Does Skipping Breakfast Influence Weight Loss?

After rising from a night’s sleep, breakfast is the first meal that prepares you for the rest of the day. The literal meaning of the word “Breakfast” is, breaking the fasting period of the previous night. It is an important meal and it is a part of a healthy lifestyle. But a latest study purposes to challenge this declaration. It has been argued repeatedly that skipping your morning meal can open to the possibility of consuming high calorie snacks and eating severely at future meals. It makes you feel tired, it is stated that those who eat breakfast regularly are capable of maintaining healthy weight as compared to those who skip this important meal.

Along with studies that suggest taking breakfast regularly, research also proved that it has an underlying importance to weight loss*. A study of 2013 discovered that consuming large breakfast and small dinner helps weight loss*, it also reduces* the risk of high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease.

Drawbacks Of Previous Research
University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) researchers pointed out the limitations of previous studies done on the future effect of breakfast on obesity, according to them, the research reporting was biased and research projects lacked probative value.

UAB analysis indicated that while there is a relation between obesity and skipping breakfast, it is still to be confirmed whether there is a causal link between them. The main purpose of the new study is to know whether recommendations for breakfast had a direct impact on weight loss*.

The study involved 309 healthy overweight adults; they were spread to different locations. The trial groups were told either to skip or consume breakfast whereas a control group of breakfast skippers and breakfast consumers were given advice of healthy nutrition that didn’t consider breakfast. The researchers noticed that weight loss* was not influenced; they found this after comparing regularly skipping with regularly consuming breakfast.

This new study can help in re-evaluating the importance of a balanced diet; it will support future investigations and hopefully improves* the quality and effectiveness of future studies.

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