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Written by Dr. Ahmed Zayed
Being Single

Still feeling down because you were single on Valentine’s Day? Loved up couples posting photos and status updates, exchanging comments on social media can be incredibly annoying. It’s not uncommon for people to feel bad for being single when it seems like everyone else is in a relationship. Time to cheer up!

Let’s see all the health benefits you can expect by being single.

1. Better Figure

Once people are in a relationship or get married, they stop paying too much attention to their appearance including weight, the common myth says. It turns out, this commonly accepted belief isn’t wrong after all.

A study from the Social Science and Medicine[1] found that married couples eat healthier food, but they have a higher BMI. The study also showed that married people engage in sports activities less frequently than single individuals.

Therefore, a great benefit of being single is a healthier BMI, mostly because you spend more time engaging in all sorts of activities.

2. Psychological Growth

A multitude of studies on relationship status have been conducted, but most of them focused on couples and married people while research on singletons is lacking. Professor Bella DePaulo at the University of California, Santa Barbara carried out a study to find out what studies that included never married people discovered.

She presented her findings[2] at the American Psychological Association’s 124th Annual Convention in Denver, CO.

DePaulo found that single individuals have an increased sense of self-determination and they experience continued growth and development as a person.

In other words, being single promotes continuous psychological growth which can benefit you in both personal and professional aspect of life.

3. Creativity and Productivity

Being single doesn’t automatically indicate you’re lonely. In fact, single people are happy, have fulfilled lives, and feel good about themselves. It all comes to your perspective. One shouldn’t consider that without relationship nothing else matters. In fact, being single could spark creativity, boost productivity levels, and it improves happiness and satisfaction in different aspects of your life.It’s also important to mention that single people experience less stress.

A study from the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found[3] that being single is closely associated with closer friendships and a heightened sense of freedom. Let’s face it; everyone loves the freedom to do whatever you want, go out whenever and with whoever you want, among other things.

Single individuals tend to be more sociable and nurture their connections more effectively than couples and married people. Couples tend to create their own world where other people are only occasional guests.

4. Better sleep

A 2017 survey[4] of 2000 Americans found that single people sleep about 7.13 hours per night. This means they get more sleep than those who are in relationships, married, divorced or separated, and widowed. In addition, single people also have a better quality of sleep.

This isn’t so shocking if you bear in mind that sleeping next to someone involves waking up frequently. When other person snores, tosses and turns in bed, you wake up all the time and feel exhausted the next day. Single people don’t have these problems.

Better sleep

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Some single people love their lives, while other people feel bad for not having a significant other. Being single comes with a number of perks that improve your quality of life.

For instance, as a singleton you participate in sports activities more, tend to have a better figure, and your creativity and productivity improve at the same time. Quality of life shouldn’t be determined by your relationship status. Someone can be single and happy or in a relationship and unhappy.

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