Dealing with Anger and Stress Using Foods

Dealing with Anger

Whether you have been let down by your fiancée or waited for a long time in the queue while at the bank. Or you might be dealing with the mounting frustrations in your work place or in your studies, nearly everyone gets angry from time to time, you are not the first one to experience such kind of emotions. However, when such negative emotions of anger and disappointments persist for longtime will really affect your health very bad. Probably you did not know this, anger is connected with your muscle tightness, your folded skin, stress and it tends to raise the blood pressure and heart rate.

anger and stress using foods

It has been psychologically proven that anger turns in to resentment that results in someone holding a grudge for long duration, not accepting to forgive and let go these feelings which then leads to depression. Normally, if you can avoid such scenarios that cause you develop anger is hugely useful, you can avoid such situations through trying to get enough exercise and try to daily practice on relaxation techniques. However, anger can easily be put to control by the foods you take. Also some foods can easily increase the chance of someone getting angry.

Let’s now have a look at the Relation Between the Foods we take and Anger


Are you fed up with life? You want to know how you can do away with your persistent anger. Probably the most difficult thing for any person is to manage his anger and stress level. While many people continue to wreak havoc through their uncontrollable anger and stress level that keeps accumulating each day following frequent life discouragements. Today you get to learn on a simple way you should adapt to help you avoid unnecessary irritations by small issues. So, let’s turn to the big question, which foods should be part of your diet every day?

A great known nutritionist Nicolette Pace tells us that your anger could easily be brought by carbs and are to be blamed. This is clearly explained by Nicolette Pace that carbs do not provide the body with what your body requires on a daily basis to manage stress. She puts it further that foods which are deficient in magnesium, manganese, vitamin C or some B vitamins may easily make a person to become hyperactive towards a stressor.

Nicolette Pace discovered that individuals who tend to eat healthy foods which mostly comprise fruits, leafy vegetables and beans are less irritated unlike the ones who eat packaged or processed foods .Yes! You have got it, do you take packaged foods, then consider changing your diet toady to avoid getting angry fast. It has been found that unbalanced diets that normally made up of processed foods and deficient in essential nutrients have been associated with having worst moods and aggressive tendencies.

Coconut Milk

Several foods will help you keep your anger away from you, for instance, kiwis have been found to have a high content of Vitamin C which is an antioxidant that has been discovered to fight stress and depression. This has the same effect as the leafy green vegetables that contain magnesium, which is a nutrient that is majorly useful in relaxing your muscles and help decrease anxiety.

Coconut milk is one great reducer of anger and stress levels since it regulates blood sugar levels. According to a study carried out on spouses who took coconut milk, were realized to have a lower glucose levels hence were less likely to get angry to each other. Some other foods which you can consider include turkey, almonds, sweet potatoes and dark chocolates.


Most people feel angry and agitated by small things and even tend to lash out to others, but do you know that the kind of food you may consume might be the result of your daily frustrations? Yes! Certain foods have been discovered to trigger your anger and some types of foods like coconut milk, sweet potatoes and almonds are great cures of anger and frustrations.

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Contributor : Dr. Ahmed Zayed (Consumer Health Digest)

This Article Has Been Published on October 24, 2014 and Last Modified on September 27, 2018

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