensure you keep checking in on our website to receive the latest information in regards to scams and other unlawful by legally binding actions and traps set for unsuspecting customers and online consumers.

Check on our websites for product reviews before subscribing to any of their use and especially to a free sample or trial.


Finally, not every product is a scam.

Many are genuine and you just have to find which one it is.

Furthermore, there are legitimate retailers and online dealers that will sell you the right product and not scam you off your money.

Be willing to find these good souls and work with them towards achieving your set goals and objectives.

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