Efficacy of Detox Diets Not Confirmed

Your body is full of toxins and you need to follow a detox diet to get rid of them. In order to lose* weight successfully, you should try a detox diet that will flush out toxins and help you slim down. Detox diets are safe and effective, even doctors and scientists recommend them.

How many times have you read the above-mentioned sentences? You probably lost count like all of us.

It seems like every day some new “expert” comes along with a customized detox plan that is bound to revolutionize your life. Although creators of these detox diets claim they are safe and effective, scientists say they are a sham.

Detox Diets Aren’t Beneficial For You

For quite some time, people were led to believe that detox diets can solve all health problems they have. These diets were usually recommended by experts with questionable certifications.

The story is always the same: you have some expert who mentions all sorts of certifications and claims he/she knows exactly what you need – detox.

This person also lists signs and symptoms that mean your body is loaded with toxins and claims he/she makes customized plans that help their clients flush out toxins, lose* weight, combat some diseases.

Besides some websites and these so-called experts, popularity of detox diets increased when celebrities started praising them for their amazing figures.

First of all, celebrities are usually gullible and vain, which is never a good combination. They would do just about anything that “experts” say would make them beautiful.

Plus, in most cases, they are paid to promote some diets and health plans. All this means they are not a reliable source of health-related information.

Now, a molecular pharmacologist and toxicologist at the University of Adelaide, Australia explains[1] why detox diets are nothing but a sham. According to the scientist, there is no such thing as detoxing.

He also added there is no evidence that confirms beneficial effects of detox drinks and diets. In addition, detoxing products are misleading marketing scams.

So, Our Body Doesn’t Have Toxins?

The body has its own toxins, particularly due to exposure to environmental pollutants, cigarette smoke, traffic, and many other factors.

Nobody is denying the fact that toxins occur in our bodies. That being said, our body is capable to flush out and eliminate* these toxins on its own, without so-called detox diets and beverages.

The liver is abundant in enzymes whose primary purpose is to break down xenobiotics and ensure they aren’t toxic anymore.

When the liver converts xenobiotic to a water-soluble substance, it is secreted into the bile or excreted by the kidney. The scientist branded the idea of toxin buildup as rubbish explaining that body’s natural detox process is very fast.

The biggest problem here is that no clinical trials have ever been carried out to confirm efficacy and safety of popular detox diets that are promoted by many “experts” today, according to the study published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics[2].

Instead of adhering to different detox diets whose efficacy is questionable, you should strive to eat fruits and vegetables, stay hydrated throughout the day, and exercise regularly.

A healthy lifestyle is the best way to ensure the proper functioning of the body and its processes, including detox.

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Detox diets are popular today, but at this point, there are no studies or clinical trials to support them.

Scientists advise against following these diets and promote a well-balanced eating pattern with plenty of fruits and vegetables. The body is capable to detox and flushes out toxins on its own and the process is pretty fast.

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